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A number of customers and some publications have had questions recently after we made changes to the Sprint Terms and Conditions. Information shared on some of the online sites hasn’t been accurate, creating questions and confusion about how the changes may affect a customer’s  Service Agreement with Sprint. We have reached out to the publications, but wanted to share some additional information to help our customers understand.


Articles and comments published on several Internet sites inaccurately stated that a customer may cancel a Service Agreement with Sprint without paying an early termination fee (ETF) as a result of the changes.  This is not true.


This gets a bit technical, but here is what we did:


In July:

  • We removed references to our Nextel National Network, which shut down on June 30, 2013. Our existing customers are not subject to provisions unique to this network.
  • We clarified language to help customers better understand our existing billing practices,  including:
    • clarifying our network management practice that customers’ calls cannot remain open indefinitely.  We reserve this right to make sure everyone can enjoy a good network experience and this concept is not new.  It has been in our terms for some time and has been more clearly outlined in our Acceptable Use Policy and other Service Agreement materials for some time;
    • letting you know how we will contact you if we bill you and you don’t pay us.  We have outlined how we will contact each other for some time.  We have not changed where or how we will contact you and we will continue to make sure our contact with you complies with applicable law. 
  • We made some minor changes to the “Dispute Resolution and Arbitration” section to provide additional clarity concerning the dispute resolution procedures.  Arbitration is a technique to resolve disputes outside the courts; where a third party reviews the evidence in the case and imposes a decision that is binding for both sides.  While we added “nonrepresentative” into this provision, this does not mean you cannot have an attorney present at the arbitration. It just means you cannot bring a claim and represent other customers as well, a restriction that was required previously and is still required. 
  • We better explained what will happen when a rate plan change is needed.  We have always said that we may change our rates or the terms of our service, but we wanted you to know that when this does happen, we will make every effort to move customers to plans that they qualify for when the change is made.  For example, if a customer is the only customer on a family plan, we may need to move the customer to an individual plan. Customers can always contact us to review the change and to discuss other rate plan options under our Right Plan promise.


In May:

  • We modified the Service Agreement and other confirmation materials to clearly outline for customers purchasing Sprint 4G (WiMAX) services the options that will be available to them when Sprint eventually shuts down its WiMAX network.
    • No date or timetable for shutting down the WiMAX network has been determined and no changes in 4G WiMAX service from Sprint are expected in the near term.
    • Sprint plans to provide advance notice closer to the shutdown, and through the notices provide our customers with the options provided for in the Agreement, including their migration options and the option related to deactivating service without an ETF.


While this list may not address everyone’s concerns, we hope it answers the questions many of you have on the changes we made to our Terms. You always are welcome to contact our Customer Service group to discuss issues, including those related to your unique Service Agreement with Sprint.  We are pleased to work with you to resolve any service or account-related concerns.


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