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Today, Sprint joined the Federal Communications Commission, Consumers Union and CTIA-The Wireless Association in announcing a new “wireless consumers usage notification” initiative that will provide all wireless postpaid plan customers with free alerts to help them manage their wireless service usage. The alerts will warn customers of overages and potential additional charges for four types of services: data, voice, text messaging and international roaming.


Under the new guidelines, Sprint has committed to provide its customers with at least two out of the four notifications for data, voice, text and international roaming by October 17, 2012 and all of the alerts by April 17, 2013. The alerts will be applicable to domestic plans with limited allowances as users approach and exceed their allowance and incur overage charges.



"Sprint is proud to join the FCC, Consumers Union and CTIA in introducing new guidelines that will help all wireless users avoid unexpected overage charges,” said Will Souder, vice president of pricing for Sprint.. “Sprint already has a track record of providing its customers with options for effectively monitoring and managing their wireless usage. We are constantly evolving our practices, using new technology and trends to inform and empower our customers; these guidelines are an extension of our commitment.”


Sprint currently offers a number of tools and ways to assist customers with the management of their wireless bills and voice, data and text usage, including:


  • Text “Usage” to 1311: You can  text the keyword “usage” to short code "1311" to get a free text message reply with information concerning your voice, text messaging and data usage.


  • Dial * 4: You may also dial * 4 on your Sprint phone to receive text, data, and voice minute usage via an interactive voice response (IVR) platform.  At the end of the call, you can request your usage information sent to you via a text message.

  • Overage Monitoring: Sprint monitors the wireless usage of new and existing customers. If Sprint has an email address for new customers, during the first six months of service the company will notify them via email the first time they have incurred $10 or more in voice, text or data overage charges. Existing customers with email addresses on file will be notified if they incur $20 or more in voice, text or data overages in two of the last six months. Sprint also identifies and alerts customers through outbound calls or texts when they incur extremely and unusually high overages for the first time. In all cases, Sprint customer service agents will educate customers on how to avoid the overages in the future and will recommend a plan that will better meet their wireless needs.


  • Alerts for Mobile Broadband Data Usage while on the Sprint network: Sprint provides mobile broadband customers email or text alerts when they reach 75%, 90% and 100% of their data allowance (and at 20% increments thereafter).  These alerts are sent to customers subscribed to mobile broadband plans (e.g., customers using data cards, MiFi hotspots, netbooks and tablets).   Sprint does not send data usage alerts to subscribers using data on handsets because Sprint currently allows unlimited handset data usage on the Sprint network. 


  • Alerts for Mobile Broadband Data while Roaming: If you use your mobile broadband card, MiFi hotspot, netbook or tablet while roaming nationwide, you may use up to the monthly data roaming allowance included in your plan. Sprint will send you a text or email when you reach 75%, 90% and 100% of your data usage limit.  At 100%, you will have the option to suspend your data roaming service for the month or continue to use it and pay the overage charges.  If the charges are accepted, you will continue to receive text or email notifications at 20% increments. 


  • Alerts for International Usage: Sprint sends a “welcome message” when an international roaming subscriber first registers in a foreign country. The text message includes details on the casual rates for voice, texts and data in that particular country (this international “welcome message” will be extended to Canada in 2012).  In addition, Sprint sends notifications after the device exceeds approximately $50, $250, $500 in international data roaming charges.  At $500 the customer will be required to opt-in to continue international data roaming with additional notifications coming every $250 after that.


  • MySprint: Sprint customers can access and manage their accounts 24/7 by logging on to Customers can access this site on their smartphone or personal computer to easily view any alerts or notifications involving their account.  Customers can also obtain detailed usage information as well as billing and payment history.  Sprint also offers widgets that iGoogle and Facebook users can download to stay informed on usage, call details and upgrade eligibility.

  • Sprint Plan Optimizer: Sprint Plan Optimizer gives consumer customers the power to analyze their own wireless usage trends and help make educated and informed decisions about their plans. The Sprint Plan Optimizer, available at, also helps customers understand unplanned costs, such as overages (if applicable), and provides a breakout of monthly costs and average monthly usage patterns for voice minutes, text messaging and data.


To ensure you receive these notifications please verify that you are enrolled to receive notifications at


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