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  • Kyocera Verve (241 reviews)

    dont ever buy one

    snoopy314 Jul 12, 2016

    lousy phone would never get an other one . the older model took better pictures and was easer to use.

  • Alcatel OneTouch Retro (152 reviews)

    It works.

    ccampb0617 Jul 9, 2016

    I recently bought two Alcatel OneTouch Retro for myself and my wife. We have used our phones for about two months. The phone is rugged. It is also loud, which has proven useful in noisy work environments and car rides. The buttons are very awkward to push for texting. I've cut down the amount of texting I do out of annoyance. Group messag...

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  • Kyocera DuraXTP (14 reviews)

    phone should of came wit ha good speaker

    mlwrlw31161 Jul 7, 2016

    this phone is irritating, because when you try to talk ...on it ....the speaker sound like it is in a tornado....cant make anything out the other person is is even worse when it is on speaker phone..

  • Sprint Phone Connect 2 (67 reviews)

    Mixed feelings about this device

    Neldathompson Jul 6, 2016

    When making outbound calls the person I am calling frequently complains of static and garbeled voice. With a career in customer service my practiced phone skills are to always speak clearly & enunciate carefully, the fault is not on my voice/speaking. Even going out side or moving to a different location does not help. Moving the phone connect to a...

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  • SANYO Vero by KYOCERA (122 reviews)

    still learning

    missyunicorn Jul 3, 2016

    I'm still learning some of the features. I do like how it is small. Coverage is very good.

  • Rumor2 by LG (916 reviews)

    no access to features

    barbaraelbaz10 Jul 1, 2016

    this phone is only good for tex . picture are to small

  • Sprint WeGo? (15 reviews)

    Perfect from our daughter

    CONRAD06 Jun 29, 2016

    We refuse to get a smartphone for our 10 yr old daughter. Too easy to get in big trouble quickly. The WeGo has been perfect. The app is easy to use and it allows us to control her contacts and texts. We do not have to worry about what she is doing on the phone. We only wish that we could put the same restrictions on a one of the flip phones so that...

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  • LX400 by LG (22 reviews)

    Good Deal for a flip phone

    deanshaw11 Jun 24, 2016

    Everything is great with the phone if you plan on only calls and text. Another issue is when someone sends you a text with an emoji it gives you a message of "no content". Tbat can be frustrating since you lose the whole message

  • LG Rumor Reflex (1,028 reviews)

    This phone in my opinion is trash

    k_saun Jun 20, 2016

    I have been with y'all since the start of may and only reason I am using the rumor is because y'all are having issues getting me a Sim card for my galaxy s5 this phone was supposed to only be used for the month of may an now we are getting to the end of June an I still have not got my Sim card I love yalls service but this phone is garabage

  • Samsung M400 (448 reviews)

    Great little phone for calls and texts!

    JRZF Jun 14, 2016

    This is the best flip phone Sprint ever handled. Unfortunately, it can now only be purchased as a used refurbished Sprint phone through online dealers. It took me weeks and a bad online purchase to finally get a Sprint phone that had not been broken into by another company. I wanted a small, fits-into-your-pocket simple phone for calls and texting ...

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