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Sync Issues

BluTruth Newbie
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Okay so i've been playing with my new EVO for the last day or so, but cannot get it to sync to my desktop. Now i'm not noob when it comes to computers, but i've installed and uninstalled the program 3 times. The last install came directly from the HTC website with version 2.0.35, listed under the EVO as the correct update. I've followed the instructions to a T and still cannot get my phone to connect. Is there anyone else having this problem, or is there anyone that had it, and solved it.  If you have solved it, what have you done.


I'm running windows vista on my desktop and am pretty sure, if I hook up my netbook running XP i'd have no issues, its just that I run everything off of my desktop as far as my calendar and stuff, plus my school assignments.

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    Markwollschlager Regular Visitor
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    Me neither.

    Do you have outlook or outlook express installed?

    I don't, I use thunderbird for mail.

    It looks like it wants to find Outlook to sync the contacts.

    Win 7 doesn't come with it ( and I don't want it ), but I can get a copy of Office 2007 pro with it if I must.


    Any other thoughts?



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    BluTruth Newbie
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    i have outlook 2007.


    but my problem isn't the syncing, i can't even get my phone to connect to my computer period. I keep getting the error that it can't find the pc or the sync on the pc. Guess i'll have to upload my calendar into google calender and do it that way.


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    superlinkx Expert
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    This is a problem with HTC's implementation of sync. Your problems are probably because you don't have the Android SDK set up properly, or the sync package didn't install the drivers correctly. First, make sure to set up the Android SDK before installing anything else. Check here for details: Now get HTC Sync and install. If done right, it should recognize your phone. If that doesn't work, try finding the drivers manually. They should come with the sync software, so look in the programs directory for them. Once you find them, install them manually by typing in device manager in Start search. Once in that program, plug in your Evo and right click on the driver. Click update and then do a manual update from the folder where the drivers are. I'd get more specific, but I don't really know the set up. That should get you started. Outlook isn't needed, and you should be able to use the built in Windows Calendar and Windows Contacts. Personally, I would just import any calendar and contact files to Google and then have them sync over the air with your device. Once you do it, it will be effortless.


    Also, if you need the drivers for the above to work, Google "HTC Hero Windows 7 drivers"

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    Markwollschlager Regular Visitor
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    Thanks, I ran the sync again and got a message about not finding a mail package.

    I associated Thunderbird/Eudora as the default mail app.

    Went through the wizard for syncing,  worked like a charm.

    I did download the newer HTC sync, from HTC but have not installed it yet.

    BTW  win7 (64bit) turned off the AV during install, USB drivers worked fine.


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    4tferree Newbie
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    Having similar problems.  I run Windows 7 & Outlook 2007, none of the contact info is synching up.  I use Google calendar, no issues there.  Interestingly, HTC's support site did not list the EVO in their list of devices.  I sent an email to them about this problem, but not expecting reply too soon.  I moved to the EVO after almost 9 years with various Treo devices.  They had their issues, but the hotsynch was nearly flawless...


    Thanks to Superlinkx, I'll give those suggestions a try.

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    GRTHKA787 Regular Visitor
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    Ok. So what is the fix? I have had this phone for two or three weeks now and still cannot get it to be recognized by my computer. I have vista 64.

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    ldeville Newbie
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    I have same problem and history, 3 Treo's over the last few years that sync easily.  The EVO was working then stopped.  I've been to a company store and 2 reseller stores and they don't know how to fix it.  We've done a hard reset twice.  The issue is that it begins the connection then part of the way through the sync I get General Error yadayadayada.  When I look at the phone address book it has randomly duplicated some people up to 8 times and not synced others.  The General error occurs before it gets to the calandar.  I've just about had it with the EVO.


    Why is HTC answering all the issues or updating their distribution channels on how to fix this issue that is wide spread on the internet?

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    SQUIDACRE Newbie
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    I'm running windows 7 & am unable to use HTC sync even though I have downloaded v2.0.40 & have restarted computer & updated drivers.  the computer recognizes it as a USB drive though so what is the problem?



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    N1ghtf1re Regular Visitor
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    Install the sync software, do not have your phone attached. After you have installed the software, start HTC Sync up and plug your phone in. Make sure to select HTC Sync on your phone after youy plug it in. Your computer should recognize the phone, and everything should work fine.

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    paulgcurtis Newbie
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    I'm running Windows XP Pro,  and sync was working fine. Then I upgraded to the latest 2.0.40, and it hasn't worked since. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, reinstalled the original version, all in vain. It connects, but hangs, and get "unusual termination" errors. HTC needs to put a fix to this. We shouldn't have to be fidding around with registry entries and searching for drivers. I'm not an amateur, but this is beyond most peoples' capabilities. HELP!!!!

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    DEBI1961 Newbie
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    I had to install other drivers from


    I finally got it to work!

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    paulgcurtis Newbie
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    Thanks Debi - but can you tell us specifically what driver(s) you had to install?


    SInce my original post, sync has been (mostly) working. But once in a while, it still winds up duplicating, or worse, deleting stuff from my Outlook. Very annoying!

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    gmerin Newbie
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    not that i mind a lot (as i already work with Eclipse for development) but requiring normal users to install an SDK and associated development environment simply to get the commercially provided HTC Sync utility to function normally so they can perform a normal, ordinary data sync on Windows, is particularly lame. In fact it is approaching Microsoft levels of negative end-user support, although MS never required users to install Visual Studio in order to make ActiveSync work correctly (probably because it wouldn't have helped as nothing can make AS work correctly). it is almost as though they looked at the way Apple supports their users with iTunes and decided to do the exact opposite.


    also, while this is technically a problem with the way they failed to implement Sync, its really a problem with HTC as after 3+ months they still haven't fixed it.

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    Krugman2002 Newbie
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    I just tried this for my EVO got yesterday 9-22-10.  so far so good.  Here is the link. 



    Good luck.  Let me know if it works for you.

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