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Perhaps you have additional people on your account which need to pay and view the bill?  You can grant them access to do this activity without sharing  your account PIN or Security Question/Answer with them when they set up an online profile. This new permission is called "Manage Account." Here  are the steps used to grant permissions.


  • Check to make sure you have made yourself the account holder on your online profile. This would have been done by entering your PIN when you created your profile or by entering  the PIN on the My Preferences Tab at the bottom of the page along with your account number.

  • For people on your account, have them create a profile by entering their device during profile creation. They do not need the PIN to create the profile. Once they have created the profile, they will need to send you a request to allow them to access your account. 


Once these  two profiles are in place, the account holder follows these steps:


  • Login  and click on the My Preferences tab


  • In the All about my  account section within Limits and Permissions, click on the  Allow access to  my account link


  • Select the "Manage Account permissions in the drop down next  to the user.


  • Click Save


What all permissions mean in the Permissions drop down:


Manage Users and Account:(aka the Account Holder)

  • PIN entry required for this level of permissions as stated above
  • Can grant permissions to other subscribers to Manage Account
  • Can grant permissions to Manage Device
  • Can select No Access and remove the profile from its relationship to your account
  • Can change PIN and Security Question / Answer
  • Views and pays bills
  • Views all user activity, changes plans and services and unbilled usage
  • Performs other account related activities (changing addresses, upgrading phones, etc.)

Manage Account: Permission granted by Account Holder

  • Acts like the Account holder.
  • Cannot view or change the account PIN or Security Question/Answer
  • Views and pays bills
  • Views all user activity, changes plans and services and unbilled  usage
  • Performs other account related activities (changing addresses,  upgrading phones, etc.)


Manage Device: User on the account with an online profile

  • Can view device-specific information only.
  • Cannot access account activities such as granting permissions, view/pay bill or seeing all users usage.

Now your can make a retail appointment from your mobile device. 


Go to m.sprint.com through your browser:

  • Select the 'Find a store' link.
  • Enter your zip code or let m.sprint.com use your location.
  • The Store Locator will give you the closest stores in your area.
  • Select the desired store through 'make an appointment'.
  • Follow the prompts to complete your request.


With in seconds, you will have a schedule time for your next store visit!  Screenshots of the steps are noted below.


Go to m.sprint.com and select 'Find a store' as noted.

It is towards the bottom of the list.




Enter your zip code, or let m.sprint.com to use your location.





Select the desired store location using the 'make an appointment' link.




Follow the stops to complete your appointment request.


The Sprint Buyback Program offers new and existing Sprint customers an account credit for eligible wireless devices from ANY manufacturer and ANY carrier in ANY condition for reuse and recycle.  This program is now available when you shop on sprint.com.


Use the device look up tool what credit you will receive here.  This price will be honored online for 45 days as you shop on sprint.com. In essence, your old phone will help you pay for your new one.


Once your new device is purchased with the help of your Buyback credit, we will send you a pre-paid shipping label for your recycled phone. After the phone is received, we will credit your account within 3 bill cycles with the value noted during the purchasing process. We’ll then recycle it instead of having it end up in a landfill.


Sprint is committed the environment.  We are currently ranked #3 among the 500 Greenest Companies in America.  We have collected more than 28 million phones since 2001. Our goal is to reach 90% recycle rate on phones and devices.  Collected phones stay out of the waste stream and help reduce toxins from entering our water and air.


Interested in more details about the program and process? Click here for Frequently Asked Questions. 

Have you noticed our new navigation?  This weekend, we improved the header (up top navigation) as well as our footer (bottom of the page).  With links arranged as they are now, you can get where you need to go quickly.  If you want to pay your bill,  get support for your phone or see phone ratings, you can get there right from the header, no matter where you are on Sprint.com.



Test drive around the site. You'll find it's much easier to get places and explore pages.








The Sprint.com search function is now powered by Google!  We have added the Google search technology to allow visitors to search just the content found on Sprint.com.  The Google Custom Search tool will provide a familiar experience for anyone who has used Google and excellent results as well. 


You can start your search from the search box found in the header where you see the Google Custom Search logo.  As you begin to type your search, you will see a dropdown box open up to provide suggestions for the most relevant topics associated with the query you are typing.  You can complete typing in your terms or choose one of the suggested terms from the auto-complete dropdown box.  Selecting one of the auto-complete terms, clicking on the spyglass icon or hitting your enter key will kick of the search.  The default search will give you your most relevant results from across the entire Sprint.com site.



