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  • Kyocera KONA (271 reviews)

    Fills the requirements I need for a cell phone. Perfect for me.

    nikirace212 Mar 27, 2015

    I'm very satisfied with it. I always have it with me in my car for emergencies, or if someone is trying to get in touch with me. It was a good choice for me.

  • Sanyo Innuendo by Kyocera (288 reviews)

    Phone that has lasted me the longest

    grianofsidhe Mar 27, 2015

    I have to say that I have had this phone for around 4 years now. I can go 3 days without charging it if it is mainly used for texting - I love the fact that it has a keyboard and is not touch screen. If you use your phone for talking you have to charge the battery usually within 36 hours. I rarely drop calls, reception is great except for in areas ...

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  • Kyocera Verve (138 reviews)

    worst phone I have ever owned.

    eivance Mar 27, 2015

    Blue tooth connection was too quiet even on the highest volume setting. Tried a replacement which was only marginally better. Finally after too many 'what did you say?' conversations, I gave up on the model and bought a used LG from Amazon.

  • Sprint Phone Connect 2 (64 reviews)


    myhtc2013 Mar 22, 2015

    i like to take off my account I have nt use it since I go it 3yrsnago I can't afford it and I real u don't need it . So please take it foo my account

  • LG Rumor Reflex (1,019 reviews)

    having difficulty with voice fading out during calls, weak reception, losing network access

    P73G429G Mar 21, 2015

    Having more technical issues than with the older phone model

  • Kyocera DuraXT (532 reviews)

    Like it

    HD-RiderSV Mar 19, 2015

    So far this is the best phone that I have had too date. The batt. last for about two weeks. It will get out even when I only have one bar on the signal. The ringer is very load and the speaker phone mode is great. I am had of hearing and I can hear it very well. I Don't need a stupid phone. This one dose everything that i want it too do. It make ca...

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  • Sprint Phone Connect System 1 (13 reviews)


    keriakinde Mar 16, 2015

    The volume on the phone could be a lot louder. I'm not use to voice mail but have gotten familiar with it.

  • LG Rumor Reflex S (259 reviews)

    its a piece of junk

    sprintnikila Mar 12, 2015

    dont buy this phone its a piece of junk. Call quality is bad

  • Sonim XP STRIKE (39 reviews)


    undercoverboss Mar 5, 2015

    The Kyocera DuraPlus is by far a better phone than this one. I used to have the Kyocera DuraPlus and had no problems with it. My work made an "SMART DECISION" and replaced it the sonim with is by far a step backwords this the worst phone ever made.

  • Rumor TouchTM by LG. (1,504 reviews)

    This phone is a great Basic Phone

    kimannpapp Mar 4, 2015

    I have had this phone for 2 years, obviously the battery wears faster when in use. although I have had problems with dropped calls, depending on hills etc. I occ. will butt dial the last person I talked too.The volume has problems sometimes. Overall, It has held up very good. I wish I didn't have to switch to a smartphone. Im sure this phone would ...

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