Jeanine Sterling, Frost & Sullivan Senior Industry Analyst

"Mobile technology should be viewed by smaller businesses as the solution, not as a struggle. Properly implemented, mobile offerings are saving money, are increasing productivity and revenues, and are making customers happy."




Small business owners know that mobile technology can be a powerful tool to move their company forward. Many just aren’t sure how to start.


If this describes you, don’t fret. You aren’t alone. And help is available.


Small business owners must manage tight budgets. Few have a fully staffed IT department to manage these types of technology projects. And who hasn’t encountered a technology vendor that seems to be more interested in working with a large corporate customer than helping you and your business?


In a new whitepaper, “Mobile Solutions for Today’s Small Business: The Need for Affordable, Easy-to-Use Products and Support”  Frost & Sullivan identifies the unique needs of small businesses and offers helpful strategies for addressing them.


In addition to capturing the questions on the minds of small business owners, Frost & Sullivan also suggests that Sprint Biz 360 offered helpful answers.


Sprint Biz 360 offers tailored communications packages that include cutting- edge phones and applications. It provides unique support from care advocates who can help small businesses implement solutions quickly and easily.


“In addition to creating a compelling portfolio of solutions and services, Sprint is very conscious of how frugal today’s small business must be,” said Jeanine Sterling, Frost & Sullivan Senior Industry Analyst.  “Their Biz 360 group offers hosted solutions that are billed on a per-user per-month basis and they work with their partners to offer hardware discounts and other deals to keep the products affordable.”


Sprint Biz 360 includes:

  • Wireless phone solutions
  • Fixed and mobile connectivity solutions
  • Productivity solutions that let employees do more from more places
  • Affordable prices and specialized plans – including Sprint’s ground-breaking “Business Freedom” plans – that give businesses contract flexibility, pooling options and cost savings
  • Business-grade support and discounts to help small businesses grow

Where to get more information:

•          You can learn more here

•          Reach out to your Sprint sales representative or call us at 1-877-9-BIZ360 (1-877-924-9360).

•          Sprint White Paper Library

•          Discover Sprint



In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing more insights for small businesses from Frost & Sullivan. What questions do you have about how your business might take better advantage of mobile technology?

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