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The special promotion runs from 5/5/11 to 7/23/11 - The Samsung Replenish will not require the $10 Premium Data add-on charge during this period.  

What plans are required for the Samsung Replenish? This device requires an Everything plan with data or the Business advantage with messaging and data plan. A special savings promotion waives the $10 Premium Data add-on charge for this device.

What makes this device an exception to the Premium Data ‘rule’? As a “special promotion” that showcases Sprint’s commitment to environmental responsibility, customers who purchase a Samsung Rant 3 will save $10 per month on their monthly recurring charges for that line of service.

How will the customer realize the savings on their bill? Customers will not see the $10/mo. Premium Data add-on charge on their bill.

Is this for the life of the phone? Yes, the customers who purchase a Samsung Replenish will save $10 per month on their monthly recurring charges for that line of service.

Does Sprint support Returns and Exchanges for the Samsung Replenish? Yes, Sprint will still honor the 30 day Return Policy. If the customer switches to a different Android device, the $10 Premium Data add-on charge will apply.

9 am - placed my Samsung Replenish in the window to get charged. Note: it's kinda cloudy today, but there is some sunlight. More to come...

Solar Charging.JPG

OK, I'm not a tree hugger per se, but I do like this idea of sustainability and doing what I can to help the environment. I do the simple things like recycle my Diet Coke cans, turn off lights when not in use, I don't print things off on the printer unless absolutely necessary, telecommute as much as possible, and so on and so forth.

So when I got the new Samsung Replenish today and downloaded the Green ID Pack, it made me feel all the better. There are some cool apps that come with this pack. A few of the coolest include:

iRecycle - if I want to recycle a car battery, I select Battery, then select Car Battery, and based on my location, gives me the closest recycling center. In my case, it's the Firestone Complete Auto Care Store, which is .8 miles from my house. Pretty slick stuff.

Green America - educational tidbits and tips on how to be environmentally responsible.

Treehugger - articles and links on topics like 'What determines the price of gas?' Spoiler - longer shipping routes, more refined gas more convenient service station locations, higher taxes, and of course, the ever rising price of crude oil

eBay Green - their tagline is 'inspiring the world to buy, sell and think green everyday.' Everything from vintage family board games to petrified wood bookends.

ecoetsy - 'Etsy sellers dedicated to reducing, reusing and recycling.' I think a lot of the ladies dig this site, as it's pretty crafty.

To me, this is one of the coolest things about this phone; the optional solar charging battery cover.

Go to, Shop, Accessories, select the Samsung dropdown, select the Replenish, and you'll see under 'Recommended Accessories' the Samsung Replenish Solar Charging Battery Cover for $29.