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HTC Arrive Trial Experiences

Posted by ARTLOVESKC in Our Sprint Community on Mar 15, 2011 12:50:59 PM

Thanks for all the interest and enthusiasm around this trial.  In four days we received 89 requests for participation--an overwhelmingly positive response!  In the end, the five lucky users who will be participating in the trial are (Sprint Community screen names):








This blog post will serve as a collection point for the trial participants' feedback on the device.  If you decide to get the device on your own and would like to share your experiences as well, we encourage you to do it here.  I'd also like to take this opportunity to introduce Lisa Cole, the product manager who is managing the HTC Arrive launch.  Lisa is looking forward to gathering your input on this important device for Sprint.  I'll also be inviting Lisa to periodically post questions, challenges, and interesting tidbits about the device to give you a chance to put the phone through its paces and give us direct, real-time feedback.


Again, please remember that we are looking for your honest, real experience with the device.  Don't feel like you need to edit out any challenges you face with the device.  Both Sprint and HTC benefit greatly from constructive feedback about the Arrive so please be real.  Thanks again.  Here's looking forward to a fun and thought-provoking trial! -art


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