Are you carrying a Sprint phone or broadband device? Have you signed up for My Sprint account access yet?


Here's why you should:




You get all the same information as on a paper bill without the clutter and the filing. Bonus: you get email reminders before your due date that link you straight to your current bill. You also have access to your billing history and can save PDF copies of your old bills to your own tablet or laptop.



Pay online


You can sign in and pay each month, or set up recurring payments and never be late again. If you autopay, you can still check your bill anytime and contact us if you see something you don't understand.



Check your usage 24X7


Our usage tools will help you stay within your plan minutes, texts or data to eliminate unwelcome overage charges.



Change your plan


Need more minutes? Want to bump up to unlimited? Compare what you have to what's available, and change your plan anytime.





Time to trade in your old device for a new one? Do it online and get a great price! We'll keep you up to date on when you're eligible for a discount, and walk you through the upgrade process when you're ready to buy.



Free activation


Activate your new devices online and save the activation fee.



Control who has access to you


From My Sprint, you can block that annoying telemarketer or ex from calling or texting you.



Protect your kids


You can restrict your kids' access to websites, app downloads, media, pics and videos. Plus, use Family Locator to keep track of them via their Sprint phones.



Retrieve a forgotten voicemail passcode


Yeah, you can do that online too!



Keep your account info up to date


You're mobile, we're mobile. On My Sprint, you can update your address, email, username or Community name, and control what kinds of stuff Sprint can send you.



Learn more about your device


We'll give you shortcuts to support, info about services available for your device, and access to ratings and reviews.





Use our growing and thriving Community to rate and review your phone, ask questions, discuss your favorite apps or talk about what's going on in the world of wireless. You might even make a new friend or two.




Ten minutes signing up will get you all this goodness and more. Start here!

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