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How can apps really improve my life?

Posted by JGatSprint in Applications on Jul 7, 2010 12:54:42 PM

Many cell phone users have discovered that they can do a lot more than just talk and text. But if you still are wondering about what types of apps you might find useful, or at least entertaining, consider these examples.

Business – apps can help you view Microsoft Word & Excel files & attachments or make swapping contact information as easy as bumping your phone with someone else’s or getting a taxi as simple as pressing a few buttons

Productivity – apps can help you get things done better than before and help you keep track of your busy life

Entertainment – apps can help you kill down time and give you something fun to show your friends; entertainment apps include games and social networking like Facebook and Twitter  Games – maybe link to storefront for four top selling mobile games providers

Finance - track your spending, check on your stocks or even figure out how much to tip your server when dining out

Food – get recipes, video cooking demonstrations, easily build grocery lists, or find calorie information for favorite restaurants

Parenting/kids – Busy moms and dads are always on the lookout for helpful tools to track their kids’ afterschool activities, keep tabs on their location and phone usage, or entertain them while driving across town. Many of these tools can be found on a device that most parents already own—their wireless phones.

Travel – travel apps help you plan a trip and navigate and find new places when you get there  Local Search, or location-based services (LBS) – find millions of points of interest using GPS on your phone; rather than purchasing a pricey standalone GPS device

News/Weather – keep informed about the latest news and weather forecast while on-the-go

Shopping – compare prices in an instant to help save money and time

Photo Sharing & Editing – With their 3.2- 5- or even 8-megapixel cameras and wide array of downloadable photography apps, Sprint Android smartphones, like the Samsung Moment and HTC Hero, make a great alternative to point and shoot digital cameras or SLR cameras for capturing vacation memories or taking candid snapshots of good times with friends. Plus, with FREE photography apps available from the Android Market, such as ‘Picasa One Click Photo Uploadr’ or ‘PicSay,’ your readers can easily edit those photos or add special effects right on their mobile phone.

Sports – Away from your TV during the big game? No problem. Keep track of the score right on your mobile device.

Music & Audio – apps can help you identify a song you hear on the radio or you can listen to your favorite music on your phone if you’re away from your radio or don’t want to carry a separate MP3 player.

Health & Fitness - apps can turn your phone into a cookbook, a nutrition adviser or a personal trainer

Green – Go green with apps that help save the planet by offering information about local green retailers, which car has the least impact on the environment, locally grown product that’s in season, track your vehicle’s mileage and more.

Reference – dictionary, thesaurus  E-Readers – Android apps are available on the Nook, for example


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