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Consumers are asking us questions about how Sprint’s unlimited data plans for smartphones compare with the throttling and limits that other wireless carriers impose.

It’s simple, really.


Sprint is the only national wireless carrier to offer truly unlimited data with no throttling for smartphones.

  • OK. So what does that mean exactly?


It means that you can sign up for Sprint’s Everything Data 450 plan with Any Mobile, Anytime for $79.99 per month1. You will receive all of the following while on the Sprint Network:

  • Unlimited data
  • Unlimited texting
  • Unlimited calling to and from any mobile in America


You are probably wondering how that compares to other options. Here is one example to consider. This Sprint plan offers a savings of $40 per month versus Verizon’s comparable plan with unlimited talk, text and 2GB Web, or $10 per month savings versus Verizon’s 450-minute plan with unlimited text and 2GB Web (excludes taxes and surcharges).


We realize that a lot of consumers are keeping a close watch on their family budgets so the value of Sprint plans definitely is important. We also know, though, that many will appreciate the worry-free aspect of an unlimited plan with Sprint.


Why would you want to risk a surprise on your monthly bill from data overage charges like you might get with tiered data plans from AT&T or Verizon? And do you really want to risk limiting your data usage to avoid throttling, like you might with AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile?


Not everybody enjoys crunching the numbers to pick the best cell phone plan. OK, probably nobody really enjoys that exercise.

But we hope you find this information helpful. We also have where you can get more details. Or maybe even have a little fun warning your friends on Facebook about “other carriers’ data limits.”


Check out that site. And let us know if you have other questions about the unlimited options at Sprint.



1Coverage and offer not available everywhere.  Excludes taxes, surcharges, roaming, international and premium content.  New lines subject to two-year Agreement, activation/early termination fees, credit approval and deposit. Prohibited network use rules apply.  Additional terms and conditions apply. See  for details.


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