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Sometimes it is necessary to make arrangements with Sprint to accommodate a need for a late bill payment.  Here is some information about delaying a payment so you are prepared when you call Care.



Q: I am going to be a few days late on my payment; do I need to make arrangement?

A: You do not have to schedule a delayed payment for a few days.



Q: Can I make arrangements to pay installments over a period of time to catch up?

A: Yes, your financial contact will talk with you about possible options for multiple payments.



Q: Will collection contact stop after I arrange for payments?

A: Yes it will stop. If you do not pay, however, on the agreed upon date (s), the collections contacts will resume and any multiple payments you have arranged past the missed payment date are void.



Q: What if I miss an agreed time for a payment?

A: Service may be terminated at any time, depending on the situation. In addition, you may receive notifications for unpaid payments made in arrangement with Sprint.  If you miss a payment, please contact Care.



Q: If I set up a payment delay date, will I still get a late fee added to my account?

A: Payment delay amount is subject to late fee. Late Fee is assessed regardless of Payment Delay arrangements. Late Payment Fee calculation is not on hold because of a payment delay

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