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What can you do when you harness the power of 4G?


Check out this video showing HTC EVO 4G in action, including the use of the Qik video chatting app.




“The incredible speed of 4G really makes a difference,” states the host of the video in the Did You Know? series created by CNET.


Whether you use EVO, Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot by Sierra Wireless or soon, Samsung Epic 4G, what do you like best about 4G?


Sprint 4G - Think about it

Posted by JGatSprint Aug 11, 2010

Sprint 4G service is available in more than 45 markets and counting.


Sprint 4G makes things people already do more efficient. With Sprint 4G you can do everything faster. Download. Watch. Share. With any Wi-Fi-enabled device.


Check out this video to see how Sprint is changing the rhythm of our wireless world. We are the first U.S. wireless to launch and market 4G.



Whether it is with Overdrive™ 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot by Sierra Wireless, HTC EVO 4G, or soon Samsung Epic 4G, how are you experiencing the world of 4G?

This video compares features of the new Samsung Epic 4G with those of Sprint's popular HTC EVO 4G.


When compared side by side, features on HTC EVO 4G and Samsung Epic 4G stand out from the rest.


Sprint is the first national wireless carrier to bring you the latest 4G technology, which now is available in 48 metropolitan areas. Plus, Sprint fully backs the integrity of its products with Sprint Free Guarantee, which allows you to try Sprint service, including 4G, for 30 days.


See how Sprint’s 4G phones compare with others:



Key Features





Epic 4G


Apple iPHONE4



Droid X




3G only

3G only

Operating System

Android 2.1

Android 2.1


Android 2.1







Dual camera

Primary: 8MP with   flash

Front Facing:   1.3MP (great for streaming video)

Dual camera

Primary: 5MP with   flash

Front Facing: VGA

Dual camera

Primary: 5MP with   flash

Front facing: VGA

8MP with flash

Hotspot Capability

Yes, supports up   to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices

Yes, supports up   to five Wi-Fi enabled devices


Yes, supports up   to five Wi-Fi enabled devices

Removable Battery





Rate Plan

+$69.99 Sprint   Everything Data Plan (450 with unlimited voice to any mobile, unlimited text,   unlimited data on the Sprint network)

+$10.00 Premium   Data add-on


Total per month = $79.99

+$69.99 Sprint   Everything Data Plan (450 with unlimited voice to any mobile, unlimited text,   unlimited data on the Sprint network)


+$10.00 Premium   Data add-on


Total per month = $79.99

+$69.99 Unlimited Voice

+$20.00 Unlimited   text

+$25.00 Limited   data (2GB cap and overage charge of $10 per GB)


Total per month = $114.99

+$69.99 Unlimited Voice

+$20.00 Unlimited   text

+$29.99 Unlimited   data


Total per month = $119.98

Device Protection

Sprint Free Guarantee,   which allows customers to try 4G for 30 days. If they are not satisfied, they   can cancel service and have the opportunity to be fully reimbursed.


(Refund excludes usage not included in   the plan, premium content, third-party billing and international charges.)

Sprint Free   Guarantee, which allows customers to try 4G for 30 days. If they are not   satisfied, they can cancel service and have the opportunity to be fully   reimbursed.


(Refund excludes usage not included in   the plan, premium content, third-party billing and international charges.)


$35 restocking   fee; Activation fee not be refunded if returned after 3 days.


Customer   responsible for all usage fees, prorated access charges, taxes surcharges   other charges accrued prior to termination.

New cities continue to join the Sprint 4G parade, now in 43 markets across the country. Most recently, Sprint 4G launched in Rochester and Syracuse, N.Y.; Merced and Visalia, Calif.; Eugene, Ore.; and Tri-Cities and Yakima, Wash.


And we’re still on track to launch 4G service in Los Angeles, New York City and Miami by the end of the year.


As summer travel begins, you will find that 4G in many markets across the country:

California – Modesto, Stockton, Merced and Visalia

• Delaware - Wilmington

• Florida - Jacksonville

Georgia – Atlanta and Milledgeville

Hawaii – Honolulu and Maui

Idaho – Boise

Illinois – Chicago

Maryland – Baltimore

• Michigan - Grand Rapids

Missouri – Kansas City and St. Louis

New York – Rochester and Syracuse

Nevada – Las Vegas

North Carolina – Charlotte, Greensboro (along with High Point and Winston-Salem), Raleigh (along with Cary, Chapel Hill and Durham)

Oregon – Eugene, Portland and Salem

Pennsylvania – Harrisburg, Lancaster, Philadelphia, Reading and York

Texas – Abilene, Amarillo, Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Killeen/Temple, Lubbock, Midland/Odessa, San Antonio, Waco and Wichita Falls

Utah – Salt Lake City

Virginia – Richmond

Washington – Bellingham, Seattle, Tri-Cities and Yakima



More information:


Sprint Launches 4G Coverage in Delaware, Florida and Michigan and Extends 4G Coverage in California


Sprint Launches More 4G Markets in New York, California, Oregon and Washington

Once you get your hands on HTC EVO 4G, you will appreciate all the accessories Sprint offers to customize their experience, use it to watch HDTV, stay powered up, hold all of your photos and videos and so much more.


