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  • SCP-3810 by SANYO. (124 reviews)

    excellent phone

    rnbick1949 Jul 30, 2016

    while friends with "fancier" phones always have problems with broken screens, missed calls, etc. this flip phone is no problem at all. I strongly advise!!!

  • Alcatel OneTouch Retro (155 reviews)

    Total Fiasco

    EMMERDEUR Jul 26, 2016

    I have had several "Flip" Phones throught my life, BUT nothing as poor and difficult to use as this Alcatel ONE TOUCH. Battery completely died after less than a year. Buttons are not responsive to touch. Generally useless on all features offered. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY on purchasing this phone.

  • Kyocera DuraXT (584 reviews)

    allright phone

    rvh363 Jul 26, 2016

    This phone is all right. Nothing spectacular. Pocket dials quite a bit. sometimes you get notified of an voice-mail 2 days later. Good battery life though.

  • Kyocera Verve (243 reviews)

    This product is a piece of junk

    DumbDoDo Jul 23, 2016

    If I would have researched this phone before I bought it, I never would have bought it. It dials 911 by itself, and don't even think about trying to connect to the web with it. You cannot download ring tones or apps to this thing. The camera doesn't even take good pictures. My suggestion is to save your money.

  • Kyocera DuraCore (148 reviews)

    We love this phone

    Jazzpianocat Jul 16, 2016

    For a "plain old phone", this one works great for us. My husband is totally blind so he likes the big buttons he can feel and the fact that the phone talks to him as he presses each button as well as scrolling through the contact list. We don't use it for data or texting so can't tell about that. Clear sound. We are very pleased and won't be tradin...

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  • Sprint Phone Connect System 1 (17 reviews)

    worst sprint product I ever bought

    territhiessen Jul 15, 2016

    from day one the batteries wouldnt stay charged, reception is sketchy at best, have to stand still or lose connection.

  • Kyocera DuraXTP (14 reviews)

    phone should of came wit ha good speaker

    mlwrlw31161 Jul 7, 2016

    this phone is irritating, because when you try to talk ...on it ....the speaker sound like it is in a tornado....cant make anything out the other person is is even worse when it is on speaker phone..

  • Sprint Phone Connect 2 (67 reviews)

    Mixed feelings about this device

    Neldathompson Jul 6, 2016

    When making outbound calls the person I am calling frequently complains of static and garbeled voice. With a career in customer service my practiced phone skills are to always speak clearly & enunciate carefully, the fault is not on my voice/speaking. Even going out side or moving to a different location does not help. Moving the phone connect to a...

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  • SANYO Vero by KYOCERA (122 reviews)

    still learning

    missyunicorn Jul 3, 2016

    I'm still learning some of the features. I do like how it is small. Coverage is very good.

  • Rumor2 by LG (916 reviews)

    no access to features

    barbaraelbaz10 Jul 1, 2016

    this phone is only good for tex . picture are to small