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  • Kyocera DuraXT (562 reviews)

    Good for phone conversations ONLY.

    EddieHolcomb Oct 2, 2015

    I would only recommend if you only need it for talking which is why i bought it. Great looks and feel to it. Very durable. I have an I6 i use for work so i didn't need another smartphone. And that's a good thing because this phone is not smart. Even texting someone is horrible. Battery life seems to be good but i don't use it very much. Great for t...

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  • Samsung M400 (445 reviews)

    The phone has the features I want.

    bheyenga Oct 2, 2015

    It is an excellent phone and it serves me well. I like the voice feature which allows me to tell the phone to make the call for me.

  • LG Rumor Reflex S (268 reviews)

    It's okay at best

    Chrisfarrell01 Oct 2, 2015

    I chose this phone because I just wanted something to text and call with so I will go over those aspects first. The keyboard is okay. It does it's job. It's more durable than expected. When texting I would notice that when the text gets to the end of the screen and you enter a letter it doesn't show it until you enter another letter which is weird...

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  • Sprint Phone Connect 3 (21 reviews)

    My sprint phone does not always work properly!

    manderlonb Oct 2, 2015

    My phone is constantly going off line. I miss calls from friends, my job (because I am a sub-teacher) who calls me daily for work, code alerts for visitors trying to reach me to enter into my building, etc. I have to constantly turn it off and on so I can stay "On Line". My code hardly ever works when trying to retrieve my messages and I have to ke...

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  • Alcatel OneTouch Retro (58 reviews)

    'm not totally satisfied yet.

    myjean219 Oct 1, 2015

    I,m not familiar with all of it's features yet. I hope to get some help with how to use it. It is very slow in turning on and I'm not happy with that. At the moment I can't give it much of a rating.

  • Kyocera Verve (193 reviews)

    Its worse than the samsung version

    AGAITAN23 Oct 1, 2015

    I bought the samsung version of this phone over two years ago and was hoping they had another one available. All they had was this kyocera and Its worse simply because it's glitchier. The samsung was not great by any means but it at least worked well.

  • Samsung Gear S (18 reviews)

    excellent product with one major flaw!

    ANDYANGLES01 Sep 29, 2015

    First of all, I love this device! It meets all my expectations. By it self it is very limited but with a phone it is great! Everything works as advertised. Looks great and feels great. Sounds great and works great! OK. Here is the flaw! I got my device for my BD in May. early this month i was no longer able to charge it. The charging port contacts ...

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  • Rumor TouchTM by LG. (1,508 reviews)

    The Rumor Touch from LG is GREAT

    ANONYMOUS Sep 28, 2015

    Easy to learn, easy to use! Learned to text on this phone, and will continue to learn!

  • Kyocera KONA (294 reviews)

    I expect too much from this inexpensive product and I didn't read all the instructions very well. If

    ANONYMOUS Sep 20, 2015

    Please send me the simplified usage manual for this product and I'll attempt to find it more useful. Many times when I answer a call it goes away before I can hear the caller!! Educate me!!!!

  • M510 by Samsung (146 reviews)


    rileywood1986 Sep 19, 2015

    Sprints customer files are appearing to look like their network...needing an update. I was asked to post my comments via email regarding my "Sprint phone." The picture provided was of a Samsung M510 that I used in 2006....9 years ago. Its a bummer their billing department could not be on the same page .that being said, I can honestly say the Samsun...

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