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Display vs. Username

Posted by mapesy in Support on Apr 26, 2012 3:44:54 PM

When you create a login on your Display Name automatically inherits your login Username. You can keep your login or your display name, but we suggest you change one of these for privacy and security purposes.


PLEASE NOTE:  You should NOT use your phone number, email address or full name as your display name. This is private information which will display on a public forum.


Once you've signed in to My Sprint, you can make changes to your username or password in the My preferences tab at the top of the page.


   1. Click the My Preferences tab
   2. Click on the Change display name, username or password link
   3. A window will pop up allowing you to make changes to your account
   4. Edit your username and/or display name, then click Save


Note: Your username and password can expire if you don't sign in at least once every six months.


For your security, we've made some guidelines for usernames and passwords:


    * Your username is what you will use to sign in to My Sprint. Usernames must be 6-33 characters and can include periods, hyphens and underscores. Usernames are case-sensitive and they can be a phone number on your account or an email.
    * Passwords must be 6-33 characters and can include periods, hyphens and underscores. Passwords are case-sensitive but they cannot match your username.


If your username or password doesn't meet the requirements, you'll see an error message and you will not be allowed to save changes.








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