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  • Kyocera Verve (148 reviews)

    A litte disappointed

    ANONYMOUS Apr 15, 2015

    I got this phone after two consecutive LG Rumors just quit working after a year of use. (I do not over work phones.) This model was the best I could get at the Sprint store without switching to a smart phone. I've been a bit disappointed. The texting is cumbersome to read and navigate through messages--especially a long text that comes in batches. ...

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  • Kyocera KONA (277 reviews)

    Good basic phone

    ronhalvy Apr 12, 2015

    It makes/receives phone calls, and sends/receives the rare text. What more can you ask from a phone that spends most of the time stashed somewhere in the house and is mostly used to keep track of wife in Walmart? The sound quality is quite a bit better than the last flip phone I had.

  • Kyocera DuraXT (536 reviews)

    Could be better

    BRETT2245 Apr 9, 2015

    This phone has all the features you could want in a flip phone, battery lasts for what seems like forever before next charge. I have it on 24/7 and only charge about once a week. The phone does not have the signal strength I would like but that could be because of the tower locations as per my home location, my last phone did the same with dropped ...

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  • Samsung Array (293 reviews)

    Bland and not customizable.

    bkogos Apr 9, 2015

    First of all you cant make your own ringtones, you cant crop/rotate/edit any photos and the buttons on the keyboard are way too undersensitive so you have to push them hard to get them to work. Pretty awful phone :(

  • LG Rumor Reflex S (262 reviews)

    this product need to be off the market

    EDDIEVX4 Apr 7, 2015

    this phone should be upgraded to a better style and system

  • Samsung Gear S (13 reviews)

    what a find

    thecarsche Apr 7, 2015

    When I initially looked at the Gear S watch, I thought, nah I don't want or need it. However, a Sprint representative talked me into it (he happens to be a friend of mine), and am I glad he did. I have nothing but good things to say about it. The ONLY reason I lowered my rating for the 'media' features is simply because I've not really explored tha...

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  • Sprint Phone Connect 3 (10 reviews)

    Works as advertised.

    davencate Apr 4, 2015

    No more land line static, hoo raw. Replaced noisy land line.

  • Samsung M400 (444 reviews)

    Don't like this phone Worth what I paid (free) Speaker failed in just over 30 days

    Smilnak Apr 1, 2015

    How I miss the Motorola phone I had. I have never had a good Samsung phone. The menu in this one is poor. The ringtones are terrible. The speaker phone function failed not long after I got it. Since I'm retired, fixed income and the phone was 'free' (notwithstanding ACTIVATION fees!) I guess they don't want me to complain. But the phone is just inf...

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  • iPhone 4S CPO - Prepaid (4 reviews)

    The phone is terrific, and a great value.

    djames Apr 1, 2015

    The phone has all the features you could want in a smart phone, and is easy to use. Siri is a very handy encyclopedia that can instantly answer just about any question. The talking navigation system obviates the need for a dedicated vehicle navigation system. The hot spot capability is terrific -- you can have your laptop online at the beach or any...

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  • SANYO Vero by KYOCERA (117 reviews)

    it has horrible features

    skuluckz Mar 31, 2015

    I hate this phone need an upgrade for this. Smart phones are better which I need one

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