Here are just a few of the great options available:



6-foot HDMI cable – easily plugs into the bottom of the phone, making it a snap to watch high-def video stored on the device on an HDTV. Great for sharing the moments, users can capture with HTC EVO 4G’s industry-leading 8 MP camera and camcorder. $29.99.

Plantronics BackBeat 903 Bluetooth stereo headphones – featuring Altec Lansing sound technology for rich, full-spectrum stereo music and dual-mic AudioIQ noise canceling technology for exceptional call clarity. These wireless headphones work with stereo Bluetooth devices. $99.99.


HTC silicone gels - a protective cover to prevent scuffs and scratches. Offered in black or raspberry, they provide fun and unique styling to help the phone stand out in a crowd. $14.99.

Custom screen protectors - reduce glare and shield HTC EVO 4G from scratches. They are easy to fit and apply to the touchscreen and leave no residue when removed. The custom screen protectors pack includes two regular and one anti-glare screen protectors. $12.99.


HTC standard battery - $44.99

SOLIO mono hybrid charger - an eco-friendly solar-powered charger that can store power from the sun or an electrical socket to recharge a mobile phone anywhere, anytime. The SOLIO charger includes a large internal lithium-ion battery that can easily be recharged via included USB cable, AC travel charger or solar energy. $59.99.  

Sprint travel charger plus - a wall charger that doubles as a portable charger thanks to an internal 1000 mAh lithium polymer battery for charging a phone when a wall outlet isn’t available.  $39.99.


SanDisk Mobile Ultra microSDHC memory cards - provide ultra-fast and ultra-convenient, high-capacity solutions to shorten the time spent managing music, videos, photos and games.  Available in a variety of storage capacities, including a16 GB memory card with pocket-sized SanDisk MobileMate Micro card USB reader for convenient connection to a PC. $99.99.

annapolis 4G 3.jpg

The Annapolis Police Department (APD) participated in an innovative pilot project with Sprint to use 4G for a low-cost alternative to video surveillance for public safety.


The APD needed to find a cost-effective way to transmit video from portable cameras around the city. Traditional service providers with cable, DSL and fiber solutions typically charge large initial setup fees and monthly service fees, require long lead times and often cannot provide service due to last mile restrictions and other difficulties.  Alternatively, microwave systems escape the monthly fees but initial procurement and setup can often be costly.



With the launch of Sprint 4G in Baltimore in September 2008, the APD became the first law enforcement agency in the country to participate in a four-month pilot project with Sprint. The project explored an innovative, low-cost alternative to video surveillance for public safety.
Using a dual-mode Sprint 3G/4G USB modem U300 and the MBR-1000 Mobile Broadband Router from CradlePoint, the APD enjoys affordable, high-speed video transmission as well as reliability and redundancy.


With five surveillance units in place the APD has made more than 100 documented arrests and visibly reduced crime in Maryland’s capital.


Where to find Sprint 4G

Posted by JasonG Mar 29, 2010

It’s a big country.  But so is Sprint’s growing 4G footprint.


In 2010 we expect to offer 4G service in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Miami, Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City and St. Louis, Boston, Denver, Kansas City, Houston, Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.


Here are the 28 markets where you can find Sprint 4G service today:


  • Abilene
  • Amarillo
  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • Baltimore
  • Bellingham
  • Boise
  • Charlotte
  • Chicago
  • Corpus Christi
  • Dallas-Ft. Worth
  • Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point, N.C.
  • Honolulu
  • Houston
  • Killeen-Temple
  • Las Vegas
  • Lubbock
  • Maui
  • Midland-Odessa
  • Milledgeville
  • Philadelphia
  • Portland
  • Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and Cary, N.C.
  • Salem
  • San Antonio
  • Seattle
  • Waco
  • Wichita Falls

Even if you couldn't recognize an app from a slice of apple pie, you will be intrigued by 4G wireless.


Maybe even excited.


Sprint is the first U.S. national wireless carrier to sell the ultra-fast 4G wireless service that can turbo-charge your mobile phone, music player, digital camera or handheld game. Essentially, any electronic device that can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi.


Don’t get hung up on the techie jargon and exacting specifications of 3G vs. 4G. Just know that we are talking fast. Seconds – not minutes – to download music, pictures, files, or videos


“It makes whatever you are doing on the Internet today better,” said Matt Carter, President, Sprint 4G. “It is like going from analog TV to high-def TV. Once you have experienced high definition, you can never go back to watching TV the old way.”


