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Turn holiday downtime into game time. Starting today, all EA Android games are only 99 cents for Sprint customers. Offer ends 1/3/2011. Start downloading with the code below:




All Android titles from EA are on sale at 99 CENTS, including the following products:


o    Sims 3
o    NFSS
o    The Game of Life (D2C ONLY)
o    Bejeweled 2
o    Worms

Three Sprint products – the MiFi, HTC Touch Pro2 and the Samsung Reclaim – emerged as winners this week in the CTIA Hot for the Holidays awards program.


CTIA–The Wireless Association announced the winners of what it considers “this year’s must-have mobile consumer electronics products and applications.”


”CTIA Hot for the Holidays has given retailers and consumers a preview of the mobile CE products that will be in high demand this holiday season,” said Robert Mesirow, vice president and show director for CTIA.


The MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot for CDMA won in the category of “Mobile Internet Device or Netbook” and the  HTC Touch Pro2 won in the smart phone category. The Reclaim earned the most text votes onsite in San Diego and took home the CTIA 2009 Hottest in Show award.


This news came as Sprint wrapped up a week of announcements of its own at CTIA. More information is available about two of those announcements, the upcoming arrival of the Samsung Intrepid and the Android-powered Samsung Moment.


The eco-friendly Samsung Reclaim, the HTC Hero on the Android platform and the end of ‘calling circles’ with Any Mobile, Anytime rate plan are just some recent announcements from Sprint.


Samsung Intrepid Announcement


Sprint Introduces Android-Powered Samsung Moment™ with Google


What Others Are Saying

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Big Changes on the Website

Posted by wingland Sep 20, 2009

If you've taken a look at our Support website, you'll see we made some big changes last night!  We've changed the look of the site, how the information is organized, how you can find and use the information and how it's integrated with the community.  We've worked quite a few months on building this for you.  We hope it'll help you to get the best out of your wireless service from Sprint.  If you want to talk about the site changes, we've opened a discussion thread for you in the Sprint.com support forum.


As with any big change, we know there will be some things that don't work quite right.  We've got our lead team and the technical team working around the clock to find and fix any problems that crop up with the site.


We hope you enjoy the changes we've made!




Test out our iGoogle Widget!

Posted by wingland Jun 10, 2009

iGoogle WidgetSprint just soft launched an iGoogle gadget called My Sprint Widget.  The widget is designed to help u manage your services more effectively on your terms in an OPEN environment.  The gadget uses O Auth for authentication services, deep links in Sprint.com when needed for transactions, and basic functionality (send text/search and support) exists within the tool.

Were interested in your feedback including the good, bad and ugly.  Please download and let us know what you think.  We're teeing up a Face Book version so please help us!

See "My Sprint Widget" on your Google homepage »


Send feedback to:  sprintwidget@gmail.com

Are you and your plan a good fit?

We’ve made many improvements to our Sprint Plan Optimizer and want you to be the first to experience it! We’d love to get your input on what you like/don’t like about the new and improved tool. Test it out while making sure you’re on the right plan for your usage habits. It analyzes how you use your phone and helps you confirm you’re on the best plan or easily switch without extending your contract.

Please share your feedback with us here at Buzz About Wireless. The Plan Optimizer development team will be monitoring the posts. Tell us what works, what doesn’t and let them know about any future enhancements you’d like to see.

Unfortunately, the Plan Optimizer is not open to all customers at this time, including corporate, Advantage Club, SERO Everything Plus and data card accounts and some complicated plan scenarios. If you fall into this category, we apologize, but the Plan Optimizer is not ready to serve you.

Go to the Sprint Plan Optimizer!

Thank you for helping us to test and improve this tool!

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We asked Sprint customers how they prefer to ring in the New Year wirelessly and here's what they told us.

63 percent of respondents prefer to send a text message

10 percent of respondents prefer to send a picture message

13 percent of respondents prefer calling loved ones

3 percent of respondents prefer to send a video message showing how much fun they're having ringing in the New Year

8 percent of respondents prefer to use Nextel Direct Connect, the industry's leading push-to-talk service, to communicate instantly with family, friends, and co-workers

3 percent of respondents prefer to use Sprint 3G or 4G mobile broadband service to access their social network as the clock counts down to the New Year


* There is no charge to participate in the poll. Poll results are expected to be posted on Buzzaboutwireless.com the week of Jan. 5. Participants in the poll will receive the results via free text message.

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This week Sprint employee and host, John Klein, visits with Todd Rowley, Sprint's Vice President of 4G / WiMAX. Todd discusses  WiMAX technology, Sprint's 4G strategy and the new U300 multi-mode broadband card.

Listen to Todd Rowley talk about Sprint 4G after the break!

