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  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus 64GB (501 reviews)

    Battery charge is losing its life already...,

    danny926 May 22, 2015

    My battery is starting to act up, meaning it's not keeping a charge.

  • HTC Desire 510 (175 reviews)

    I would not recommend this phone.

    Nancy.B May 22, 2015

    I would not recommend this phone. It needs a microphone button so I can speak my text messages into the phone when my hands are busy. It needs an enter or go button on the keyboard so when I want to search the internet I can enter what I typed and actually search the internet. The camera needs to be able to focus in on close up pictures so I can ta...

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  • Samsung Galaxy S5 (3,605 reviews)

    over all good

    kagee50 May 22, 2015

    size is a little awkward just a little to big for most pockets. Service areas hopefully will expand for texting.

  • Apple iPhone 6 16GB (1,880 reviews)

    My first smart phone

    NJROEPKE May 22, 2015

    This is my first smart phone and so far, so good. I certainly haven't learned everything it does yet, but I will. It has so many helpful features and options. It will probably become an extension of me. I wish it came with a manual. Not everything is intuitive. I like having a larger screen, but don't like the larger device. Tradeoffs! I also enjoy...

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  • Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB (36 reviews)

    this product is not good

    fra1017 May 22, 2015

    I completely hate this phone when I'm talking on the phone the calls drops all the time hate it

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (1,200 reviews)

    a definite must have. User friendly!!

    tiggirl4u May 22, 2015

    I LOVE it! I bought a film cover instead of a case to keep the phone its size and not feel larger. It's perfect in my hand. At first it felt large, but I got used to it very quickly and it's perfect. I also bought the glass protector cover, highly recommend that do if you drop the phone, it's totally protected! The functions are user friendly and d...

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  • Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE 32GB (26 reviews)

    S6 edge

    amberarena May 22, 2015

    Im loving the phone. I still havent figured out all the features.

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Refresh (1,194 reviews)

    the phone is great, too bad sprint has such short signal strength.

    WINNIES3 May 21, 2015

    great phone but hampered by being on the sprint network... good data plan, but too short range... can never get a signal in buildings.

  • LG G Flex 2 (82 reviews)

    worst phone i ever owned

    bsgould78 May 21, 2015

    Phone is very laggy and slow...tried everything but hasn't changed, very disappointed and will never purchase another LG phone again.

  • Kyocera TorqueXT (31 reviews)

    This product was VERY FRUSTRATING. The texting features were not as efficient as my Galaxy 4.

    dougpiz May 21, 2015

    I am not keeping this device, and I am switching back to the Galaxy!

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