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  • NETGEAR Fuse Mobile Hotspot (4 reviews)

    sprint` NETGEAR ^ Fuse % Mobile Hotspot ~

    srf0828,06102015. Works great : Thank you;39#9299913*

  • Airave 2.5 Plus (23 reviews)

    Vast improvement over having no coverage

    rteda Oct 5, 2015

    Not all of us can live underneath a cell tower, and Sprint has graciously elected to help out with this. This nano-cell device gives me phone coverage and 3g data service in and around my home for a range of about 15 yards with optimum performance within perhaps 5-10yds (townhouse, aluminum siding) . This may not seem like a whole lot to some, and ...

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  • AIRAVE by Sprint (74 reviews)

    Does not work

    haroldrutherford Oct 4, 2015

    This thing worked about a month and has not worked in years. Horrible piece of equipment.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (29 reviews)

    This Phone Is The Best One Yet!!```

    Fairitymc2 Oct 3, 2015

    This phone is the best one yet!! I LOVE how you can use it. It's practically used for EVERYTHING. I know I most definitely love how fast it is, and the reliability it has. I have always LOVED Samsung, and all the ideas that the Samsung team has given in this and the tablet I got for free. They work well together, even WITH my coffee....

  • NETGEAR Zing Mobile Hotspot SKU REFRESH (1 reviews)

    Very Poor WiFi Range

    kulma227 Oct 2, 2015

    This unit has the shortest range on any mobile hot spot I have ever used. If you move to another room it might not work because it will be out of rsnge. It works fine as long as you are not more than 10 feet from the unit. This unit has no long range power setting to boost the wifi signal. I also find it restting alot on the network then causing di...

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  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8GB (13 reviews)

    Not So Great

    Eric_Baird Oct 1, 2015

    Many of the day to day applications that I use are not compatible with this device. For instance I use Base a CRM application that works with my Note 3 but not this thing...

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (246 reviews)

    tablet died after 6 months but I am stuck with a 2 year bill plan

    02169teo Sep 30, 2015

    worked great for 6 months then would not charge. I did not realize that this came with a 2 year contract for an additional line. the clerk did not make this clear to me and it is my mistake that I didn't pay closer attention until this tablet was unable to be charged any longer. I have had similar issues with Samsung product and the charge port bre...

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  • NETGEAR LTE Gateway 6100D (18 reviews)

    Great product

    WetHead7 Sep 26, 2015

    Router functions great. Updating the software is a must and easy. Signal is great unless Sprint is having issues. My site is in direct line of site of the tower. The connection is stable most of the time and does support multiple users.

  • LG G Pad F 7.0 (27 reviews)

    software is not up to nexus standards but way better than Samsung

    t.k.2 Sep 26, 2015

    the Samsung was driving me nuts. a more vanilla rooted one from eBay would not be activated by Sprint. so I settled on this one to complete my contact, then I'll go to Ting, I think, wifi hotspot where I get to choose my device, proper. this control freak thing is bad, Sprint. ting gives me less hassle for the same network.

  • Pocket WIFI (10 reviews)

    WIFI works great for me living on the outside edge of civilization.

    Raticus Sep 24, 2015

    Passed instruments have not worked well where we live, even from Sprint. But this little beauty works great. Downloads are much faster and it keeps good track of my usage so I don't go over my allotted downloads.

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