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A Cozi Family is an Organized Family

Posted by CMatSprint in Services on Jun 1, 2012 1:54:14 PM

Are you constantly running around trying to figure out who in your family has what and needs to go where? If you need a solution, we suggest a free app (available on your iPhone or Android) called the Cozi Family Organizer. This is brilliant!


The app provides a shared calendar for all members in your family and it’s color-coded by member.  This allows you to see who needs to do what and when.  We find this helpful for juggling multiple busy family members. For example, when Dad has a late meeting and one child needs to go to soccer practice and the other has dance class – all situations that can be seen in the calendar view so you can plan ahead to avoid a last minute crisis.


One great feature is everyone can access the calendar via their smartphone and it all syncs together in one view. You can also manage settings online via the web. Anyone in your family can add an appointment and it uploads so everyone else can see it.  You create your circles and give access to the members you want on your Cozi calendar. You can also designate members with events – meaning, you can assign yourself and your child to an activity so that you know who is on point for taking and picking up children to their activities.

Cozi also has other helpful features such being able to create a grocery list, a family journal and to-do lists. Think about someone stopping at the grocery store and easily pulling up the shared grocery list to see what needs to be picked up. 


Below are screen shots to give you an example of what your calendar might look like.


Android Mobile App - Shared Family Calendar, Grocery Lists, Shopping Lists, To Do Lists, Family Journal - Cozi.png


Summed up, Cozi is there to help you manage all of your family activities within one single place. It is with you on the go and accessible anywhere that your phone is with you. We think this free app is definitely worth the time it takes to download and set it up. You’ll be on your way in no time and organized!



Download App on Android or iPhone:


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