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    I had this problem a few years ago and what I needed to do was to call sprint and ask them for a HLR reload.  the CSR knew what to do and sure enough I had no problems any more while roaming.  What it does is it reloads your number into the America Roaming database.  Hope that works for you.

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    In July 2009, I was unable to roam in southeastern Kentucky. Later, in an effort to learn what was wrong, I made contact with:


    Dannis Brown
    Appalachian Wireless
    Roaming Coordinator

    606-477-2355 ext 162


    Dannis said that if I had contacted her while I was in the area, she could have resolved the problem by updating my number in their switch. To do this, it is necessary to know the MSID of the cell phone. As mentioned above, type ##362021#. Then go to Phone Info to view the number. (It will look like a phone number in your Area Code, but it may be different from your actual number. That's okay.)


    If you are planning a trip anywhere within the lower right quarter of the state, I recommend setting up things in advance. Otherwise, you may find yourself without cell coverage--even when sitting under one of Appalachian's many mountain-top towers. Not only did I not have coverage with two SPRINT phones, but I also was unable to use an ALLTEL pre-paid phone. (One SPRINT handset had a ported number from Verizon. The other was a new line of service, tied to the ported number.)


    I suspect my situation was unusual in some regard, although we never determined the cause of the problem. Nevertheless, when you can't get into a system, you don't care how many folks DID get access. You want YOUR phone to work! Over the course of two weeks, I spoke with several folks at the company. I give them high marks for Customer Service. They were very friendly and eager to help. They cooperate fully with SPRINT, and the technology is compatible. Applachian Wireless is willing to tweak things as necessary to allow you to roam.


    In addition to applying to SE Kentucky, this information might be helpful if you encounter "pockets" of cell coverage from independent providers, elsewhere in the United States. If necessary, stop at a local cellular store for the phone number of Customer Service (which you will call from a landline phone--grin). Let CS switch you to the Roaming Coordinator.


    But, before you start the process, know how to obtain the handsel's MSID number, yourself. You can't be sure anyone behind the counter will know what you're talking about.


    Best regards,






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    I know this thread is a little old but around what part of Southeastern Kentucky were you having these issues? I was told that my Sprint phone could roam on Appalachian Wireless towers but I went to Evarts, KY recently and could not get any service looking directly at the towers.

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    I just started having this problem today.  I have the LG Lotus Elite and the LG Lotus.  My phone worked fine until I got home today and completely stopped working.  I am not able to text, make or receive calls.  I even got the message when trying to call customer service.  The only thing that has changed in my home is I added the Airvana (VOIP) about a month ago due to dropped calls in my home. I am going to disconnect it to see if that resolves the issue.  If that doesn't work, I guess I will join the ranks of unhappy customers.


    I have AT&T High Speed Internet and it was working fine up until a few days ago when I noticed my texts were failing and I got an error message saying the network was unavailable.  Now, today I am not able to text and when I try to make a call I get an error message saying my phone is not authorized to call the number even when calling customer service.


    I guess you can say I am screwed since I only have cell phones, I guess I will be going to the store to see IF they can resolve the issue.

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    I unplugged the (VOIP) and calls started going through.  Has to be a problem with the VOIP.  Calling customer service now

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    Just called into Sprint customer service and there is a problem with the Airvana (VOIP).  They said they are aware of the problem and are working on it.  Now If you are having issues outside of your home and don't have the VOIP I would call and have your data reloaded into the Sprint database.  As far as the porting, once you left Verizon, you became Sprints issue and they need to work to resolve it.  If you call Verizion, they will bounce you back to sprint.  Don't call customer service or if you do, ask to speak to tech support.

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