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    to leeanon,

    Thanks much for the return info. I have till the 16th to get a reply from Sanyo,  then I will return the phone if no drivers are available. They can keep the stupid pictures on the worthless phone. I knew I should have went with Vorizon. Oh well one continues to lean all the time. Good luck with your NEW phone.


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    leeanon78201 Newbie
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    @Marv -


    Just some additional information I got from the techie who reprogrammed my old cell phone after I turned in the SCP-3810.  It may save you or someone else the same grief I experienced.  Basically, if you want a phone to sync directly to a computer, you need a smartphone.


    In the beginning, there were cell phones and personal digital assistants (or PDAs).  Cell phones were used for making calls--and not much else--while PDAs, like the Palm Pilot, were used as personal, portable organizers.  Eventually, PDAs gained wireless connectivity and were able to send and receive e-mail. Cell phones, meanwhile, gained messaging capabilities, too. PDAs then added cellular phone features, while cell phones added more PDA-like (and even computer-like) features.  The result was the smartphone.  From what I could find out, there is no real industry wide standard as to what makes a cell phone a smartphone.  But all smartphones seem to have the following similarities or features:


    Operating System: In general, a smartphone will be based on an operating system that allows it to run productivity applications. BlackBerry smartphones run the BlackBerry OS, while other devices run the Palm OS or Windows Mobile.  Then there are those smartphones that use a basic version of Linux.


    Software: While almost all cell phones include some sort of software (even the most basic models these days include an address book or some sort of contact manager, for example), a smartphone will have the ability to do more. It may allow you to create and edit Microsoft Office documents--or at least view the files. It may allow you to download applications, such as personal and business finance managers. Or it may allow you to edit photos, get driving directions via GPS, and create a playlist of digital tunes.  A smartphone will also allow you to add additional software to run specific applications (like being able to sync the phone directly to a computer.)


    Web Access: More smartphones can access the web at higher speeds, thanks to the growth of 4G data networks and the addition of Wi-Fi support to many handsets. Not all smartphones offer high-speed web access.  But they all offer some sort of access. You can use your smartphone to surf the net.  Just because you can sign up for  web access through your carrier does NOT necessarily mean the phone becomes a smartphone.


    QWERTY Keyboard:  Not a numeric pad where you have to click the number 7 multiple times to type a P, Q, R, or S.  The keyboard can be a part of the phone or appear as a touch screen like on the iPhone.


    Messaging: Just about all cell phones made within the past couple of years can send and receive text messages, but what sets a smartphone apart is its handling of e-mail. A smartphone can sync with your personal--and, sometimes, your professional--e-mail account. Some smartphones can support multiple e-mail accounts. Others include access to instant messaging services like Yahoo! Messenger.


    If the phone you're looking at is missing one or more of these features, it may not have or support the necessary drivers to sync directly to your computer.  You may be able to find 3rd party software like that offered by DataPilot.  But you also run the risk of losing any warranty service by either the phone manufacturer and/or your carrier (Sprint, etc.)

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    joe.rella Regular Visitor
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    As I said in my post, using DataPilot worked for me. It is not easy to do, because most of us think we know how to install drivers and such. There is a very specific way to install the cable driver. I will try to find the email they sent me with the exact directions and post them.


    As for buying third party software to get it working, well, if your Sprint rep told you that you didn't need third party software, he lied. There is no working driver from Sanyo for this phone yet.


    As I mentioned before, DP is a lot cheaper than using Sprint PictureMail.


    I will look for the instructions tonight. All you need to have are a working USB cable to connect the phone to a USB port, and the DP software. Stay tuned for step-by-step instructions.


    - Joe

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    rickfulton Newbie
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    Just got off the phone with sprint tech support. still no usb driver for scp3810 as of 7:30 pm5/6/10

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    dlandrews1 Newbie
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    You may have already found this out, but Sanyo phones are manufactured by Kyocera.  Try going to and search there.  I think you'll have better luck.

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    rickfulton Newbie
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    I don't think a usb driver exists for the scp3810. At least not one for the tech uninclined like me.

