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Going out of the country? In between jobs?  Then putting your phone on the Seasonal Standby (SS) / Temporary Suspension (TS) plan may be right for you.


How exactly does the SS/TS plan work?
When your phone subscription goes on the SS/TS plan, the agreement period extends the number of months equal to the time you put your phone on the SS / TS plan at a lower cost than your regular plan.  For example: Let’s say you have an Agreement and you place your phone on SS/TS for 3 months. When an active plan replaces the SS/TS plan, the Agreement end date is extended 3 months past the original end date.


What if my Service Agreement has already passed and I have fulfilled it but still want the SS/TS plan?
If you have no months left on your Service Agreement, you will resume normal service.


How long can I be on the Seasonal Standby / Temporary Suspension plan?
This will depend on if you are a personal account or a business account with service agreement.  Please check with your Customer Service Agent for specific time durations.


Will I keep my phone number when I go on this plan?
Yes, you will maintain your Sprint phone number .


Why qualifies for the SS/TS plan?
Personal and business accounts in good standing, meaning no delinquent amount is due.    You must also have been with Sprint for 3 or more months and Sprint Wireless Advantage Club for 6 months.


What devices and phones qualify for the SS/TS plan?
Most phones and wireless broadband cards qualify except for*:


  • 4G Single-mode devices
  • Sprint Phone Connect
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab and other tablets
  • ZTE Peel
  • Dell™ Inspiron 11z notebook
  • Dell™ Inspiron Mini 1012 netbook

*Please check with a Customer Service Agent to ensure your device qualifies.


What costs will I still have on the SS/TS plan?
You will continue to pay taxes, surcharges and fees, including the Account Spending Limit Program Charge of $4.99, if applicable.  You will also have a reduced Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC). This will vary and a Customer Service Agent will provide that information.


What services can I use when my phone is on the SS/TS plan?
You can use the following services

  • 911 service
  • *2 Customer Service
  • Plan blocks services to prevent Pay-As-You-Go charges.
  • Plan maintains voicemail box for all phones except iDEN, but blocks voicemail calls.
  • Callers cannot leave messages and you cannot check messages.


What happens to my Picture Mail when I go on the SS/TS plan?
You will be given 7 days to log in a retrieve any stored images on your Picture Mail account. You must log in with a computer.  NOTE! After 7 days, the Picture Mail account and all stored images are deleted.


What about Data, text and voice roaming charges?
Since your phone is active, you could receive charges for: Data, text, or voice roaming as the plan only works on our Sprint Network. 


What about Sprint Direct Connect (CDMA) usage?
You will be will be charged per minute if used while on this plan.  To prevent accidental usage, use the CDMA code for Sprint Direct Connect (CDMA) phone, which deactivates the UFMI.


Do I still have to pay for or can I still use applications like Telenav and Xora?
You will need to continue to pay the monthly charge, but services like these cannot be used.


If I have third party charges on my phone, what should I do?
If you have third party charges on your phone subscription, you will need to cancel these subscriptions so that you are not charges while on the SS/TS plan.


What services cannot be used on the Sprint Network while on this plan?
Data, text and all other add-ons cannot be used during the SS/TS plan period.


What communications will I get from Sprint while on the Seasonal Standby / Temporary Suspension plan?
For personal accounts, you will receive three letters:

  • Letter 1 contains terms and conditions of the SS / TS Plan and Agreement.
  • Letter 2 is sent at the 150-day reminder that the SS/ TS Plan is near expiration. It also includes directions to call Care to change to a regular plan.
  • Letter 3 is an 180-day reminder that the SS/ TS agreement has expired. It also includes directions to call Care immediately to change to a regular plan, or you will be assigned to a plan, typically the Basic 200 plan or the lowest-cost plan available to you. Mobile Broadband devices are migrated to 5GB 3G Connection Card Plan.

NOTE: Some business accounts may have agreements pertaining to the Seasonal Standby / Temporary Suspension plan. Please contact a Customer Service Agent or Account Representative for specifics.


What happens if my plan is no longer available to add back to my phone when I come off of the SS/TS plan?
If your current plan or add-on service is no longer available when you remove the Seasonal Standby Plan, a Sprint Care Agent will help you find a current plan that meets your needs.


How does the Right Plan Promise work with the Seasonal Standby/Temporary Suspension plan?
The Right Plan Promise gives you the flexibility to change your plan or features to a currently available Sprint plan at anytime, without having to extend your Agreement. However, the Seasonal Standby is a courtesy plan that freezes your Agreement for the number of months you remain on the plan.


What happens if I have Total Equipment Protection(TEP) or  Sprint Equipment Service and Repair (ESRP) or the Sprint Equipment  Replacement Program (ERP)?
TEP, ESRP and ERP must remain  on the phone subscription and you will need to pay this charge. If you  cancel this protection, it cannot be added in when the Seasonal  Standby/Temporary Suspension is removed and you go back to your original  plan. The next time this coverage can be added back in is when you get a  new phone and it is during the 30 period after receiving the new  device.

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