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    Just wanted to chime in here. I have a Hero as well (with Google). And my dialer is very slow, navigating Sense UI is "usually" fast". I also accidentally call many people because it is not responsive to me pressing contacts names.


    Main gripe is that the dialer is very slow.

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    over time my hero became pretty laggy too. When I deleted my mail accounts and entered them again it became pretty darn snappy!

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    Old post, new reply


    The freedom that Android allows, also allows you to use more resources than the phone has to give.

    The I-phone largely sidesteps this issue by restircting what and how many programs can run. This

    is partly the price to pay for being in on the bleeding edge, but mostly the paradox that multi-tasking creates.





    If your phone is running slower than you would like, pull down an application like Advanced App Killer.

    This is a very good tool to stop applications that run in the background. Rember, this is not an I-phone.

    What you see is not neccessarily what's running. I think you'll be suprised the first time you load up an app killer.




    By the way, nice manifesto.


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    dvdqnoc wrote:


    Also, I do utilize task managers but only to the bare minimum. That is, I don't close anything that is or seems even near important to the phone. I never close "phone", "people", "browser", "music", "sprint navigation", "nfl live", "voicemail", "settings", etc etc. anything that MIGHT BE IMPORTANT i never close. I only close things like games and apps I downloaded from the market... like wikipedia app, dictionary app, shopping list app, etc.


    I use an app called Automatic Task Killer and set all those unimportant apps to be killed each time the phone is slept. Therefore, everytime I unlock and use the phone, it is at the same state each time in terms of background processing.


    My advice is get rid of all your task killers.  Android will manage fine without them.

    When you say "everytime I unlock and use the phone, it is at the same state each time in terms of background processing", that's is not the case.  Those apps and processes that get killed when the phone sleeps will eventually start up again (most likely when you wake up the phone).  It's possible they are all starting at the same time killing the performance of the phone.  Your home screen lag is probably also being caused by your task killer.  These apps are more than likely "fighting" with the task killer to stay open or do what they need to do while the task killer is trying to stop them.


    Do an experiment.  Uninstall all your task killers, restart your phone (power cycle, not reset) and see how it goes for a week.  I had a task killer installed when I first got my phone and it was noticeably laggy.  I uninstalled it and the phone is much better (still some lag here and there but mostly very smooth - I would say 95% of the time).  Try it out.  It worked for me.

    Maybe this doesn't fix your problem, but I think it's worth a try.

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    I'm going to retract about 90% of that post above. I stand by recognizing the limits of the hardware eventhough the software gives you the ability to press and break the limits of what can be computed. In addition, be aware of how many applications that you have pushing data and querring the internet, those are battery hogs.


    I do agree though, and I had completely forgetten to get back into my Linux mode of thnking when I started using an Android phone. Applications do not "close" as you know it. They are put into the background and resources are, more or less, reallocated when new need is raised. However, applications like weatherbug, twitter feeds, and the such will require a little bit of proccessing to run the clock until their next slot to update the feed.


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    Just a question - is everyone updated to 1.56?  My Hero was unusably slow before the 1.56 update.  Now it's smooth, fast and functional.  Running Exchange, Gmail, Twitdroid Pro and a half-dozen widgets.


    (side note - great thread!)

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    Hey DF. I have 5 HTC Heros and every single one of them are SLOW! This phone sucks ***. I will NEVER by another HTC. Verizon here I come!

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    I would have to agree with this 100%.  I really made a huge mistake switching from the Blackberry 8830, butI needed a bigger screen to read contracts via email.


    It get's worse as time goes on and I have no additional apps added to the HTC Hero.


    What a huge mistake Sprint made with the release of this phone.


    Mostly likely going back to my old phone.


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