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Contract ends today, is there any incentive to staying with Sprint?

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My 2 year contract ends today. I am trying to find out what is keeping me at Sprint when Verizon has better coverage and phones and cheaper? What I would pay for in plans would be double what I have now with SERO but what's the point if the coverage is unusable? I have a cheap plan that I can't use at home is what I'm left with now.


I'm hoping that anyone at Sprint customer care would chime in here but don't have much hope that they will to say why i shouls stay as a customer.


The TP2 I have is mine as I've fulfilled my contractual obligations so I can sell it on eBay as being only a month old and go to Verizon and still come out ahead.


I wonder if anyone at Sprint really cares if they lose one more customer?

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    Man I have been on the phone over and over ever since August trying to see what sprint had as incentives for me to sign on for another 2 years and here I am finally trying this route as well.  I am by NO MEANS trying to be a bottom feeder here, I am just trying to see what sprint has to offer as they have done the last 2 times i upgraded phones and renewed my contract with this company.  Sprint has gone from my preferred choice over 6 years ago to me not really even wanting to be a cutomer with them currently.  There have been many more factors that have contributed to this decision as well as primarily the same problem you have as well with the coverage in my area as well.  Here's to a Happy New Year and hopefully some kind of assistance.  Oh and by the way....don't even get me started on that whole new ASL change firing up in January.  I have been paying my bill month to month since 2003 and refuse to go to autopay.  There have been some hard times in my past, but sprint always got their money.

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    Thank you. Perhaps we should see if anyone else has any say in this matter about their renewal. I'm thinking that sprint is bleeding customers simply because their customer support is so poor and their CSRs seem to be told to not care if customers leave.


    Well, I'm officially month-to-month now. The only thing holding me here is that I'm on SERO and paying $30/month even though I was charged $.60 cents for using what the company officially said they weren't charging for which is message forwarding to Google Voice. Only noticed that charge yesterday when I looked at my last month's bill. I could protest it but honestly, dealing with Sprint's CSRs is like dealing with the IRS, they're dense, obtuse, and oftentimes reading from scripts as dead as automotons. Sorry CSRs, that's been my experience.


    I guess later today, I pay a visit to Verizon.

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    as u can both see not a rep  here, sprint does not seem to care , i been with them for almost 6 years, they always tell me i am a loyal customer but thats all, i can get the same discounts as a new customer, no loyal like i been always told, i have called them  but what sprint gives me is the same a new customer can get, i think when we  have been with sprint  we deserve a better offer cus we have  showed sprint we will be here on their side, i am not trying to get   free plans or phones but i think we deserve a better discount than a new customer, that can  go away soon, my contract is goin to end in almost 2 weeks, i been at verizon and att i think 2010 will be my last year with sprint, i will be one of the  customers sprint loses in 2010, i love the new htc touch pro 2 but if i get it here is almost 360 dollars after 150 off to renew contract and 100 mail in rebate, that same phone is 199 at verizon.


    btw i can get  a better offer from verizon if i get their service as a new customer ,than i can get with sprint even when i been with them for almost 6 years,


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    Here's an update on myself from my previous post.


    Did the unthinkable on Sunday and renewed for another 2 years....well at least on my primary line only, but i did it.  It was because I recived some of the best customer service from a rep that I have recieved in a long long time.  I wasnt the best offer I have had from sprint in my tenure, but it wasnt as bad as some made to some other people I have heard about.  It was just the $70 credit to my account, but I think the thing that caught me most was that the samsung moment I have been eyeing since it's release was finally for decent price on upgrade at best buy.  I ended up getting the phone for $129.99 which was $50 cheaper then the usual upgrade price, and we all no that when you get the phones from best buy, you don't have to do the mail in rebate thing.  So here's to another 2 years on my primary line.  I still have the option to cut ties with my wifes line and just go to prepaid for hers then drop back my plan. I'm sorry I didnt catch your name before i started righting this book here, but to the poster who was talking abouit just hanging it up and going to verizon for 2010.....Here's what kept me from going.  I got to comparing their plan rates and as bad as I hate to say it, Sprint does have the better plan rates.  For the plan I currently have with sprint for myself and my wife it would have been close to $50 more after taxes to have the same thing on Verizon.  I guess it just goes to show that " you get what you pay for".  Verizon has the much better coverage around here signal wise, but it's just not the best cost efficient route for me right now.  However I will give a little more credit.  I have noticed that there has been a slight increase in signal strength around here.  Or maybe thats just the fact that my mogul was garbage.  Either way I am actually happy with my new phone for the first time and "knoc on wood"  I actually feel that it might be a good phone to last for 2 years....or is it one year now for the premiere cutomers to get another $150 upgrade?....I actually think I saw that in another thread.  Will have to follow up again on that.  If so, then I honestly may a slight bit of faith renewal in this company.

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    No. There is no compelling reason. Go with ATT or another service.

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    For those who are considering jumping ship, I have to chime in as well--me too.


    I've been a Sprint customer for over 2 years. I have three lines with them, I'm on the spending limit plan and I'm not happy with the increase in fees if I don't go to some sort of auto-pay, although for me it's more the principle of the matter than anything else.


    Up until last year I'd been really good about not upgrading phones through Sprint to avoid lengthening my contract, but last winter I really needed a new phone (dog chewed my faithful Palm Treo and I was using a used Moto Q that had virtually no battery life).  Decided to go with Samsung Instincts on existing two lines and added some random Samsung flip for the third line--what a piece of junk that thing was! Anyway, this year let my significant other talk me into upgrading her line with an HTC Hero. Great phone, great deal, but over all Sprint still sucks.


    What sucks? Changes in fees, the stupid spending limit (I never even heard that it was on my account until I was late with my bill, talk about disclosing material items up front not happening), awful customer service, the screwing up of which line is the primary line, crappy phones, still more awful customer service, more crappy phones, spotty service and coverage...and while I do appreciate not having to pay a deposit for my lines because I screwed up my credit, I've paid my bill for over two years. Yeah, sometimes it's late, but it always gets paid! Always!


    What does work for me is the Everything Data plan, which is still miles cheaper than any other company around.  However, Verizon and AT&T just announced that they are lowering some of their fees and T Mobile already did. Data seems to be outrageous for all three companies, but for those who just talk and text it's looking better and better elsewhere.  And we all need the internet so badly that we want to pay for it over and over again? I pay through the nose for Comcast high speed, why am I plugging in everywhere else will my cell service??


    What I think I'm going to end up doing, since I rarely use data on my phone, is keep one line with Sprint--since I'm locked in for two more years with it, drop the third line next December and switch my line to another carrier. That way the SO gets to keep her data service and as long as I have unlimited texting, I don't care about internet or data. I use my phone as a phone. Time to cut the cord with the internet.


    In the meantime, keep letting Sprint know through e-mails, chats and calls how you feel about their service. If they truly cared about their customers they'd review their policies and make some changes. How do I know this? I work for a company as a phone rep talking to customers. If my company hears that a lot of folks want a fee removed, a commission changed, etc., they actually do so.


    Sprint, hear your customers--you're not making us happy.

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