Life is hectic. We all have too much to do. Keeping it all straight can be more difficult than ever, but help could be as close as the smartphone in your hand.


Whether you want to make a check list of things you have to do today or jot down a note, apps on your Sprint phone will help you get the job done.


We have come across several note-taking and task-list productivity apps that you might want to put on your to-do list for downloading.


They can be great for maintaining a list of tasks you need to do at work today or for errands you need to run over the weekend. But you also can come up with many other creative uses.


Ever stand in a bookstore struggling to remember the title and author of those books you wanted to read? Just tap on your phone’s screen to and look at the list of books you keep on your notes app.


Evernote is a very popular app. Here is a good suggestion about how to use that app to create a packing list – complete with check boxes – for your next trip.


Use Evernote to create a packing list


So take a look at some of the note-taking and task-list apps that we have found. If you have a barcode-scanning app on your phone such as ScanLife, finding the app is as simple as scanning the barcode, or QR code, available on the websites listed below.


Or, if you have an Android phone such as Samsung Moment, Samsung Epic 4G or HTC EVO 4G, select the “Market” app on your phone, do a search for the title of the suggested app and select “Install.”


Do you have any other favorite apps that make you more productive or help you keep on task? Beyond simple to-do lists, what are some of the creative uses you have found for these apps?


ToDo Task Manager-Lite

ToDo Task Manager-Lite on


ToDo Task Manager-Pro

ToDo Task Manager-Pro on


Note Everything

Note Everything on


Note Everything by SoftXperience



Astrid on


Astrid on



Evernote on


Evernote on

Whether she’s expecting her first child or adding a new addition to the family – there’s a lot to think about when a woman is pregnant. To relieve some of that stress, a mom-to-be can turn to her mobile phone, with apps designed to do everything from counting the baby’s kicks to ensure he or she is healthy, to keeping track of contractions to letting her know when it’s time to head to the hospital for delivery.


Keep up-to-date with baby’s growth:

Mom 2 Be:  Sends daily growth statistics and weekly tips and allows users to create journal entries that can be shared with friends and family. Available for free in Android Market.


Mom 2 Be on


BabyBump Pregnancy App: Provides weekly information such as embryo size, journal, calendar, kick counter, contraction tracker, belly photos, weight/waist graphs and home screen countdown widgets. Available for free in Android Market.


BabyBump Pregnancy App on


Pregnancy Wheel: Allows calculation of pregnancy due date based on last menstrual period, pregnancy due date based on ultrasound dating, gestational age based on due date. Available for free in BlackBerry App World. PregTool is a similar app available for free on non-smartphones through


Pregnancy Wheel on


Text4baby: A free mobile information service designed to promote maternal and child health. An educational program of the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition (HMHB), text4baby provides pregnant women and new moms with information they need to take care of their health and give their babies the best possible start in life. Women who sign up for the service by texting BABY (or BEBE for Spanish) to 511411 will receive free SMS text messages each week, timed to their due date or baby’s date of birth.

Easily count baby’s movement without pen and paper:


Kick Counter: Helps users count their baby’s movements during pregnancy. Tracks duration and number of kicks and notifies user when 10 movements have been recorded. Available for free in Android Market.


Kick Counter on


Stay healthy during pregnancy with low-impact exercise:


Prenatal Yoga: The benefits of practicing prenatal yoga for pregnant women include increasing strength, flexibility and promoting relaxation. Pregnancy yoga is divided into three trimesters with recommended postures for each trimester. Available for $2.99/download in BlackBerry App World.


Prenatal Yoga in BlackBerry App World


Mobile community/pregnancy support system:


iStorkTalk: A mobile pregnancy support system, this app features online forums to answer pregnancy questions, share your joy and drive out pregnancy blues. Forum discussions include baby names, single and pregnant, trying to conceive, labor/delivery, working moms and more.  Available for free in Android Market.


iStorkTalk on


Know when to head to the hospital:


Contraction Calc: A contraction timer designed to help expectant mothers accurately measure the labor contractions without the need for a paper and pen. Whether the pregnant woman is enduring early labor at home or out shopping with friends, this simple tool will help her monitor and calculate how far apart her contractions are and when she should leave for the hospital. Available for $2.99/download in BlackBerry App World.


Contraction Calc in BlackBerry App World


Healthy Baby: Accurately track the newborn baby’s feeding, sleeping and diaper history. It tracks both breastfeeding and bottles. Easily view logs from prior days, weeks and months. Email reports to doctors, spouses and nannies/sitters. Available for free in Android Market.


Healthy Baby on


White Noise Lite: It won’t be long until that newborn is here and aside from swaddling and swinging, another soother is white noise. Instead of using a fan or radio static, download this app. Choose from 10 different sounds:  Airplane, Beach Waves, Chimes, Clock, Crickets, Fan, Rain, Thunder, Train, and White Noise. Available for free in Android Market.


White Noise Lite on

Sprint Partners with WIRED, Reddit and Ars Technica for the

Sprint 4G App Challenge


The Sprint 4G App Challenge, accepting submissions today through Nov. 5, will recognize the top performer in each of five categories – entertainment, gaming, productivity, social networking and multimedia. To register for contest rules, regulations and additional information developers can visit



Winners in each category will take home a $50,000 grand prize, an HTC EVO™ 4G with one-year of Sprint service (includes applicable taxes and surcharges), a one-year membership to the Sprint Professional Developer Program (including 250 hours in the Virtual Developer Lab) and an invitation to WIRED’s VIP party during the 2011 International CES in Las Vegas.


