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Sprint Connections Optimizer

Posted by dshoem01 in Services on Jul 18, 2012 4:04:09 PM

The Sprint Connections Optimizer will help you get the most out of your data experience. Rather than having to remember to turn off/on network settings, the Sprint Connections Optimizer will automatically do this for you and connect to the network with the best coverage and connection speeds.


What does it do?

- Wi-Fi and 4G radios on your device will be automatically turned on at pre-specified locations and times of day

- Your device will then scan to identify available Wi-Fi networks and automatically connect to those you’ve previously specified

- In a small number of locations,  the feature may automatically connect to the 4G network for faster connection speed


What are the benefits?

- Preservation of battery life as your device will use less power during data sessions when connected to Wi-Fi

- Improved in-building coverage with faster data connection speeds

- Reduced mobile data usage charges for phones, laptops, and tablets if you don't  have an unlimited data plan 

- Ability to use the same Wi-Fi capable phone when traveling internationally allowing you to connect for data applications at the airport, hotel or satellite office.

- Simultaneous voice and data sessions, allowing you to talk and surf the web at the same time when connected to a Wi-Fi network. (may not be available on all devices)

- Selects the best network so you don’t have to think about what to do if you can’t get a connection or have slow speeds. 


How do I get it?

- On select new devices, the feature will be pre-loaded. Following device activation, your device will display the Sprint Connections Optimizer service description, and prompt you

  to accept it.

- For select existing devices, feature will be included in a software update. Following installation of the software update, your device will display the Sprint Connections Optimizer

  service description and prompt you to accept it.


How do I use it?

- Set up your preferred Wi-Fi connections in Settings > Wireless & Network. This will make the connection to these networks automatic when in range. These are considered

  'remembered' networks.

- Refrain from manually toggling the radios on or off.  Manually turning the radios off  will temporarily disable the Sprint Connections Optimizer. 

- To disable the feature, select Settings > Wireless & Network > Mobile NetworksAutomatic Connections and uncheck Sprint automatic connections




- Q: Is there an additional charge for Sprint Connections Optimizer?

   A: No, Sprint does not charge a fee for enabling or using this feature.


- Q: Is Sprint Connections Optimizer a secure feature?

   A: Yes, customer specific information is not used by the feature and the Sprint Connections Optimizer will not automatically connect you to open Wi-Fi networks. Open Wi-Fi

       networks must be manually setup as a remembered network in the Wireless & Networks section of Settings in order to establish automatic connection.  


- Q: Is this an application found in the application tray?

   A: No. Sprint Connections Optimizer is an enhanced connection management feature under the system settings of the device. It will appear within the Applications section of Settings.


- Q: How will my device find the same Wi-Fi networks every time?

   A: Customers should setup their preferred Wi-Fi connections in the Wireless & Networks section within Settings. When the Wi-Fi radio is on and the device is in range of a

       remembered Wi-Fi network,  Wi-Fi connection occurs automatically.  There are no limits to the number of access points that can be remembered.


- Q: Is Wi-Fi secure?

   A: Yes, when using a secure, password protected Wi-Fi network.  There is no data security when using an open, unsecured Wi-Fi network unless you are running VPN software,

       which encrypts the data.


- Q: Will Sprint connect me automatically to an unsecured Wi-Fi network?

   A: No.  Sprint Connections Optimizer will not automatically connect you to open Wi-Fi networks. Open Wi-Fi networks must be manually setup as a remembered network

       in the Wireless & Networks section of Settings in order to establish automatic connection.


- Q: Will Sprint connect me automatically to a Wi-Fi network that charges for use?

   A: No.  Sprint Connections Optimizer will not automatically connect customers to paid Wi-Fi networks. Customers using paid Wi-Fi networks must accept the third party

       charges each time they connect.


- Q: How do I forget a remembered Wi-Fi network?

   A: Customers can choose to forget a remembered Wi-Fi network by the following:  Settings > Wireless & Networks > Wi-Fi Settings.  Tap the remembered Wi-Fi network and

       choose Forget


- Q: What is the difference between a Wi-Fi network and Sprint Mobile Hotspot?

   A: Wi-Fi is a wireless technology that allows connection to the Internet when in range of an access point. Sprint Mobile Hotspot is an attachable option for wireless phones,

       essentially turning them into an access point to connect other Wi-Fi enabled devices to the  Internet.


- Q: Can the Sprint Connections Optimizer be deleted?

   A: The feature cannot be deleted from the device like applications, however, it can be disabled by selecting Settings > Wireless & Network > Mobile Networks > Automatic Connections

       and  unchecking Sprint automatic connections  . 


- Q:  How much device memory is used for Sprint Connections Optimizer?

   A: Customer’s accessible memory is not used.  The Sprint Connections Optimizer feature is stored in the system partition.




Additional FAQs from customers added by mapesy on 7/18/12


Q: "When I leave my  WiFi and with the optimizer it doesn't shut down once out of wifi range and only search for it rarely...once im back in range it should pop back on..only problem is its not doing continues to try and search out my wifi connections dropping my battery life like a stone. If I shut down WiFi , and then restart the connections opt it seems to work fine."


A: The offload feature will only turn the WiFi radio off if the feature turned it on. If the you manually toggle the WiFi radio on, then it will not shut it off once the device is out of range.


Q: "At work earlier it pulled up some random WiFi connections that I don't already have in my known connections area..(I dont have it set to notify me of new connections). but i ignored it. Yet, it still turned on my WiFi .  When I got home it won't kick on my WiFi even though that connection is already in the known list."


A: The WiFi offload feature works by using preset “timed scans” (eg.. 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 10pm) or by pluggin the phone into a charger. It will not turn on WiFi immediately when you get home. It also will not turn on WiFi if the battery level is below 25% (unless it was plugged into a charger) If you manually toggled theWiFi radio off at anytime during the day then the feature will respect the manual setting until 4am the next morning.

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