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Written by Claudia Fiegel


Thieves beware: There’s a new device-protection app in town, and it’s going to make your life a lot more difficult!


All Sprint customers (including employees and Sprint Wireless Advantage Club customers) who purchased TEP can download this Protection App for free and instantly have the power to locate a device quickly to avoid an insurance claim and to keep valuable personal data secure.


Lots of benefits


  •     More than 50 Sprint devices can support this app. (Go to and click on Supported Devices to find out if yours is on the list.)
  •     To begin using the service, you simply go to www. from any browser to:
    •         Find a lost phone quickly via Web interface or Location History, even if the phone is turned off.
    •         Activate audible alarm to locate misplaced phone when on vibrate or silent.
    •         Remotely lock a lost phone and/or erase contacts to keep data secure.
    •         Sync address book contacts and manage them online to easily transfer to a new device at upgrade.  


Still not convinced?  Here’s what one Sprint customer had to say about the service:


      “Loooooove it! Trust me it works. I have lost my cell so many times and have had to replace it. I love this app. Since I got the app I still lose my cell but now I find it!

       I even left it on the hospitial bed & it ended up at their laundry company. I used the app and found it the same day. The alarm even worked, scared the poor truck

      driver half to death. I would tell anyone with Sprint to get it!”                                                        Melissa May 23, 2012


Now that you’re sold on this service and assuming you have TEP, there are three ways you can add the Protection App to your device:


    1. Visit the Get Started section found at to initiate download.

    2. Text Get App to 7233 (SAFE).

    3. Download it from the App Market on the handset.


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