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Serious ROM leak documented on video!! May cause fatal sms issue.

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During the past few weeks my my Hero has been exhibiting signs of a ROM memory leak. It led to not being able to receive SMS messages even after hard resetting the phone. See these threads for that issue:


Intermittent Text Message Receiving - Deals more with intermittent issue, but has some fatal sms isuues in it too.


It appears a leak is being caused when rebooting or turning off bluetooth the phone when the phone is in a "connecting" status with bluetooth device. Basically the phone stays in a "connecting" status when it fails to connect properly, even though the notification in the notification bar says it is connected and your bluetooth device says it is connected. In actuality it is not and all calls and audio will be routed to your phone not bluetooth device. If you restart or turn off bluetooth while your phone with a "connecting" status active I have found when you reboot it will eat away at your ROM memory(not RAM). You may not ever notice the bluetooth connection failure if you don't get a call while when it should be active. The "connecting" status does not clear unless you  unless it manages to connect after a while which is rare (either does it within a few seconds or not at all). I made a video of this behavior because not a lot of people have been experiencing or at least catching on to it with their usage patterns.


Edit: It appears that the leak actually occurs even if you turn bluetooth off while the phone is in "connecting" status so a reset is not necessary for the leak to occur. The post has been edited to reflect this. This basically renders bluetooth use unsuable as there is no way I can think of to avoid a leak if it gets stuck with the  "connecting" status.


Sorry for the video orientation.


YouTube - HTC Sprint Hero ROM memory leak, possible SMS failure Part 1


YouTube - HTC Sprint Hero ROM memory leak, possible SMS failure Part 2


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