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  • Alcatel OneTouch Retro (17 reviews)

    My old flip phone was better

    toms41 Jul 1, 2015

    it takes forever for teh letters to show up on teh screen when texting. Heck my old flip phone was better!

  • MOTORAZR V3m by Motorola (1,226 reviews)

    Recently picked this up

    JGomez6815 Jun 30, 2015

    Recently picked up this RAZR because my HTC One broke. I like the feel of the phone. Battery life is great, I can go up to six days on a single charge with the 900mah battery. I also have a 780mah battery for this phone. I only use it to call and do some light texting. Don't even think about using the internet on this phone lol. I just wanted to tr...

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  • Kyocera DuraXT (546 reviews)

    Really like this phone

    wellsborro Jun 30, 2015

    Purchased this back in Jan 2015, i am impresed at how it works in places my other phone didn`t work. durable and has a SD card whitch is hard to find in a flip phone these days. liked it so much i just purchased one for my wife. i work around machines at work and i can here people on it and has a loud ringer. Great battery life.

  • Samsung Gear S (16 reviews)

    Solo Gear S

    b_reinhardt Jun 30, 2015

    Bought my Gear S to use as a standalone phone because the price was reasonable and I wanted to detach myself from my "always-connected" smartphone without dumbing down the tech. Well I got what I paid for. If you want your Gear S to have all the bells and whistles Samsung advertises, then you need to have a compatible Samsung smart phone or tablet...

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  • Kyocera Verve (178 reviews)

    Had to settle

    Haileysgrandma Jun 30, 2015

    We wanted a phone that was not a smart phone. This was the only model available to us. It keeps calling 911 even when the phone is locked and in my husbands pocket. We finally had to get a belt case to stop the problem. It is fine for texting but I find people cannot hear us well when its on speaker. I wish I would have had more options for a non s...

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  • Samsung Array (295 reviews)

    A Former Blackberry User

    jwolski66 Jun 28, 2015

    I came from the Blackberry world and a well thought out product. This SAMSUNG phone has a full key board (slide out) but it is easy to hit wrong key -or more than one-as you are typing and features like holding down the key longer to capitalize are not there. Some of the buttons on my phone are starting to stick and I have to press on the key a lon...

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  • Rumor TouchTM by LG. (1,506 reviews)


    geewhizz711 Jun 26, 2015

    Bought phone (over the phone) in 2012. Screen calibration issues IMMEDIATELY. Went to a Sprint store. Nothing fixable. Since I'd bought FOUR batteries (and a separate charger,) I've just dealt with the issues for over three years. Finally, the batteries are swollen and having charging issues. (Submitted this review four times before it complied wit...

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  • Kyocera KONA (289 reviews)

    Sturdy Phone which needs some tune Ups

    C9178049869 Jun 25, 2015

    The phone has a fairly big screen for a flip phone. Has Big buttons and clear screen. Its Strong and not easily breakable. Things that bother me. Text Messages are listed when phone was turned on. So if someone sent me a text at 12 AM and I turn my phone at 8 AM the message will state 8 AM that is insane. Pictures are not very clear and it does...

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  • Sonim XP STRIKE (40 reviews)

    Worst phone we have ever had

    ventura_grain Jun 16, 2015

    This phone is big, bulky and the buttons are small and hard to press. The sounds are annoying and the look/features are a step back in time. Do not waste your money.

  • Sprint Phone Connect 3 (12 reviews)

    like the cost and easy initial set up.

    Garryll Jun 15, 2015

    very to set up. Hard to maneuver through menu buttons. I wanted to use my answering machine and had to contact customer service to turn it off. There should be that option on the device settings.

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