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Parents worry about their teens safety while driving, spending time with friends or even by simply using their smartphone. While a smartphone can be a great tool for keeping in touch or in an emergency, it also gives teens the ability to use it for social media, Internet searches, texting and driving, and mobile purchases.


To help parents ensure that their teens are using their smartphones responsibly, Sprint announced today that Sprint Guardian, a collection of mobile family safety and device security bundles that provide families relevant tools to help keep their smartphones – and their families -- safe and secure, is now available. It features leading mobile applications from Safely and Lookout.



Inside Sprint Guardian: Safely and Lookout

The family safety tools from Safely bring together three applications to help parents keep their kids safe and focused on what matters whether they are at home, at school or on-the-go. Sprint Mobile Controls, Sprint Drive First and Sprint Family Locator are available as a  Family Safety bundle for $9.99 per month for up to five lines on the same account.



Lookout Family enables Sprint customers to manage their phone security by protecting against identity theft and fraud, find a family member’s missing device when it is lost or stolen, and back up their precious data. Lookout Family bundle is $4.99 per month, or up to $49.99 per year, for up to five lines on the same account.


In addition to simplicity and convenience for families, Sprint Guardian offers significant cost savings. 



Sprint Guardian helps families stay safe and secure

Family Safety Bundle

Manage and monitor your family’s wireless experience


Sprint Mobile Controls    Sprint Family Locator

Sprint Drive First

$9.99 per month (15 day free trial)

  • Locate your child on an interactive map
  • Oversee and control your child’s phone use to encourage responsibility
  • Lock your child’s phone during family time
  • Help reduce risks of driving distracted

Mobile Security Bundle

Protect your family’s phones from malware,

phishing, loss and theft


Lookout Mobile Security


$4.99 per month*

  • Back up contacts, call history and photos and restore them to a new phone
  • Find lost phones
  • Lock and wipe phones to protect personal information


*Also available for $49.99 per year

Choose both bundles for $14.98 per month

For a family of five, that offers a 73 percent savings – more than $39 per month – over purchasing each application in the family safety and device security bundles separately


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Sprint Guardian is available on many Sprint Android™-powered devices through Sprint Zone. Customers can find Sprint Zone as an icon on their device.


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