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    Took some pictures with my recently acquired Sanyo 3810.  Wanted to download the pics to my computer.  Went to the Sprint store, was told I needed a micro-USB cable.  Purchased the cable, plugged the phone into the cable and the USD into the computer . . . nothing.  Got online to a Sprint rep who walked me through the problem until he/she finally said he/she did not have a solution but I could go back to the Sprint store and get the software.  Went to the Sprint store.  Why was I surprised.  No software.  I could sign up for an added monthly fee.  Tried to return the phone, but 30 days had passed.  I was a Sprint customer for 20 years.  WAS.  I wish Sprint would spend as much money taking care of existing customers as they do trying to get new ones.

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    Guys, I've been in this post earlier with the same problem.  At one point, I bought a data cable on the web for a few dollars, and downloaded the Susteen driver, only to learn that I could now charge my Sprint version of Sanyo SCP-3810 from a PC USB port.  That's all.  So, more web browsing and helpful hints from participants on this blog, and I have solved the problem finally.  You need to buy DataPilot software which will permit you to read photos from your SCP-3810's internal memory or sync the contacts info between the phone any your PC.  Note that the phone already is capable of exporting contacts to another or from another cell phone via bluetooth.  The DataPilot software is available at, They mail you the CD, not a download.  It is priced in a kit that contains a bunch of cables you don't need for $30, but I googled it and found another reseller's website that offered a $10 discount for the software only, clicking on that website took me to the susteen onl line store where I typed in a promotional code for the $10 discount.


    There are some issues with using the software, as received it doesn't support the SCP-3810, but that is quickly remedied by a software update right after registering your copy of the product.  The website has lots of info that permits you to understand the phones supported and which of the software features works with which model of phone.


    Note that I said you can read photos from the phone.  By that I mean you can download photos from the phone to you PC (to use if you document an auto accident or something like that), but you cannot transfer photos into the phone.


    The Sanyo SCP-3810 manual on the Sprint website says it has external memory, but it doesn't as offered by Sprint.  It also says you can use a data cable with the phone, but a lawyer could argue that they didn't say you could transfer data using the data cable.  I think that Sprint gets a "flavor" of this phone for resale with some of the features stripped out possibly to reduce cost, possibly to make other phones appear more attractive.  All in all, if you have a phone primarily for making calls, this is a pretty neat little phone.  It is superior to my previous Razr phone because it has a good battery, but I will never have another phone without external memory, that is what I've learned from this experience.  Who knows, maybe one day I'll be using my phone to browse the web and will think nothing of the extra costs of the data plan or picture mail; but then I suspect I'll be using a smart phone with lots of external memory.

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    Thank you Joe. I took your advice and purchased DataPilot (install CD only). I used the cable Sprint gave me when I bought the phone, and followed the instructions to the letter as you indicated. After updating, my phone model was recognized, and I had no problem at all recovering my pictures from my phone.


    Well worth the $23.96 (found and used an online coupon) I paid for the software.


    Again, thank you very much!

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    joe.rella Regular Visitor
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    You are quite welcome. I'm glad it worked out for you.

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    Mimirebekah Newbie
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    It sounded like your method worked.  Could you repost those directions for installing the DataPilot software?

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    lbrohn1 Newbie
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    I followed the directions exactly in the User Guide, which is on the DataPilot CD. Do you have that? If so, start on page 15. I bought just the software, hoping that the cable I got from Sprint would work. The guide indciated any cables other than the ones they provide might not work and they wouldn't support. But the cable I had worked just fine.


    I am happily pulling pictures off the phone. I even saved a backup of my contact list. I am delighted with the software!

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    SamOfSiam1 Newbie
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    Thanks for the link Levi... Drivers worked like a charm..

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    EAGLESMAN1 Regular Visitor
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    Does anyone know about using the Sanyo SCP 3810 as a modem? When I plug in the data cable into the phone, then into the computer, I get a message that pops up and says SANYO MODEM found. I tried to download and run the susteen driver, but instead of my computer recognizing the phone it recogzied the data cable and I still got the Hardware Wizard message.

    Also, does anyone know how to watch videos on this phone? I called tech support to see if it was possible to watch videos and the rep told me it was, but I had to dowload the software.

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    You can't use your phone as a modem, Sprint discontinued PAM earlier this year for all phones except the EVO and upcoming EPIC using the optional HotSpot.

    Also, That phone is not capable of playing videos,

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