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Did you know you can turn your Sprint phone into a mobile hotspot that can provide an Internet connection for another Wi-Fi enabled device? It also works with tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab.


Beginning May 18, 2012, Sprint is launching two new mobile hotspot (MHS) add-ons for phone and tablet customers.


  • $19.99/per month for 2 GB of combined 3G/4G on-network data
  • $49.99/per month for 6 GB of combined 3G/4G on-network data. 


Additional on-network data usage above the monthly allowance is charged at $0.05/MB Monthly Off-network data usage limit is combination of Phone or Tablet and MHS usage.  For Tablets, the off-network data limit is driven by the tablet plan selected (either 100MB or 300MB) with a charge of $.25/MB for additional off-network usage.


Important! Turn off the Mobile Hotspot add-on when not connected to other devices, to help ensure that MHS data usage does not affect calls, texts, phone or tablet plan data usage on the Sprint network.  While MHS is turned on the phone or tablet, both MHS and phone data usage pull from the MHS monthly data allowance. To reduce the likelihood of reaching your monthly data allowance and to avoid additional charges/overage for phone or tablet data usage, ensure MHS is turned off when not connected to other Wi-Fi-capable devices.


Sprint will be expiring its 5GB for $29.99/per month plan. Customers who currently have this mobile hotspot add-on can continue on this plan until they cancel service. 


Usage Notification

Sprint now will be able to notify customers with a MHS add-on when they reach 75, 90 and 100 percent of their on-network monthly data limit. Sprint provides data usage notifications to help customers to proactively manage their MHS usage and adjust usage to avoid high overage charges. Customers must enroll to receive usage notifications.


At 100 percent of their on-network monthly data allowance, customers will receive a notification with the option to suspend on-network mobile hotspot usage or continue to use it and pay the overage charges. If the customer chooses to accept overage charges, they will continue to receive notifications at 20 percent increments above the monthly data allowance.


Customers have to enroll to get usage notifications via the following process:

  1. Visit  
  2. Select the My preferences tab
  3. In the My address section, click Email
  4. Under Account notifications add or edit your email address.
  5. Under Security & usage notifications, add or edit your email address or to receive text alerts, select Send me a text message instead.
  6. Make sure all your account information stays up to date.



Why is Sprint changing its mobile hotspot add-on pricing?

Sprint’s new pricing will now allow customers to try the mobile hotspot add-on at a lower entry point while continuing to be competitive in the industry.


Does this mean Sprint no longer offers unlimited data on Sprint phones?

  • No, data on many of Sprint’s phone plans continues to be unlimited, while on the Sprint network. 
  • On-network data generated on the phone remains unlimited on Sprint’s Everything plans that include data when MHS functionality is disabled.   Some examples are Everything Data, Simply Everything, Everything Business and Business Advantage Messaging & Data.
  • Any on-network data usage driven by other Wi-Fi enabled devices pulls from your monthly MHS data allowance.


What kind of activities can I do with my data allowance?


How can I track my Mobile Hotspot usage? 

  • Viewing it on the web, by going to and logging into My Sprint.
  • Texting ‘usage’ to 1311.
  • Dialing *2 on your phone.
  • On your bill.



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