Sprint's 4G service is available in 28 markets across the country covering more than 30 million people. By the end of the year, it is expected to be available to 120 million U.S. consumers.


All this talk of gigahertz and gigabits has the gadget gurus whipped into a high-tech froth. No matter the technology there always will be those eager to try it first and then pontificate about how many milliseconds faster this one works relative to that one.


Good for them.


But new technology truly gets interesting, even exciting, when everybody instantly can see why it is so much better. When average consumers or

business travelers can figure out why they want it. When it is so simple to use that anybody can.


4G is easy and fast



Carter said that is exactly the recognition he sees on the face of someone trying 4G for the first time.


“When you tried to download any sort of video, or when you go from one page to the next on the Internet, have you ever experienced a delay in that download completing?” Carter asked. “With 4G that becomes instantaneous.”


Plus, we are not talking about the kind of technology that requires a PhD in electrical engineering to set it up. Who wants to read an instruction manual as thick as a phone book just to figure out how to turn something on?


Think more about the first time you realized how easy it was to load an entire rack of CDs onto a music player smaller than a deck of cards. Or when you recorded a television show on a DVR by clicking a single button. When you were stunned by your first glimpse of the crystal-clear sharpness of a broadcast on an HD TV.  Or when your mobile phone provided turn-by-turn directions.


With a push of a single button, early-adopters and even those who are technology challenged can experience Sprint 4G.


Carter and other Sprint leaders are understandably proud of their company’s leadership in bringing 4G technology to U.S. consumers.


Just days ago Sprint introduced the world’s first 3G/4G Android handset, HTC EVO 4G.


"Sprint continues to lead the 4G revolution as we introduce HTC EVO 4G to give our customers an experience that is unlike anything available in wireless to date," Dan Hesse, Sprint CEO, said during last week’s CTIA Wireless 2010 in Las Vegas. "Not only is this feature-rich device incredible on our Sprint 3G network, but Sprint 4G speeds will take mobile multimedia, including live video streaming, gaming and picture downloads, to a whole new level.”


Rapid growth of wireless devices



Sprint embraced a commitment to 4G after recognizing increasingly ravenous consumer appetites for wireless data.


According to CTIA-The Wireless Association, wireless data revenue climbed by 31 percent last year and continues to grow. Mobile data revenue exceeded $40 billion last year and is projected to continue expanding substantially, reach an estimated $94 billion in 2014.


Streaming video has become a mainstream medium. It is the single most influential factor driving the need for increased network capacity.

Enter Sprint 4G. It is about meeting the need of customers to be mobile by transforming the Internet and Wi-Fi experience regardless of the device they are using.


Mobile technologies such as 4G are being integrated with all kinds of products, services, and processes, leading to the elimination of many stand-alone, non-mobile products. Leading observers expect that within five years the average person will have three to four devices or more that are wirelessly enabled. At that point, it won’t just be about laptops and phones, but devices like e-readers, music players, cameras and others.

Sprint stands out from other U.S. wireless carriers by offering 4G service and 4G devices today. Others talk about tests and plans to build 4G networks in the next year or so.


Every Wi-Fi enabled device is a 4G device with Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot by Sierra Wireless and HTC EVO 4G. Even the CEO of AT&T has recognized how attractive it will be for consumers to connect wireless devices via Wi-Fi rather than 3G networks. In fact, he said he expected most users of the new Apple iPad to connect via Wi-Fi, according to this coverage by Reuters.


Considering the faster speed and better experience that would be available for the more than 100 million Wi-Fi enabled devices bought each year, why wouldn’t you want to use 4G with Sprint?

Other wireless companies talk about tests and plans when it comes to 4G.


The simple fact is Sprint is the wireless leader in 4G. With 28 markets and more than 30 million Americans covered today, Sprint 4G already is here now and quickly spreading to more major markets.


Sprint now offers five 4G devices and routers, with more to launch this year including a 4G phone. Last week, Sprint announced the world’s first 3G/4G Android handset, the HTC EVO 4G ™.


Other companies such as Verizon Wireless have issued recent press releases indicating that they too will offer 4G at some point.


Let’s cut through the clutter.


• Sprint already is in 28 markets, expanding to many more major markets this year including Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC and Miami to name a few. Verizon says it is on track to deliver 4G in 25-30 markets this year.
• Sprint plans to cover more than 120 million people by year. Verizon claims it will cover roughly 100 million people by year end.
• Sprint 4G already is providing speed   Verizon says its 4G will be “significantly faster than today’s 3G network speeds.”
• Sprint is already offering five 4G devices and routers today, with more to launch this year including a 4G phone. And WiMAX, the 4G technology at Sprint, currently boasts 114 devices from 25 vendors. Verizon says device makers and manufacturers around the world will begin to introduce newer and faster products to take advantage of LTE, a 4G technology Verizon is using.


