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  • Apple iPhone 5s 16GB (1,044 reviews)

    This product is very slow

    stuiebrewster Apr 20, 2014

    My phone has been acting up for the past day and it's not showing me my apps . It's becoming very annoying

  • Samsung Galaxy S III - 16GB (6,729 reviews)

    Don't like it.

    LisaAnnDaly Apr 20, 2014

    I went from an HTC Evo to this phone... so maybe I'm just not used to Samsung. But it's really annoying how when swiping the screen because I'm browsing the web or whatever, random apps pop up, i guess because certain swipe motions are supposed to open them like a short cut or something. Also I hate browsing the web on it. There's always some kind...

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  • HTC One (1,467 reviews)

    amazing phone

    this phone is awesome, would recommend to everyone.

  • LG G2 (1,177 reviews)

    I like LG

    phonedan Apr 20, 2014

    Nice and clear but the sound need improvement needs speakers on both ends Bluetooth necessary any mobile walking or driving

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 (30 reviews)

    still fragile

    YAHVEH1 Apr 20, 2014

    I got my husband this phone the day it released. His screen cracked already. He's not particularly clumsy. My htc m8 on the other hand ive dropped screen down on concrete and only had scuffs. other than durability I would say theyre evenly matched in functionality.

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Refresh (217 reviews)

    Just another phone

    hate-that Apr 20, 2014

    Having owned an IPhone before the Galaxy S4 I have come to the conclusions that dependability and quality are not the hallmarks of electronics. While I love the bigger screen, the slim profile, and smooth surface makes it easy to slip out of your hand. The phone also has a habit of notifying me of an email or text when fact there is none there. The...

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  • Apple iPhone 5 16GB (3,480 reviews)

    Apple iphone 5

    lea28ny Apr 20, 2014

    I love my phone I hate the battery life I have the worst coverage when the target store we bought our plans and phones at said we would have great coverage and we have the worst coverage. Sobe Web careful where you live and coverage.

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 mini (311 reviews)

    Great Phone

    KL5682 Apr 20, 2014

    I personally love this phone. There's little things about it that irk me like not being able to completely shut predictive text off but nothing that takes away from the actual performance of the phone itself. Watching videos on this phone is nice, my boyfriend has the S4 and it has some additional features that mine does not have but again nothing ...

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  • Samsung Galaxy Note II (2,063 reviews)

    Best phone I've had yet!

    KittyDwarfmoon Apr 20, 2014

    This is my first Samsung phone and it won't be my last! Love the features, ease of use and speed!

  • Apple iPhone 4s 8GB (301 reviews)

    This product is limited.

    SusanFred14 Apr 20, 2014

    I wish I would have known I couldn't call overseas with this phone. I wouldn't have bought it.

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