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best buy has samsung moment on sale to new customers for $99.00 Ive been with sprint since 2004 and I can't buy it for that price. Is it a good phone? I have an instinct and lg lotus its keyboard is to small for me and instinct is freezing up. I also pay for wirless on my home computer and sometimes it won't but its $50.00 a month at@t is saying their is $19.95 anyone have any comments on any of this? I have everything plan on two phones. Thanks

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    I'm an existing customer and my Best Buy gave me the 99 dollar deal.  They also gave me a 50 dollar credit for any accessories I wanted.  It was a no brainer, the price can't be beat.  I would try another Best Buy or something because it can be done.

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    So where is this best buy that gave a $50 accessory credit?

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    I, too, saw the Samsung Moment on sale at my Worst Buy but I spoke to the

    Store Manager to explain exactly your point:  why are the "deals" always for the

    NEW customers and nothing for the long time customers?


    So, he sold me the Moment for the $99 price.  (I used Reward Zone points and

    got it for no out-of-pocket.)


    Picked it up on Saturday.  Spent the better part of Sunday & Monday grunting

    in all my contacts from my Sanyo MM-7400.


    Initially, I was not happy with the Moment.  It's growing on me.  I think it was due

    to my having had the MM-7400 since March, 2005 and the Moment has so much

    newer technology - not any more capability, actually.


    Anyway, speak with the Store Manager (hint:  away from other customers so he'll

    feel comfortable offering you a "deal") to see if you can get it for the sale price.

    Also, buy the protection plan from Worst Buy since it provides much better

    coverage than the Sprint protection plan.  And for less, based on the $99 price.

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    moment           thanks for the information if anyone know which best buy for $50.00 acessories Please let me know.This is so much better than callin sprint. Thanks Paula

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    The Best Buy I got it at is here in Jacksonville, FL.  Officially the price of the phone is 49.99 and then you get a zagg skin and a car charger totaling 50 to bring the price to the 99.99.  At my store they didn't have the skin and offered me a holster instead.  Since I don't usually shoot from the hip I just kinda talked the guy into only getting an 8gb card at a $42 value and everything was hunky dory.


    I hope everyone else has as much luck as I did.  For any other Jacksonville folk, it was the store by Regency Square Mall.


    Good Luck, it's well worth the price I paid for it and after having it for 5 days now I would pay full price.  It is a very nice full featured phone that is a joy to have in my pocket.

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    thank you i'll give it a try and let ya know

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    I have the moment and have had it for a month.  I love the phone & all it can do, but the battery life is not that great.  I have been told the battery has to be trained which I never had to do with any other phone I have had & I have been a sprint customer for 10 years.  I have done the battery training thing which is letting it fully drain (die) & then re-charging.  I have a second battery so that makes it ok bc I can still use the phone by popping the other fully charged battery in.  I also had to go to radio shack & purchase a universal battery charger, bc sprint & seemingly no other store sold a cradle charger for this phone or the Samsung battery.  To me this is a lot to go thru for a brand new phone but I did it & now everything seems to be ok.  Also, you should keep in mind Sprint techs don't know much about this phone either.  I have been to the store several times since buying it to find out how to perform certain things on the phone that the book just doesn't seen to address.  I was at a repair ctr last week to ask how I could make the songs I've downloaded notification ringers.  The guy told me that there must be a formatting issue b/c he couldn't figure it out.  My thought was how could this be if it was a formatting issue then I wouldn't be able to use those same songs as ringers right?  Well I played with the phone half the night & figured it out myself.  So my thing to you is don't expect much help from Sprint if you get this phone.  You'd be better off coming to the fourm & asking your questions here.  Good luck whatever you decide to do.

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