Entry Criteria:

Submissions will be scored based on four criteria – creativity, intuitive navigation, functionality and design. The judges’ panel will comprise product and technology executives from Sprint, editors from WIRED and its partners at Reddit and Ars Technica.



Finalists in each category will have their apps showcased at the WIRED Store, an interactive shop and gallery in New York, on Dec. 16, during which winners will be announced.



“We are excited to announce the Sprint 4G App Challenge and help spur creation of innovative new apps that harness 4G speed,” said Len Barlik, vice president of wireless and wireline services for Sprint. “Developers can take advantage of unique features from the only 4G phones available in the U.S. today like the popular HTC EVO 4G and new Samsung Epic™ 4G, along with incredibly fast 4G data speeds to create apps that increase productivity for businesses and let consumers do even more than they imagined with their mobile phone.”


Sprint 4G:

Sprint offers a growing portfolio of 4G-enabled devices, including HTC EVO 4G, the nation’s first 4G-capable handset, and the newly launched Samsung Epic 4G. Both operate on the Android™ platform. These products are part of a large selection of 4G-capable modems, mobile hotspots and routers that enable 4G advantages of rapid mobile downloads of large files, high-quality streaming video and high-speed Web browsing.


Sprint Application Developer Program:

Developers can learn more about developing 4G apps with the Sprint 4G developer guide from the Sprint ADP website. The Sprint 4G developer guide provides details on developing for an Android handset and how to take advantage of HTC EVO 4G and Samsung Epic 4G unique hardware and software capabilities and the Sprint 4G network. Visit to learn more about the Sprint Application Developer program and to take advantage of the resources and tools available to developers.


In addition, developers can learn more about the Sprint Application Developer program at the 10th annual Sprint Developer Conference Oct. 26-28 in Santa Clara, Calif. Throughout the three-day conference, developers will learn about Sprint’s open strategy, creating applications for 4G, enterprise machine-to-machine solutions, go-to-market strategies, approaches to make developers more profitable and current Sprint tools and capabilities across devices, networks and platforms. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse will be delivering the keynote address on Oct. 27. Developers that submit an app to the Sprint 4G Challenge by Oct. 20 are eligible to receive one free pass to the Sprint Developer Conference if they select the Sprint opt-in option on the submission website. Developers can register for the conference at

A wireless phone is a ‘must have’ for millions of people. It is their main tool for checking emails and staying connected with family and friends. Yahoo! recently updated and launched its Yahoo! Mail App for Android and Yahoo! Messenger App for Android.


With the new Yahoo! Mail App for Android, consumers can:

Receive push notification of new email messages

Send emails to contacts from the Yahoo! Address Book as well as to contacts in the native phone address book

Search email messages by sender, recipient, subject and keywords

Upload photos as attachments directly from the phone’s camera or the photo gallery

View and download attachments

Insert emoticons and rich text formatting into emails

Effectively manage and organize their Yahoo! Mail messages, folders, and spam

Easily toggle between the Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger apps


Yahoo! Mail on


With the new Yahoo! Messenger App for Android, consumers can:


Easily message friends, check friends’ status updates and availability and update their personal status and availability

Send instant messages to friends via SMS text message and IM

Voice and video chat with friends

Group chat with friends

Multitask and stay connected with the app working in the background; with push notifications, consumers can easily catch new messages and friend requests

Get full use of emoticons and rich text formatting

Send photos to friends directly from the phone’s camera or the photo gallery


Yahoo! Messenger on


Read (click here) what Mashable said about the new Yahoo! Android apps and download them to your device.

Remember when futurists were promising that one day we would be able to see the person we are speaking with on the phone?


Well that day definitely has arrived. Apps such as Qik and fring make videoconferencing on your mobile phone as easy as tapping a couple times on a touchscreen.


With Samsung Epic 4G joining HTC EVO 4G as the second 4G phone in the Sprint lineup this week, we wanted to focus on some apps that work particularly well over 4G or on Epic and EVO.


Beyond video calls, Epic is great for gamers. And Sprint TV is another great app for both of these 4G phones.


The folks from fring recently visited Sprint headquarters and put video calling through its paces. Check out these videos to see fring in action or learn more about how to use it.


fring video call on Sprint's Samsung Epic



What is fring ? (on Android with video calls)



Fring on


Qik is another good videocalling option.


Qik on


Qik for HTC EVO 4G on


The new Samsung Epic 4G is ideal for gamers. With its brilliant Super AMOLED touchscreen display the Samsung Epic 4G offers the best representation of color on a mobile device. It also features faster response time, which reduces “ghosting” images, wide viewing angles to prevent blurring or distortion and a thinner design to offer more accurate and responsiveness to touch. Lastly, the Samsung Epic 4G’s six-axis motion sensing uses an accelerometer and geo-magnetic sensor to fine-tune its ability to interpret simple movements and provide an optimal gaming experience.


Asphalt 5 is a cool game to play, and a demo version comes preloaded on the Samsung Epic 4G.


Read more and download Asphalt 5 from Cyrket.


Sprint TV


Sprint TV offers a variety of programming choices for customers from sports and entertainment to news. In fact with ESPN Mobile, customers can watch live sports action including the US Open (through the quarterfinals), college football and MLB baseball games.


Sprint TV


More information:


Second 3G/4G Phone, Samsung Epic 4G, Launches with One of the Best First-Day Sales for Any Sprint Device

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