Below are a few links to get you to looking up coverage areas and other information of note. 


Where can I look up if the country I am traveling to is has coverage for International Roaming?
There is a tool to look up countries here.



How can I find out if the device I own can roam in other countries?
There is a list here. Also, if you do not see your device listed there, the page provides a link to the International Roaming Group for further questions.



How can I find out if my plan includes international roaming or if I need to purchase the additional service?
There is a wealth of information about traveling and roaming on the International Roaming page.



How do I report roaming issues?
You can contact Sprint in several ways as explained on this page.

Whether moving to another state or a need for more privacy, you can change your wireless phone number at no charge. If needed you can change phone numbers 3 times per line per billing period.  You will need to contact Customer Care to change you number. Here are the ways to contact Care.

What is the Sprint Satisfaction Guarantee Policy?
It is a policy for return, exchange, deactivation, or cancellation for new phone, mobile broadband card, embedded module (netbook), or accessory within 14-days of activation from original point of sale


What about Apple products I purchased directly from Apple?
If you purchased at an Apple Store or Apple online, you must return to POS and have 30 days from date of purchase.


What qualifies for the Sprint Satisfaction Guarantee (SSG)?
It applies to new customers, device upgrades and accessory purchases


What does not qualify for the Sprint Satisfaction Guarantee?
Does not include Sprint and Boost Mobile prepaid cards


What are the details of the Sprint Satisfaction Guarantee?
If you are not completely satisfied with the purchase, you can return or exchange the device within 14 days from activation.   If you purchased your equipment an Apple Store or Apple online, you have 30 days to return your device. Note: You must go back to the point of sale for that Apple device.


How many exchanges am I allowed within the first 14 days?
You are allowed only 1 exchange during the first 14 days.  Please also note that defective exchanges do not count as your 1 exchange.


How about fees information? What are the details?

  • Activation or upgrade fee is refunded if customer deactivates within 3 days from activation.  Note: Activation fee is not refunded if device is moved to another line on the account and the upgraded line is cancelled.  ETF (Early Termination Fee) is not charged if customer cancels or port-outs within the first 14 days of the Service Agreement.
  • Sprint will charge a $35.00 restocking fee for exchanges on an activated device for a different color or different device. Note: An exchange does not extend the 14 day guarantee.  Note: Restocking fee is waived when a customer returns a new device and returns to previously owned and activated device.
  • Sprint will also remove any credits or discounts received in exchange for new Service Agreement and will also restore customer to previous Service Agreement and plan, or comparable plan if original plan is not available.


How long will it take to get a credit?
Credits are issued on the account within 10 business days


What are my responsibilities?

  • You 14 days from the date of activation to request a return kit (RMA) kit from customer care to return the device.
  • You must return the device with its original packing, accessory components, manual, battery, and charger.
  • If your order was Buy One Get One, all phones and accessories must be deactivated and returned to get the credit.
  • You will need to return device where you purchased it (original sales channel) to receive RMA and to avoid non-returned equipment fee. The RMA must be completed and device returned within 10 days after receiving the RMA.
  • Please note: You are must pay all charges including: Pro-rated MRC, Overage charges, Pay-As-You-Go charges, International roaming charges and Premium Content purchases billed to account with related taxes and fees


Have further questions? Contact Customer Care.

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