On Being Human

Posted by wingland Mar 31, 2011

Interesting set of articles came up in the RSS feed this morning -- Rich at FeverBee talks about how to interact with your community.  Rule 1?  Speak like a human.  "Be yourself, be genuine, interact with members the way you would interact with friends."  Check out the full post to see his rules for being human in your social interactions.


Then in Social Media Explorer, Stephanie Schwab rolls out the big guns for the highly functional brand manager.  She answers the question, "How does your brand sound human?", although carefully couched in brand amangenet and marketing terms.  She covers defining what kind of tone, character, or persona you want to display to reflect your brand.  Mercedes is going to have a widely different tone than Suzuki.  Interestingly enough, after all the brand and marketing specific advise, she wraps up with between the lines advice to be human, engage your audience with your brand message.


Stephanie also links out to another blog talking about the revolution in brand communications -- business are being forced to act like human beings.  Social media, immediate communication and empowered customers demand companies step off the crystal pedestal and engage them as humans, in a humane and real tone.


It's always been my contention in 20+ years working with online communciation systems that the most effective communciations come when humans are interacting with other humans, regardless of the tools or technology, or artificial corporate barriers.  If you can form genuine connections and have honest conversations, you're going to get things done.


Are you being human in your social media interactions?

Do you think Sprint is getting it right and developing a human tone in our interactions?    Love to hear your feedback on what we're doing right and where we can get better!


Doing Social Media for your business?  There's just five points:


1. Listen

2. Learn

3. Engage

4. Adapt

5. Repeat


That is all.  (stolen from Brian Solis...)


(meta-meta: Sorry for the long lag between posts; it's been mighty hectic with the software upgrade!)