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    Levi4u wrote:


    ZeroZed, QIK had nothing in writing stating there was a fee.  It seemed like it was called out in print someplace - but what that failed to clarify was that it was for the optional premium features. QIK did not re-evaluate and remove the charge for video chat as there never was going to be one, Just for the premium features which are optional. If any thing you guys should have learned by now is not to believe these screenshots that have been 100% wrong the past few months.


    I'll wait until the "announcement" on the 4th to form my final opinion, but I still believe that Sprint has fumbled the whole Evo rollout.  What is indisputable is that printed training info leaked to the tech press that clearly showed that Qik would have a monthly recurring $5 fee.  Since both Qik and you have clarified that basic video chat will be free, I'll take that at face value.  However, this scheme to charge yet another fee on top of the $10 fee that Sprint is requiring really didn't help Sprint because the tech media was all over it tying it in to their other stories about the $10 fee.


    I am still amazed that Sprint chose a launch partner (Qik) that is doing this.  You guys must understand that these fees add up in people's minds.  And just being intellectually honest about things, Sprint needs to quit using this nonsensical justification of a "richer data experience" for the fee--especially since a KEY built-in app that delivers that experience will require yet MORE fees if you REALLY want to get all the features.

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    What is the "this" that Qik is doing?  Your original conspiracy theory (post number 5 in this thread) was proven wrong.  What "scheme" is there to charge additional fees?  Qik has said that the standard video chat app will be free on the EVO, and there is no evidence that there was ever a different intent.  Is there some reason that the fact that Qik is creating a premium app for sale should reflect poorly on Sprint, or even on Qik?  Do you really believe that any additional features that Qik may develop must be free because the standard app is free?


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    Just in case you didn't see it, the above picture is a scan from Sprint's Evo 4G Launch Guide.  The arrow is pointing to the section that states that mobile video chat will be a premium service. One has to wonder why Sprint would provide employees that information--it sure seems like a fairly significant detail to get wrong, don't you think?


    There are a couple of scenarios that could have played out.  First, let's say that the training materials that Sprint sent to employees were wrong and that Qik video chat was always meant to be "free."  That makes Sprint look like idiots for printing this up and it sure doesn't help them coming on the heels of the heat they've taken for the bizarro $10 fee.


    Another scenario is that Qik was going to charge for the service with Sprint's full knowledge (they are a launch partner and a pre-installed app).  When the internet and tech press started buzzing about the $10 fee perhaps Sprint worked with Qik to provide some form of free basic video chat.  Or maybe when the training materials got leaked and another round of bad press sprung up, Sprint made the call.  Sprint needs more positive press coverage about the Evo rollout--they haven't been getting it with all these news stories focusing on fees.  It was definitely in their interest to work with Qik to deny what is written in their own employee training guides.


    What I can tell you from first hand experience is that two separate Sprint employees I've talked to face-to-face have told me that they're under STRICT orders to not discuss any charges or fees for the Evo now.  That shouldn't give any intelligent consumer a warm-fuzzy feeling.


    Ultimately I have no idea what's going down with Sprint (or Qik), but they seem to be having an extremely difficult time getting their stories together. Their misteps have squandered the favorable press the hardware once enjoyed and now a lot of attention is being paid to hidden fees, extra charges, etc. Not good prior to launch...


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    Your scenarios are possible.  It is also possible that the document is not authentic; or that the product mentioned is the premium Qik service.  We may never know the truth; I just choose to not assume that there was any conspiracy or nefarious intent involved unless some evidence surfaces.

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