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Connect  Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200 to Samsung LAN adapter

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Sprint says "The Novatel Wireless MiFi™ 2200 can extend your Mobile Broadband experience beyond just laptops to any Wi-Fi enabled device such as cameras, music players, personal media players and portable game consoles." This being said, I purchased the Novatell MiFi 2200 assuming it was just what I needed to connect to a Samsung LAN adapter to enable downloading/streaming of movies from Blockbuster. I have spent frustrating days of working with this equipment including hours with both Samsung and Sprint tech support to no avail. The Samsung LAN adapter recognizes the Sprint Novatell MiFi 2200 as an available network but refuses to connect with it no matter what encyption code or security profile I use, including open and Temporary Hotspot. Before I through all this expensive equipment away, is there any help out there?


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    Don't do that.


    You will end up with a wicked bill.


    Streaming movies will use up your 5 gig limit in about 6 or 8 movies.


    I'm moving this thread over to the Mobile Broadband forum to see if anyone can help you with your connectivity problem.

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    I receive most of my movies through the mail from Blockbuster so I don't anticipate more than say, downloading/streaming 3 movies per month which should keep me inside the 5GB limit. However it appears that either Blockbuster or Netflix is trying to move toward an all download/streaming (On Demand) operation and do away with or curtail their costly mail service. If this is the case, any wireless movie fan is in trouble.

    Regarding my connection problems, I will try one last call to Samsung tech support but it is looking hopeless, unless someone outthere can come up with a solution. Thanks for the replay

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    I succeeded today to connect the Samsung LAN adapter to the Sprint MiFi. After days of researching this problem and hours with both Sprint and Samsung technical assistance, I finally found a small blurb on the internet that solved the problem. It appears that in order to connect up with the LAN adapter, the SSID cannot have any spaces or characters in it. I eliminated the space and it connected up. So the problem was with Samsung, not Sprint so the MiFi has regained my respect as an awesome little device. Hours and days of pondering this problem I will never get back but such is technology, a wonderful servant but terrible master. Feeling much better now. 

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