Forbes recently wrote about what it declared to be the “most wired cities in the U.S.”


It can’t be merely a coincidence that the three most wired cities on the list - Raleigh, Atlanta and Seattle - are all markets where Sprint has launched 4G.


The reporters at the Charlotte Business Journal also connected the dots between Raleigh’s most wired status and Sprint’s 4G presence in that city.


“Raleigh’s No. 1 ranking was aided by Overland Park, Kan.-based Sprint Nextel Corp.’s (NYSE:S) recent launch of its 4-G next-generation mobile broadband network in the city,” the publication stated recently.

Here are some videos offering demonstations, examples and some humorous takes on life with Sprint 4G:


HTC EVO 4G Demonstration Part I



HTC EVO 4G Demonstration Part II




Sprint - Hot Spot Borrowers



Make Your iPhone® 4G




Sprint 4G - Download Music Fast



Sprint 4G - Stream HD Movies




Sprint 4G – Presentation



Sprint Demo Video: 3G/4G Overdrive Hot Spot



Overdrive 3G-4G Mobile Hotspot Exclusively from Sprint



Bringing 4G to Life Today

Posted by JasonG Mar 29, 2010

How can consumers use 4G?


•          Make your iPAD 4G:
Use Sprint 4G to turn your (coming soon) iPAD (Wi-Fi version) into a turbo-charged iPAD! with the Overdrive ™ 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot or use the Overdrive to light up the more than 400 million Wi-Fi enabled devices available today.

• In the home:

Through a single connection, you can bypass your cable provider and stream HD movies from services such as those provided by Netflix, Amazon and Blockbuster right to your TV. Move pictures wirelessly from your camera to your digital picture frame and surf the Web on your laptop while streaming Pandora.


• Gaming:
Connect your Xbox 360 and play in real-time with someone located across the globe.
Wii Remote + Overdrive = gaming anywhere in a 3G or 4G coverage area.


• 4G phones:
HTC EVO 4G is like putting an HDTV in the palm of your hand. It delivers an unmatched multi-media experience at 4G speeds, making it possible to download music, pictures, files, or videos in seconds, not minutes, or watch streaming video on the go on the industry-best 4.3-inch multi-touch display.


It’s also a Wi-Fi router which will enable customers to connect up to 8 Wi-Fi enabled devices to the Sprint 4G network, enabling all of the examples listed here.


• In the dorm:
Connect virtually anywhere on a campus with 4G coverage at 4G speeds: Turn your iPod Touch with Skype into a voice phone and make a call, or stream a live movie from Hulu or Netflix to your laptop.

• On-the-go:
Whether you’re on a long trip or running a busy day of errands, use Overdrive to keep passengers entertained in the car. Stream your favorite TV show or movie from Hulu to your Netbook; use a PSP gaming device to access multiple games and content; download music to your Zune HD; and turn your 3G iPhone into a 4G device. It’s all very simple with Overdrive.


• Mobile office:
Join a video conference, e-mail critical files to co-workers and clients, and access all of your corporate websites while away from the office. When you travel with co-workers you can share Sprint 4G while waiting for your flight or taxi. You can also stay in constant contact with your office via unified communications.


How can Business use 4G?


Companies across many industries are willing to transform their practices to provide content and information while mobile. This taps the power of mobile technology to enhance productivity and efficiency. The business mobile market will grow at rates surpassing the consumer market over the next five years.


Here are some examples of how businesses can utilize 4G:

• Mobile video monitoring of storage facilities
• Law enforcement track communities with video monitoring
• Mobile banking at high-traffic locations
• Mobile banking kiosks, ATMs:  easily set up at Super Bowl, Daytona 500, etc., with 4G capabilities
• Insurance – adjusters send real-time video from crash scenes to speed up claims process
• Healthcare – clinics and hospitals send large files (CATscans, MRIs, medical records) via 4G, cutting costs, speeding patient remedies.
• Customer care – highly transient workforce.  Mobile, too, when they stay in jobs.  4G represents best, most cost-effective connectivity solution for care employees from home – or wherever – wirelessly.
• Sales – send video descriptions of customer needs back to engineers to speed development of solutions
• Maintenance – Airlines can send video descriptions of airplane maintenance issues to technicians in maintenance hangars, allowing them to speed up the time needed to resolve a problem.

Blasting into Texas at lightning speed, Sprint today announced the launch of 4G in the Lone Star state's biggest city: Houston. The next generation of wireless, also known as 4G, provides fast mobile downloads, streaming video and Web browsing at turbo-speed and delivers downloads that are faster than any wireless broadband service currently being offered by AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile.


Learn more about Sprint's latest 4G market launch, and Sprint's plans to cover an expected 120 million people with 4G service in 2010, here.

The Borrowers

Posted by SarahKS Jan 11, 2010

I think this is a hoot.



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