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HTC Hero Error Code 67

langtryster Newbie
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How do I resolve the Erro Code 67 on my just-activated HTC Hero? Also, even though the phone is activated and the number has been ported, I can neither make nor receive calls. Any suggestions?

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    lisunov Newbie
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    I have the same problem with my HTC EVO

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    jrgerke Newbie
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    I have the same error on my Hero that I just got, but I can make and receive calls. It happens when I try to use the phone to share internet while connected to my PC. I can't figure out how to fix it........

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    ramondiaz Newbie
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    I have the same similar problems but for the past week I havent been able to use my phone because the other person cant hear me.  I think Sprint is messing up our service by implementing this new 4G service that is causing problems on our phone lines.  I have called tech support every single day for the past week and they cant figure it out mean while I will have to pay my monthly cell bill without being able to use my cell phone, I will have to reconsider cancelling with sprint because its not reliable anymore it cant compete in the market.



    "The Now Network"  thats B.S   

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    Android-Man Newbie
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    The error code 67 is a password error that Sprint created. I supose that you are trying to use the Sprint Hotspot. if that's the case then you have to purchase a 30.00 service so Sprint can enable your password and you can use the Sprint Hotspot. money,money and more money...

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    Gracehchan Newbie
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    I can make calls. My problem is with the Sprint Network and their customer service in New York sucks. Don't go to the one on 175 Fifth Ave., NY(Flatiron building).  They like to give you the round around. Never fix any problem you might have on the phone.  The only thing they know BEST is hard reset your phone.  Never tell you what is really wrong with the phone.  Sprint claims to have 3G/4G. I'm not sure. It's slow as **** on my phone. $$$ hungry. If it is a software problem, they should learn to fix it.


    I am not sure if  i'm going to continue with them in the near future.

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    wingland Sprint Admin
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    Error 67 means your data services are not provisioned.


    If you get this on the Evo or Epic when using the Hotspot, it's because you don't have the Hotspot plan addon.


    If you get this on any other phone, including the Hero, it means your account didn't get properly provisioned.  Call customer care and have them check to be sure you have data services activated on your plan.

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    68976H8 Newbie
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    i ended up going to the sprint store they had to do a cold hardware reset and had to  put the programing in it for me so it would make calls send

    messages and such plus mine was an upgrade last sprint phone i get

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    trangers77 Sprint Employee
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    I apologize that happend. Remember next time be careful what you put on your device from the Market. Nothing from the Market comes from Sprint and Sprint does not make the devices, sprint only provides the service like web access, text messaging, etc. Mobile phones are like computer or any other electronic things might or could happen just make sure you back up information in case things like this happen.

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    This code is so you cant tether.....after 8 years I am leaving Sprint and going to T-Mobile where tether is allowed and supported without an outrageous fee. Darn shame they don't allow this like other carriers do for free. I will miss Sprint but am paying the $100 termination fee so finally have this capability.

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