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    Huckworthy Newbie
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    It is disappointing to hear from Sprint employees that Sprint's idea of innovation would include being incompatible to the rest of the world.  We're not in Kansas Toto, time to wake up to a bigger world.

    Sprint has great potential, access to great technology, good staff and things like this ongoing contempt for travelling business users keeps pushing them to the bottom of the list of preferred carriers.  Sad.  EVO is a great phone (finally), why ruin it's appeal by not finishing the job?


    Fingers crossed...has anyone got a final answer on it yet?

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    wingland Sprint Employee
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    The Evo will work anywhere that has CDMA service.  You can find out if the country you are travelling to offers CDMA service by visiting


    The Evo will not work in countries that use the older GSM standard.  The Evo does not have a GSM radio.  There will be no software patch to install a hardware radio. 


    If you travel frequently and need to use your phone internationally, we offer several phones that have GSM and CDMA radios built in - including the HTC Touc Pro 2, a full function Windows Smart phone.


    Please be aware that international roaming calls, text and data are quite expensive - as much as $1.99 a minute.  If you plan to stay for some time internationally, you may be better off purchasing a prepaid phone in-country for better rates.


    Thanks for your interest!



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    BURBANITE9840 Regular Visitor
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    You have to be kidding me! This supposed iPhone killer can't make calls on most overseas networks? I just bought one, activated with the international calling plan, had it carried out here to France only to find it doesn't work!!!!


    Don't you think someone might have mentioned that fact? All around me are iPhone users calling back home all day long and me, at the "front of the curve" have no phone to call my family...


    Anyone want to trade??????

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    SIMCHALAND1 Valued Member
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    Thanks for letting us know that this phone doesn't work outside North America. That's too bad because iPhones work everywhere. I don't understand why they went through all the trouble to build such a phone as this that includes so many functions without considering that people may want to take their phones and use them abroad. It seems like Sprint is missing out on all those extra International Roaming Charges that some customers would be happy to pay if the phone worked outside of North America.


    The world is much bigger than the USA and North America. One would think that the engineers behind this phone would have made an attempt to make this phone cross compatible with foreign networks like they attempted to bring us all those other features on this phone. Was this an oversight or was this intentional?

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    Th3Phoenix Silver Expert
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    There are some of us who travel outside of the USA here and there.

    I am Sprint customer for more than 10 years.


    What everyone is complaining about here is the fact that with this beautiful phone, the next time we travel we can only use it as a pda to get contact info. It's useless outside of the USA.


    Too bad that HTC & Sprint management had a short vision and did not think about capitalizing on this phone, by adding the gsm bands and make a word phone. I have a lot of friends not using Sprint because they don't want to carry two phones like me when they travel.


    As for me I was going to get the HD2 for that reason but T-Mobile is spotty in my area after 2 months testing


    Even that I am enjoying my EVO now, I know the next time I am in London (X-Mass 2010), I can only count on my Motorola PMx220 because it never let me down. I use it as a spare GSM phone all over Europe and Africa, and every time the Sprint phones are useless. The last time I was in Ghana I took my Samsung Ace (I have 2) and none was working well as spare world phone.


    The opportunity cost for Sprint is huge here. I know that HTC will find a way to capitalize on this.

    Sprint management needs to start thinking global while acting local to survive this saturated wireless market


    I hope that HTC EVO 2 comes as full world phone with CDMA/WiMax/GSM/UMTS radios (wishful thinking)


    Just my 2  cents.

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    wasbakntyme Bronze Expert
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    burbanite9840 wrote:


    Yep, thanks for letting us know retroactively. Do you think I could get a clear answer from anyone at Sprint? No, they just wanted me to pre order two of these things as they were "akin to the Second Coming"...


    Sprint, they are so far behind the needs of the users that it is laughable. Do a relatively small percentage of their customers travel internationally? Who really knows. Does anyone vacation in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean et al? I don't know but I do know that with the phones I have owned I can use any of them outside of the US and I have been with Sprint since 1995 so it isn't beyond the technological realms that a modern phone SHOULD operate anywhere.


    Sprint really dropped the ball on this one, and thanks for letting me build this one up to all of my iPhone user acquaintances only to have them all offer me their phones to call my family....

