Signing up for AutoPay (sometimes called automatic payment) is easy online. Autopay allows you to have the amount due on your bill automatically withdrawn from your checking account or credit / debit card. You can also sign up for eBill (electronic bill) and go totally paperless.


Below is a Question and Answer for aspects of AutoPay and eBill with links to relevant content.


What is needed to be able to sign up online for AutoPay?

You will need to make sure your online profile is set at the account level.  Here is a blog that helps you determine this and also instructions on how to, as Jean Luc Picard noted to, 'Make it so' you can utilize this functionality.


Can I use my checking account information for AutoPay? My Credit/Debit cards?

If your bank supports electronic payments, you can sign up for AutoPay via checking. Here are the steps for checking and credit/debit card sign up.  At the bottom of the instruction page, there is also a way to sign up via your mobile device as well.


I am a visual person, are there any quick, instructional videos on this process?

Yes there are AutoPay and eBill videos located on this page for your reference.


How long before AutoPay starts payment from my account?

Checking account verification can take 7-10 days to process, and the first auto payment may take up to 2 billing cycles to go into effect. Credit cards have immediate verification and my start the AutoPay process within the next billing cycle.


  • Note for credit/debit cards: If you have any unpaid balance, it will be withdrawn automatically when you enroll or update your credit or debit card information. Account verification occurs immediately.
  • Note for checking accounts: If you have any unpaid balance, please make sure you pay it by the due date.


When does the automatic payment come from my account to pay my bill?

Depending what type of account the payment comes from will tell you the payment pattern.  Here is a list of timeframes.


I need to change how I am paying through AutoPay. Can I do that online?

Yes you can change the credit / debit card method of payment online. Instructions are located in Support.


Where do I go to cancel my AutoPay on

Here are the instructions on how to cancel AutoPay online.


I want to go totally electronic and not receive a paper bill. Can I sign up for this online?

Yes, you can sign up for eBill on This is a very green choice which saves natural resources. Every month, you will receive a notification of your balance due.  If, in the future, you need an electronic or paper copy, ebills are available for free by going to Your Bill and viewing /saving them there.  Here are additional details about signing up for ebill.

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