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  • Alcatel OneTouch Retro (3 reviews)

    worse phone I ever had

    ANONYMOUS May 22, 2015

    any time you press a button/key..there is a 2 second delay before going to the next option...terrible phone...and very bad reception on a regular basis

  • Kyocera Verve (164 reviews)

    Phone is functional but some features not accommodating.

    ANONYMOUS May 21, 2015

    I've had problems retrieving my text messages at times. I also find the keyboard cumbersome & difficult to use.

  • Samsung Array (294 reviews)

    Good phone, short battery life

    BigB-digi May 19, 2015

    I do not have data plan and that phone works really good. I also do not use my phone as photo camera, just does not work for me. All the photos that I take with phone get audited on a computer. For text and calls it works really well, but my battery gets depleted really fast. I just ordered a higher capacity battery, hopefully that will help.

  • LG Rumor Reflex S (264 reviews)

    basic phone.

    slOmO187 May 18, 2015

    Sound is bad and drops calls. Has no navigation feature.

  • PRO-700 by Sanyo. (129 reviews)

    great phone

    CherylCloudlv May 14, 2015

    This phone saved my life when my smartphone needed to be fixed.

  • Kyocera DuraXT (540 reviews)

    I can not understand most of the conversation that i have had, not good reception.

    dennis-davis-1961 May 12, 2015

    f this phone was not free I would have taken it back to sprint. You can not even use it to access web sites it is not user friendly. Always have to ask for people to repeat themselves and speak slowly so I can understand them. Also it is hard to get out of pocket to answer. always doing dumb stuff like asking for voice commands. I thought i would l...

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  • Rumor TouchTM by LG. (1,505 reviews)

    Keep looking!

    mysprintaccount5 May 10, 2015

    Have hated this phone since day one! You cannot tap anything like you should. If you tap something it taps the item underneath it. We have tried over and over to calibrate the screen - no good! Can't be used to send texts or check anything on the internet because you cannot press the right button to get there.

  • LG Rumor Reflex (1,023 reviews)

    rumor reflex

    crystalbradshaw May 10, 2015

    Not even worth it for a child's line. Do not buy or use this phone.

  • VI-125 by LG (1 reviews)

    It works.

    lanyimd May 7, 2015

    It works and that is all I really care for. It is an older flip phone that I resurrected to use with my new Sprint account. Some of the buttons and features are a bit confusing, but I got used to it.

  • Kyocera KONA (284 reviews)

    overall ok phone

    DBLAC14619 May 6, 2015

    Had no problems with except battery life is not very long

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