For more information on Sprint's U300 and broadband / WiMax products be sure to visit Sprint.com

Download the original MP3 file

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This week Sprint employee and host, John Klein, visits with Dan Dooley, Sprint's President of Wireline services. Dan discusses Sprint's wireline strategy: providing value to our customers through convergence between wireless, wireline and IP based services. In 2009, we plan to expand our access capabilities, extend our reach and continue to deliver innovative solutions that further enable convergence.

Listen to Dan Dooley, president of wireline for Sprint, as he discusses this important part of our business

Download the original MP3 file

You can also check out http://seamlessenterprise.com/,
a new blog site where business decision makers can engage in discussion forums and learn more about Sprints wireline portfolio and strategy focused on convergence.

And not just with the proprietary PictureMail service - but with MySpace, YouTube and Photobucket, with more photo sharing and social networking sites coming soon.  With this new tool, you can directly upload photos and videos to several sharing sites.  The Instinct was one of the first phones with this feature, and now you can directly send your videos to YouTube, without copying and transcoding them on your PC!


Current Sprint Picture Mail subscribers can use this new service for free from more than 30 Sprint phones, including the Samsung Instinct, LG Rumor, RAZR2, Katana DLX and others.  The new service will automatically be added to your phone the next time you upload or share a photo.  Just enter your credentials for the site, and you're off and running!


One big advantage for the service is it transcodes the QCELP audio codec used by many mobile phones into a more friendly format supported fully by YouTube.  BuzzAboutWireless readers and admins have done some testing and found it to be quite usable with only a slight reduction in video quality.  We've only tested the Instinct, but the interface and usability are great - select the video from your albums, hit 'upload' and it's scheduled for a background transfer.  The data gets sent behind the scenes and in 5 or 10 minutes, your video is live on YouTube!  Mo-vlogging is here and it's real.


Sprint has been a leader in mobile media, introducing the first mobile photo sharing service and now expanding that to embrace today's social media sites.  For more information please visit http://sprint.com/picturemail


This week Sprint employee and host, John Klein, visits with Kathy Loshbaugh, Sprint's Vice President of Network Engineering. Kathy discusses what Sprint is doing to 'go green' and reduce our carbon footprint.


Be sure to check out Russ McGuire's blog post about Sprint's Sustainability Initiatives, too!


Download the original MP3 file

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Sprint had experimented with several RSS solutions, creating less than optimal user experience.


However, they've recently gone to a working solution with lots of great information - get the latest news about Sprint here:



This week Sprint employee and host, John Klein, visits with Kathy Walker, Sprint’s Chief Information and Network Officer.  Kathy discusses what her organization is doing to earn your business from a technology services perspective.

Download the original MP3 file

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Welcome to the Sprint Executive Podcast series, where Sprint leaders openly discuss their areas of responsibility and what they are doing to better serve Sprint customers. This week Sprint employee and host John Klein sat down with Kim Dixon, senior vice president of Retail.





Download the original MP3 file - 1.7mb

JD Powers released their semi-annual call quality report and Sprint stood out - not like most people assume, dead last, but for improved call quality in several regions - plus some other interesting findings:

In two regions, however, Sprint received good marks. It shared the No. 1 spot in the Southwest and it was above the average in the West.

AT&T, which touts its coverage with claims to offer more bars in more places, ranked below average in all but one of the six regions.

So much of Sprint’s challenge is related to how consumers perceive the company. In yet another sign of how these perceptions might not always be in sync with reality, the West region offers some interesting results in the Power report. [ . . . ]


Read more from SprintConnection.kansascity.com . . . 

InstinctSprint is planning its first ever application developer contest, the Instinct Java Developer Contest (Contest), which is focused on the recently announced, new Samsung Instinct. Java Mobile developers will have the opportunity to create an application on the amazing touch-screen phone with a network to back it up, the Now Network. Keep checking http://developer.sprint.com/instinct/ and the associated forum to review the latest updates.



The Instinct Java Developer Contest will be open for registrations soon after public launch of the Samsung Instinct device. You will have the chance to enter and win a Grand Prize of $20,000 cash plus a free membership to the Sprint Professional Developer Program (PDP). The total approximate retail value (ARV) of the Grand Prize is $25,000.

Key details:

    * The runner up in best consumer and business application will receive $5,000 cash each, a total of (2) two prizes.
    * Open to all consumer or business applications optimized for the new Samsung Instinct (Contest rules with complete details will be available soon after device launch)
    * Only one Entry per individual contest participant
    * No purchase will be necessary to participate. You will be able to freely download a Samsung Instinct emulator on the Website to help you test your Entry.
    * All entries will be judged by a team of Sprint technical and business experts based on aspects like originality and creativity, use of unique Samsung Instinct capabilities and service blending, graphical design, usability, user experience, and marketability.

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