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  • Windows 10

    I am concerned of the likelihood of the HTC 8XT getting the update to Windows 10 with the issues and time it took to get the 8.1 update.
    last modified by stevenzak
    Windows 10

    in HTC 8XT

    • Can't access internet, data, games, etc while roaming

      I basically have a non-functioning device most of my day because my phone says it's roaming.  I have turned it on automatic, enabled data roaming, and still can't use my phone.  Am I missing something?
      last modified by Ms.Marshall1976
      Can't access internet, data, games, etc while roaming

      in Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

      • iPhone 6s not sending SMS messages to Verizon

        Hi, my family just switched to Sprint and I've realized that I typically can't send SMS messages to my friends with Android phones on Verizon. My friend and I have tried everything to try and get messaging to work aga...
        created by grcarnesi
        iPhone 6s not sending SMS messages to Verizon

        in Customer Service

        • HP Elite X3

          I know that Sprint will not be getting the Lumia 950 of 950XL. I sure hope they can at least get the HP Elite X3. It looks like it has good reasonable specs and it wouldd Win 10 Mobile pretty good.
          last modified by Zero-G
          HP Elite X3

          in Windows OS

          • Can Someone Explain This?

            Can someone from Sprint support explain why I get an email for my Galaxy Tab 3 stating that I've reached it's 1GB data limit when there is no SIM card in the device. I pulled the SIM card out a while ago when I gave t...
            last modified by Rabbiddog
            Can Someone Explain This?

            in Plans


              All of these issues are getting ridiculous.  Now whenever I am on my iPhone 4s and hear a beep that there's a call waiting coming in, it does not show me who is calling in nor is there the swap button to click ov...
              last modified by LYVTAN2

              in iPhone 4S

              • Angry with crappy sprint morals...

                So basically, I'm paying $240+ for a protection plan, right? So that I can have my phone replaced in case anything happens to it. But then I have a $200 deductible, for a phone that's now two years old??? But thats no...
                last modified by Marcocruz205
                Angry with crappy sprint morals...

                in Customer Service

                • Short Code Texts

                  Hello, I am trying to use an app but have not received the verification text. It says that if I do not receive the text to request that my carrier unblock short code text messages. Can somebody please help me with thi...
                  last modified by jgmata
                  Short Code Texts

                  in Customer Service

                  • Screwed up entire order

                    Added phone to my plan. Have received zero emails for order but new phone shows under my devices and its completely wrong it shows a 5s silver which is out of date as we requested a rose gold se! Also requested a 724 ...
                    last modified by carwilefamily
                    Screwed up entire order

                    in Customer Service

                    • Subsidized phone charge

                      So I noticed I got a subsidized phone charge on my bill for $25. I was wondering what this is or what does it mean??
                      last modified by JMCAST23
                      Subsidized phone charge

                      in Customer Service

                      • How to Extend Coverage?

                        I have a question, wether you consider it simple or not is up to you. In any way could coverage be extended in a small region of the U.S. It's very small.
                        last modified by TeamInstinct
                        How to Extend Coverage?

                        in Customer Service

                        • Short code texting

                          How can I get short code texting unblocked on our phones    
                          last modified by mel2s
                          Short code texting

                          in Customer Service

                          • Blocked numbers

                            If I block a specific number from calls and text, I understand that if i try to text them I will get a message from sprint saying this number is blocked. What number will sprints message come from and can I block that...
                            last modified by laurieshatley
                            Blocked numbers

                            in Customer Service

                            • Please help

                              I bought an iPhone 6S Plus from my coworkers gf. The gf doesn't know her iCloud password so I can't turn off the Find My iPhone or sign her out without having her password. Is there anyway I can still switch from the ...
                              last modified by sythrone
                              Please help

                              in Customer Service

                              • Google Play Services battery / memory drain

                                My phone loses memory and battery very quickly.  I took it to a Sprint repair center, and the "technician" just factory-reset my phone--and the problem recurred within two weeks.  With a little online resear...
                                last modified by ltwau
                                Google Play Services battery / memory drain

                                in LG G3 Vigor

                                • Extreme battery drain - Sprint Zone, Google Play service

                                  I went to bed with 45% battery remaining.  6hrs later I'm woken up by the Low Battery Warning saying I'm down to 15%. Opened up battery usage and the number 1 item was Sprint Zone with 20+% battery usage, next w...
                                  last modified by christo_1
                                  Extreme battery drain - Sprint Zone, Google Play service

                                  in LG G4

                                  • Freestyle with Pokemon on HTC 10 - Sprint Product Ambassador

                                    One of the reason I love Android over any other OS is the ability to customize my phone how I want it and make it mine. Until the HTC 10 came out, all phones have been basically the same gridline layouts for apps and ...
                                    last modified by RLCOLLECTOR68
                                    Freestyle with Pokemon on HTC 10 - Sprint Product Ambassador

                                    in HTC 10

                                    • bill payment grace period

                                      Do I have a 10 day grace period even though I don't have a contract?
                                      last modified by sassy219
                                      bill payment grace period

                                      in Customer Service

                                      • late fee

                                        My bill is due July 21,2016 Will I be charged late fee if paid on July 25,2016?
                                        last modified by sassy219
                                      • Pay-off phone to be eligible for an upgrade???

                                        Hi, I have a question.  Our family has a Sprint Mobile Plan and one of my son's purchased an LG refurbished phone online with Sprint to replace his original phone on our plan, because it had cracked and wasn't wo...
                                        last modified by Clgage1968
                                        Pay-off phone to be eligible for an upgrade???

                                        in Customer Service