If you are searching for a particular phone, you can enter the phone name in your search box and you will see an image of the phone, the price and a link to the phone’s detail page where you can learn about and purchase your new phone.  Your search for a phone will also display a “Shop Online” link to take you to the “Shop” page where you can see all of the phones being sold by that manufacturer or choose to view all phones for sale on Sprint.com.



You may want to filter your results further by choosing to run the query in one of our other site sections, like Shop or Community.  Simply click on one of the radio buttons above your results to run the same query in one of those sections. For instance, if you are looking for a specific support topic and don’t see it in the default search result for the entire site, click on the radio button for “Support” to limit the results to support articles, tutorials, eGuides and videos. 



If it has been awhile since you used our search tool, then try Sprint’s new Google Custom Search and see what you’ve been missing.


google search default.PNG

As of June 10, 2012, a $15 Phone Number Change fee will apply when calling Care or visiting a Sprint Store.  If you want to avoid this charge, you can choose to change your phone number on Sprint.com. It's quick and easy.  Here's how:


1. Login to www.sprint.com

2. Click on My Preferences tab

3. Click on Change phone number under  ‘Things I can manage online -  account’

4. Follow the steps to complete your number change.


If for some reason you are not able to complete the self-service option, please chat with a Sprint chat agent for assistance.



Sprint has recently launched the ability to change your phone number on Sprint.com.  If you have used this functionality we would love to have your feedback. We are still working on refining the look and feel so any suggestions are welcome.


If you need to change your Sprint mobile number.

  1. Login to www.sprint.com 
  2. Click on My Preferences tab
  3. Click on Change phone number under  ‘Things I can manage online -  account’


Screen shot below.




Display vs. Username

Posted by mapesy Apr 26, 2012

When you create a login on sprint.com your Display Name automatically inherits your login Username. You can keep your login or your display name, but we suggest you change one of these for privacy and security purposes.


PLEASE NOTE:  You should NOT use your phone number, email address or full name as your display name. This is private information which will display on a public forum.


Once you've signed in to My Sprint, you can make changes to your username or password in the My preferences tab at the top of the page.


   1. Click the My Preferences tab
   2. Click on the Change display name, username or password link
   3. A window will pop up allowing you to make changes to your account
   4. Edit your username and/or display name, then click Save


Note: Your sprint.com username and password can expire if you don't sign in at least once every six months.


For your security, we've made some guidelines for usernames and passwords:


    * Your username is what you will use to sign in to My Sprint. Usernames must be 6-33 characters and can include periods, hyphens and underscores. Usernames are case-sensitive and they can be a phone number on your account or an email.
    * Passwords must be 6-33 characters and can include periods, hyphens and underscores. Passwords are case-sensitive but they cannot match your username.


If your username or password doesn't meet the requirements, you'll see an error message and you will not be allowed to save changes.







Yes, you can view and print your current bill as well as up to 23 past bills online. By printing them yourself, there is no reprinting fee. Here are the steps:


1. Log into Sprint.com as account owner and click on the My Sprint tab.

2. In the My bill section in the center of the pate, click on the "See my bill" link

3. On the next page is your current bill. To the right is a 'View past bills" link. Click it.

4. You can view current and past bills in HTML and/or PDF

5. Download the PDF bills you need.

6. Use your own printer for printing the bills.  Simple as that.


Below are screenshots of the steps.







The best way to view usage such as minutes  used, data used, text counts, etc. is to click on the “See all usage”  link on the My Account page. This usage is grouped by phone / plan and shows summer data numbers.  Here are the steps:


   1. Log into sprint.com
   2. Navigate to the My Sprint/My Account tab
      Next to your phone or other phones on your account, click the “See all usage”.
      I’ve provided both the account and a subscriber on the account view of where these links are located.
   3. View current usage on your device(s) for the month.

Please remember these can sometimes cause errors on viewing the usage-related information:


  • Bookmarks to the usage page
  • Bookmarks to the call log
  • Refreshing the usage page using browser refresh buttons


My Sprint Tab View: Account Holder



My Sprint Tab View: Subscriber/Phone User




Usage Page*

The usage page screenshots are below. In addition, the last screenshot shows the "Details" section of purchases made before your billing cycle ends.








*Note: Your usage page may look or display the same information slightly different based on the phones and / or plans on your account or device.

