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Motorola Admiral

Motorola Admiral

available now!

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Motorola Admiral


Sprint Direct Connect

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Recent Blog Posts

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VersionRelease date
Description of Enhancement/Fix

- Bluetooth improvement allows device to push contacts all at one time

- Removal of Sprint Mobile Wallet application

- Updated Mobile Sync application

- Ability to accept, accept as tentative, or decline a meeting maker

- Various fixes and enhancements to improve device stability


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- Improvements to Roaming Settings to optimize Sprint Direct Connect performance over 1x/roaming

- Enhanced precision to allow for better performance when using GPS application


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-  Improvements to Sprint Direct Connect, including UFMI blocking for privacy

-  Enhancement increases coverage area, Sprint Direct Connect now functions over 1x/roaming.

-  Improvements to Sprint Direct Connect, added functionality such as TeamDC and OptIn DC in call logs

-  Enhancement enables emergency broadcast support for improved safety and security.

-  Improvement to user experience when both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are in use.

-  Improvements to home screen so it is easier for a user to swipe the screen to unlock phone and answer calls.

-  Functionality for setting up or editing calendar events in which you invite others using Corporate Exchange is being removed.

    If this functionality is needed, please use the Moxier email client preloaded on the device.

-  Short Dialing to support Urban and Fleet IDs that match.


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- Sprint Direct Connect button can now unmute voice calls

- Sprint Direct Connect call now beeps even when phone is on vibrate

- Sprint Direct Connect call performance improvements - faster responsiveness

  after phone start up and better call performance when moving in and out of

  3G network coverage or roaming

- Contact improvements, including the ability to distinguish Sprint Direct Connect contacts

- Long running applications (such as business applications) now run without interruption

  (no longer asks user if they want to continue)

- Date on pictures in the Media Gallery is now correct

- Security Update

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- Initial launch



Important Notes:

- This update is a 2 step process, involving a download of the update to your phone, followed by the installation of the update to

  your phone. During the installation step, which takes approximately 7 minutes, your phone will be unable to make or receive calls.


Update your software over the air:

1. At the Home screen, tap Menu, then tap Settings

2. Scroll up and tap About phone

3. Tap System Updates

4. Tap Update Motorola Firmware

5. Phone will check for updates

     If there are updates available, tap Download to continue

     If there are no updates available, Your device is up to date! will display; tap OK to exit

6. When download is complete, tap OK

7. When the Install Update screen appears, tap Install now

8. The phone will reboot (turn off and on) on its own

9. The message Update Status – The software update was successful! will

      appear when the update is complete


Check the software version on your phone

1. At the Home screen, tap Menu, then tap Settings

2. Scroll up and tap About phone

3. Scroll up and software version is displayed under Build number


Note:  Comments are restricted on this blog.  Please post any comments under the thread for the specific

           software update.  You may also refer to the device's Support page.


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