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Cut the Rope… Cut the Boredom

Posted by CMatSprint in Services on Jun 8, 2012 11:40:03 AM

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If you haven’t heard of Cut the Rope, this is a challenging, entertaining and cute puzzle game app that is available on both Android and iPhones. The game is an action puzzle based on physics where you have to strategically figure out which ropes to cut in order to make the candy fall. What’s great is that people of nearly any age can enjoy this game.


My preschool-aged daughter loves Om Nom, the adorable little green alien frog character that she is trying to feed candy to. To feed Om Nom, you have to cut the ropes that are suspending the candy and make it land in his mouth.  She giggles with glee whenever he makes the sound of eating the candy and is rewarded with stars as she moves to the next level.  Many times, she plays it the entire shopping trip and will stay in the cart without asking for the other million toys on the shelves. Bonus!  I love it because even though she doesn’t realize it, the game is making her think strategically. It’s a win-win. She is entertained and I love that she is challenging her brain to reason and solve the puzzle. 


As an adult, when I need a little mental break to think of something stress-free, I like to try and advance to higher levels. Currently, there are 150 levels and they continue to add more.  Each level becomes a little bit more difficult and challenging in order to think about how make the candy fall into Om Nom’s mouth and collect stars in order to advance. The first few levels are a breeze, but once you get higher and higher, you have to think about the additional hurdles, such as making the candy swing, bubbles that make the candy float and whoopee cushions that blow air helping you direct the candy in another direction. It all plays into how and when you cut the rope to feed Om Nom his candy. It really is a fun game that you can either play for five minutes or much, much longer – so long that I’m not willing to admit how long.


Here is a short video of Om Nom and an introduction to what you can see when you play Cut the Rope.




If you like games, this is definitely one I think you’ll find engaging and can easily be played by many ages. Come on, make Om Nom happy and feed him some candy!



Download Cut the Rope

Android or iPhone

ZeptoLab YouTube Channel


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