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  • 15. Re: How to add ringtones to an Evo?
    Levi4u Master
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    Yes, The original ones are still there, If one your trying to add is named the same as one of the originals it will ask if you want to replace or keep the one already there.

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    SB210 Regular Visitor
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    Levi - I feel like a dunce having to ask this but I will anyway for sake of my own sanity.


    The phone came with its own ringtones and a directory already installed in the location I explained in my earlier thread post.

    Now, I created a new folder with the SAME folder name in the SAME location and the file creation & file transfer occur as if there was no original folder with the same name of ringtones.

    I populate the ringtones folder with my stuff and I can see my ringtones as well as the ringtones already on the phone.


    My best guess is that at power-up, there's an algorithm that runs and temporarily installs ringtones in a ringtones folder and since my folder already has ringtones in it, the algorithm simply adds to it instead of creating a new folder and dumping the pre-determined ringtones that came with the phone.


    It's the only thing I can think of that would explain how I can do what appears to be an overwrite of the existing ringtones folder (the same directory level) with the same folder name and still be able to see both sets, mine and the factory installed.


    Did that make sense?  So for my question - what's really going on?

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    MrSpurg Regular Visitor
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    Methinks that adding ringtones is easier than some of you are making it even though tech support told me it was impossible to accomplish at all.  I checked what I did to add my custom ringtones and here is the list of steps that worked for me:


    1.     Connected the phone via supplied USB cable to a USB 2.0 port on my desktop computer.

    2.     A pop-up appeared on the phone screen and I selected the choice "DISK DRIVE -- Mount as a Drive" and at the bottom selected DONE.

    3.     On the computer screen an AUTO-PLAY pop-up box appeared named "Removable Disk (x)" where x is the SD Card in the Evo and x is the drive letter that Windows Explorer named the SD Card (pretending it is a real drive).

    4.     Scroll down and click on OPEN FOLDER TO VIEW FILES using Windows Explorer.

    5.     The folders on the SD Card are then visible.

    6.     I added a new folder called RINGTONES.

    7.     Next I merely copied my favorite ringtones from a folder on a hard drive in my desktop computer to the ringtones folder I created on the SD Card.

    8.     Then I selected SETTINGS in the Evo and selected PHONE RINGTONE (set your default incoming call ringtone) -- scrolled down to find the ringtones I had transferred and selected the one I wanted for my Phone incoming call ringtone and viola -- it worked.


    Hope this helps


    Good luck,



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    IndieArmy Valued Member
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    A way to trim them without downloading additional apps is to load the file up in the music player (can just play and then pause it), then hit the menu button > Set as ringtone > Trim ringtone. This will open up the file in the HTC MP3 Trimmer app which has traditionally been accessible through the programs list, but for some reason is not on the Evo.

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    jaleman1122 Newbie
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    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for all your help! I finally got it.  I just can't believe that they would make ringtones on this phone so complicated. I'm really dumbfounded on their reasoning why they didn’t include a folder named ringtones that can be easily accessed from the phone itself as on many other phones. 

    I found it easier to download ringtones for free via and download them from the phone.  They are automatically added to the Music folder as mp3 files but once I set them as a phone ringtone, it is then added to the ringtones menu which can be accessed from a specific person’s profile or from Settings>Sound & display>Phone ringtone.


    Thank you all for your insight and wonderful information.  This phone is totally cool and as any new phone, it’s quite a learning process to endure.


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    MrSpurg Regular Visitor
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    You are very welcome -- and you did what my daughter chose to do -- download from a ringtone Site on the Web where she found her personal favorite.  I like to create my own plus I use the most obnoxious ringtone that I have found and do not confuse it with anyone else's ringtone -- Crazy Frog and Crazy Frog Axel F.


    This is my first experience with a smart phone and found quite a learning curve and the only negative I have found with the Evo is the short battery life since it connects to Blue-Tooth in my vehicle for hands-on-the-wheel driving if I take or make a call.  WiFi, 4G, GPS and Blue-Tooth eat up the battery in short order even when I have the GPS and WiFi turned off.



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    lusam0422 Newbie
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    I hook my phone to computer with the supplied USB Cable and nothing happens I don't get a prompt. My computer does not see my phone?

  • 22. Re: How to add ringtones to an Evo?
    MrSpurg Regular Visitor
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    I am using Vista 32 bit and I cannot speak for XP (or Macs) but Vista and Win7 should see the SD card in the phone and automatically load a driver -- once the "Mount as Drive" was selected on the Evo and then DONE was selected on the Evo, immediately on my screen is the Windows Explorer box asking what I want to do and that is view files.  For some reason, your computer must not be finding an appropriate driver and I cannot help with that one -- anyone????.



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    lusam0422 Newbie
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    Thanks for the info.I pulled out the mini sdcard  from my phone then slide it into a SD adapter card  that would fit into my into my flash drive USB adapter then I  plugged it into my computer and dragged MP3 music files  from my computer music files to my SD card put it back in my phone went to my music files clicked on a song then  pushed   menu  which brought up  set  as a ringtone then it  asked if you want to use  it as  your ph ringtone or a ringtone for a specific contact your information helped firgure that out.Works great!

  • 24. Re: How to add ringtones to an Evo?
    MrSpurg Regular Visitor
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    What a simple and brilliant solution -- BRAVO!!!!  (I do that all the time with CF cards but I guess with the SD card out of sight, it was out of mind too).



  • 25. Re: How to add ringtones to an Evo?
    SurplusGadgets Newbie
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    Things I learned the hard way:

    (a) Inserting the USB cable into a computer only installs the correct driver if you have USB 2.  A USB 1 port (at least on Win XP) does squat.  You have to manually go find the driver and load it on the computer first.  Had not realized my 2 year old laptop only had USB 1

    (b) There are so many options for the USB cable with this device. So you have to enable the one you want at any given time. See widget Settings -> Connect to PC -> Default connection type and then choose one of four options: (1) charge only, (2) HTC Sync, (3) disk drive (i.e. see phones SD card on PC), or (4) Internet Sharing (i.e. tethering so the PC can use the phones WiFi or 3G/4G if you paid for HotSpot).  You can also tell it to ask you each time you connect the cable so it reminds you to choose the correct one for that time.

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    Denny_D Silver Expert
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    Another lazy way is to go to the market and down load the free app "ringtones". This app provides

    over 15000 songs from which it will make ringtones. No need to have music on your computer or

    your phone.




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    lusam0422 Newbie
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    Thanks for all the info,I know this will come in handy and save me a lot of time!

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    bgjon56 Regular Visitor
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    Awesome.  I tried this application and yes it does work.  But first you have to have the music on your phone.  I was able to download my music from my computer via Windows Media Player then use the above application

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    JlHADLEY73 Regular Visitor
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    Thank you so much theindiearmy. I was going crazy trying to follow those other suggestions. This was soooo easy

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