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    Are you upgrade eligible?

    Want to know how long before you're due for an upgrade?

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    Welcome to the Device Forum

    You have reached the device forum. Check out the Spaces box on the left and you can navigate to device brands and device types. Check out the user content and post a question if you want to try to get help from users like you! If you need Customer Care help, post in the Customer Service forum. Customer Service agents do not respond in this space.

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    New Online Community Coming December 15th!


    Sprint Customers & Friends

    We anticipate that everything will be an easy transition, however we all know how things go when you create something new! Changes in how you do things, changes in where the conversations are, not to mention a completely new look! I know you will have tons of questions, and we will be posting additional information so you can be prepared for the new community on Dec 15th. I do not have all the details to share with you yet, but bookmark this post and we will keep you updated on changes you can expect.


    Sprint Employees, Agents & Admins

    If you are still an active member of this community, please contact the Community Owner via our internal email system.


    For now, I can tell you:

    • You will be able to keep your user name
    • You will be required to reset your password
    • Links from will still work


    If you are interested in how the new community will work, we invite you to check out our Boost & Virgin Mobile communities, Sprint will of course be branded accordingly and there will be opportunities for improvement after launch, so keep your thoughts and ideas handy and we?ll create a place for you to share them.