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More customers than ever are thinking about switching to Sprint these days. After all, Sprint is the only national wireless carrier to offer truly unlimited data with no throttling for smartphones.


But what if you want to keep your old number, so your contacts will still be able to reach you? No worries! Transferring your number to Sprint is simple.


To move your number you’ll first need your account number at your old service provider and, if you have one, your password or PIN. Then go to a Sprint store or call us at 866-866-7509.  We can usually transfer a number from a wireless carrier to Sprint in less than 30 minutes. You can also transfer your land line number to Sprint, but these transfers usually take longer — up to 24 hours.


To transfer your number, make sure you keep your service active with your old provider. If a number is no longer in service, it can’t be moved. You will continue to have full service with your old provider until your number is fully transferred to Sprint.  Once the transfer to Sprint is complete your number will activate on the Sprint network and automatically be deactivated with your old provider.


If you’d rather try a prepaid option that offers the flexibility of no contract, you can switch your existing number to Boost Mobile or Virgin Mobile just as easily. You’ll find the instructions for Boost Mobile here and for Virgin Mobile here.


Another option to consider when moving your number to Sprint is cashing in on the value of your old phone through the Sprint Buyback program. We’ll credit your account or you can contribute your equipment to Sprint Project Connect, which supports online safety for kids. Learn more at


We hope you find this information helpful. If you’d like more details about Sprint’s great unlimited offers, check out And maybe even have a little fun warning your friends on Facebook about “other carriers’ data limits.”


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