    Sprint and Verizon sell mostly CDMA-only phones.  They only operate where there is CDMA service.  The few phones sold by those two companies that work in non-CDMA (GSM-only) areas are clearly identified as "International Phones" or "World Phones".  If you have been buying Sprint phones since 1995 that work in GSM-only areas,  you must be well aware of this.  The EVO was never identified as such.  If world-wide capability is important to you, why would you pre-order and buy two phones of a model that was never marketed to work world-wide?  And then blame Sprint for not giving you a clear answer?  From your own experience, you already knew the clear answer: if it were an "International phone", it would have been identified as one.  You have no one to blame but yourself.


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    JedifoxX Regular Visitor
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    While I'm disappointed that the EVO will not work for me when I travel outside the US (with few exceptions), I still love the phone.


    I travel internationally about every other month and wish that Sprint had spent the extra few dollars to add GSM support. I truly wonder if this was  a cost decision or a marketing strategy. What could it possibly cost to add a GSM radio and software...


    What about international WiMax? There are several countries that have implemented WiMax... will the EVO work on those networks? Does the EVO support voice over WiMax yet or is that a future upgrade?


    In the meantime, I plan to buy a "pay as you go" unlocked phone next time I'm in Europe... this will save a ton of money anyway - $.05 per minute rather than $2.00 - $2.50 per minute... it really adds up.





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    shadowfyr62 Regular Visitor
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    So do I infer from all this that even in Canada I will be unable to send and receive calls or text messages?

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    wingland Sprint Employee
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    shadowfyr wrote:


    So do I infer from all this that even in Canada I will be unable to send and receive calls or text messages?

    Nope - Canada offers CDMA roaming coverage, so your current Sprint phone will work fine.


    You can check


    to see what each country requires for technology and costs.

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    wasbakntyme Bronze Expert
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    The costs of adding a GSM radio are not just measured in dollars.  Additional weight, and size, and complexity of both hardware and software are also issues.  If it were easy and inexpensive, wouldn't there be more phones with the capability on the market?

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    9105879841 Newbie
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    I was really looking forward to ditching my crappy Blackberry Bold and trying out an EVO - on the company's dime. Then institute it for all our employees if it works well. Too bad it only has CDMA capability, since we all travel a couple times a year (at least) to foreign countries the lack of GSM prohibits adopting the EVO.

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    ashawilliams07 Newbie
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    Countries with CDMA coverage does not cut it - that excludes most of fact, most of the world. I have been a customer for 5 years, and I'm currently travelling a lot for work. I often wonder why I pay for international coverage, when I have to turn around and pay for a GSM compatible phone on top of that. The EVO is an amazing phone, and had it been TRULY internationally compatible, I would have stayed with Sprint. I think I've reached my last straw with the frustration caused by the incompatibility of Sprint phones abroad. My days here are numbered.


    If Sprint wises up, it stands to make a lot of money from all those business travellers at those roaming rates you quoted. Everyone complaining here is well aware of the rates and quite willing to pay them when they travel. You're implying that its more economical to purchase a new prepaid phone in every country we visit, rather than have Sprint provide us with options to use our phones in most of the countries we travel too? REALLY? Most of the people compianing here aren't travelling to one country per year - its more like one per month. Should I buy a useless prepaid everytime I go to a new place?


    For now, Verizon and AT&T will continue to take your business - not because they're better, but that's what people do when they are left with no/little choice.


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    teck4305 Newbie
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    can you use the skype app on the htc evo when you are abroad to call back to the usa if you cant directly call out?

  • 28. Re: HTC EVO - enabled for international?
    Th3Phoenix Silver Expert
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    I am sure you should be able to pull it off if you can find the Skype android application.

    I know that Big Red has exclusivity on Skype mobile application.


    FYI: I was able to test Skype using Fring app before they stop supporting Skype

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    nubesque8 Newbie
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    even so you might want to reconsider even using the phone period out of the country. I have an unlimited data plan and added the international roaming plan because I was traveling to Canada and today I got the shock of my life when I logged into my account to see a $3,537 bill and NO that is NOT a typo.

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