Adding, removing and changing your plan services can be done within My Sprint.  Only account holders or those who have been approved with account privileges online can do so.  You can check here to see if your online profile is set at the the account level. 


Within the Support area of the site, there are instructions for adding, removing and changing plan services.  I've listed these below, but you may want to bookmark it for future reference.  I've also included a few screen shots for your reference.

Add-ons vary depending on the type of device you have. Here are examples of add-ons that might be available for your device:


  •     International Dialing Capability
  •     Roadside Rescue
  •     Sprint Family Locator
  •     Messaging
  •     Sprint Navigation
  •     Total Equipment protection


Note: If you don't see the add-on you are looking for, click the Chat link at the top of the page and ask the agent if the add-on is available.


To add, change or remove services to your plan online:

  •     Sign in to My Sprint with a valid username and password at sprint.com.
  •     Scroll to the right-hand section labeled Manage this device and click Change my services.
  •     Select the device that you want to change services for and click Change service add-ons.
  •     On the Service add-ons page, select the services you would like to add or remove and then click Save.



Note: Some add-ons are included in your plan and cannot be removed without changing your plan. These will display with gray check boxes next to them and you will not be able to unclick the checkbox.

Are you carrying a Sprint phone or broadband device? Have you signed up for My Sprint account access yet?


Here's why you should:




You get all the same information as on a paper bill without the clutter and the filing. Bonus: you get email reminders before your due date that link you straight to your current bill. You also have access to your billing history and can save PDF copies of your old bills to your own tablet or laptop.



Pay online


You can sign in and pay each month, or set up recurring payments and never be late again. If you autopay, you can still check your bill anytime and contact us if you see something you don't understand.



Check your usage 24X7


Our usage tools will help you stay within your plan minutes, texts or data to eliminate unwelcome overage charges.



Change your plan


Need more minutes? Want to bump up to unlimited? Compare what you have to what's available, and change your plan anytime.





Time to trade in your old device for a new one? Do it online and get a great price! We'll keep you up to date on when you're eligible for a discount, and walk you through the upgrade process when you're ready to buy.



Free activation


Activate your new devices online and save the activation fee.



Control who has access to you


From My Sprint, you can block that annoying telemarketer or ex from calling or texting you.



Protect your kids


You can restrict your kids' access to websites, app downloads, media, pics and videos. Plus, use Family Locator to keep track of them via their Sprint phones.



Retrieve a forgotten voicemail passcode


Yeah, you can do that online too!



Keep your account info up to date


You're mobile, we're mobile. On My Sprint, you can update your address, email, username or Community name, and control what kinds of stuff Sprint can send you.



Learn more about your device


We'll give you shortcuts to support, info about services available for your device, and access to ratings and reviews.





Use our growing and thriving Community to rate and review your phone, ask questions, discuss your favorite apps or talk about what's going on in the world of wireless. You might even make a new friend or two.




Ten minutes signing up will get you all this goodness and more. Start here!

When you're signed in and go to the My device & media tab within My Sprint, you'll now see this new summary page. It includes lots of stuff about apps and services, and brings in RSS feeds to keep you seeing fresh info.

mdm summary page.jpg


Mapesy wrote a great blog post about this recently. If you haven't seen it, here it is.


Wait... what? You haven't registered yet?  Do it here.


The My device & media section on sprint.com got a facelift to make access to your stuff easier.  A Summary  tile is being introduced to give a quick view into all of your stuff, as well as specialized  information just for you.  In addition to accessing the product page from the Summary tile  navigation, the product tabs are now higher on the page and easier to view and access directly.


To continue to provide you with specific information about your device, a new page has been created  to provide you with top support articles, update eligibility information, and access to shop for  accessories.  In addition, helpful information and access to things of interest will be provided.


And don’t forget about all the other helpful and useful areas of My device & media; including the  Zipwhip Quick texter, what people are saying about the service in Community, support videos &  articles, and other related items.


Keep coming back to My device & media, as there are even more exciting changes on their way.



Thank you one more time to everyone who participated in the beta of our new store. We're proud to announce the store is officially launched!


Some of the big changes in the new store:


            • A robust phone filter, capability icons, and a bird's eye view of what each device does best, and why.
            • Plan details that are easy to scan and compare, including a new side-by-side plan display.
            • A more streamlined shopping experience for customers. Easily add, upgrade or change plans and add-ons.


Click the Shop tab above and give it a whirl! After you do, come back here and give us your feedback on the new site.

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