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Anyone else have an EVO freezing incident?

seanppp Newbie
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My EVO froze for the first time recently, necessitating a reboot via removing the battery.  The phone seems okay & I'm not aware of any data loss, despite having to remove the battery with the phone still on.  However, I thought I'd post the circumstances in case others have run into the same thing and want to chime in.  Perhaps Sprint tech support will keep an eye on it.


I was on a voice call using a Plantronics Pro Bluetooth headset.  I touched on the EVO notification bar at the top of the screen trying to pull it down.  Instead, the screen froze.  There was no effect on my voice call & I continued my conversation with the other party as I tried to get the screen to unfreeze but to no avail.  The screen shortly after went dark.  When finished with the call I hung up via the headset, which the phone responded to and the call was ended.  However, the screen stayed dark and nothing I did, including pressing and press-holding the on/off button, had any effect.  Eventually I removed the battery, put it back in, the phone activated and everything seemed fine.


Otherwise enjoying the phone!



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    ENCXBG1 Valued Member
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    My EVO froze last night and required a battery removal. I had just plugged in my phone to charge and switched the WiFi on when the entire system become unresponsive. Honestly, I've never had a smartphone that didn't have the occassional freeze that required a reboot. Even the iphone has the occassional issue with freezing on some units if you do a bit of research. The problem with the EVO is getting to the battery isn't convenient and I don't know how durable the tabs on the back cover are going to be if this starts to happen with any amount of frequency. It would be nice if the power button could act as a reset if you held it down long enough.

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    NVCONSULT Newbie
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    I also had my EVO freeze last night and, like you, removed the battery and everything was normal.  I have been downloading apps and I hope this was just a brain freeze and not a common problem with the phone.


    I picked up an Evo at Radio Shack and they offered a two year, no deductible, insurance plan for $99.  No refurbished phone if there is a proplem...they give you a NEW one.


    I had a HTC Touch Pro and cannot believe how nice the EVO is performing.....except for the freeze last night.

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    FT4158461167 Regular Visitor
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    I've had my EVO since June 4th. It froze up on me that night, but has not since. It happened a few weeks ago, so I can't exactly remember what I was doing. I do remember that I had to remove the battery so it would work again. If it had happened again, I would have returned it for a new one, but like I said, it hasn't happened since that one incident.

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    SALSA1201AB Valued Member
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    Mine has not froze on me yet, the only issue I'm having with it is the screen glue issue. I have got that taken care of with a 2 piece case its clamps it back down and works ok.

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    johnsa0 Newbie
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    Mine froze today after only 5 days of owning it.  Like others, I removed the battery and the problem was solved.  Hopefully this will not be a recurring issue.

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    angelashopp Newbie
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    Issues I have had since purchasing the EVO on June 11:


    I have had some general lag issues - where the screen is not keeping up with me... So i find myself tapping on a menu option that changes just as i tap.


    I have had the phone redial the last caller while my phone was in sleep mode


    I havehad the phone freeze on me on 3 occasions where I had to pull the battery off completely to reset the phone.


    I have had the phone not come out of sleep without taking the battery off


    I have had the phone garble my voice like I was using one of those voice disguisers that you see on the movies (for multiple calls .. and it did not quit doing it til I took the battery out for over 60 seconds)


    Apps I have downloaded:


    Zillow for Realtors


    Weather (not sure if I down loaded or it was already preloaded)


    That is it ....I haven't downloaded diddly ..... so what is causing this????


    Here is what I do a lot of:


    phone calls - and lots of them


    main function though is email - syncing with an exchange server


    If anyone monitors this post and has some troubleshooting ideas - I am ready to hear them - I can't popping my battery off all the time -

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    maynardknapp Newbie
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    My wife's Evo has frozen in the same way twice now. Yesterday it happened when a call came in. She tried to swipe the screen to answer the call and nothing happened. After hitting the power key the screen went dark (with the back light on). You could tell that the phone was still working in both cases, because the notification light would respond to being plugged in to power and unplugged, but the UI was dead. Battery removal was the only solution.

    So, let's hope this does not become a never solved problem like the old Windows Mobile 5.0 black screen of death problem!!

    It is one thing for the apps to crash, but it is another thing, and totally unacceptable, for a phone not to work when a call comes in!!

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    MrPrPro Regular Visitor
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    My Evo 4G froze on me while using Google Maps navigation.  We went a couple of miles out of our way before realizing that the map was not following us on the route and the screen was frozen.


    We had to reboot by removing the battery, restarted the navigation, and had the phone dump the program a few minutes later.  It has seemed to be working fine since last night, but I am concerned about the stability of the phone.

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    bwealth Newbie
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    I've had my Evo for 3 days now and it freezes whenever the battery gets to around 40%. After that, its downhill from there. Multiple reboots and it becomes very sensitive to any commands. I've had to turn it off and on again and still have to wait for the unit to respond, or if lucky, I'm sometimes able to kill the app. This has been happening since day 1. I charged the battery for 3 hours until the light was green. I did this about an hour after I got it. I did an 8 hour charge the next day doing the recommended charge after draining the battery to where the phone wouldn't turn on. I've called HTC but they're not much help. Of course no one's heard of this problem.  So I'm taking it in to Sprint today. The music app freezes the most and occasionally when I pick up the device, it goes to another screen. Maybe this one's faulty or maybe it's the battery. I'm very concerned to have these kinds of issues right out of the box! Just want to say, that the freezing issue is a legitimate one.

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    Deksam Expert
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    ENCXBG1 wrote:

    The problem with the EVO is getting to the battery isn't convenient and I don't know how durable the tabs on the back cover are going to be if this starts to happen with any amount of frequency. It would be nice if the power button could act as a reset if you held it down long enough.



    Don't worry so much about the tabs on the back cover, the cover was made with it in mind that you will be popping off that back cover.  Just crack it open a little bit at the top and slide your fingers down the edge,  don't worry about breaking it, thats what it was meant to do



    As for freezing, I've never had a freeze only a reboot could fix.  I've had a temporary freeze when a call was coming in, and the screen was unresponsive until the call went to voicemail, but it only happened that one time.



    Overall, my phones been nothing but a joy,  I don't have very many problems at all...

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    TECMON1146 Newbie
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         I've had the phone for only 4 days. To be honest I think the phone is great because of the potential of its features but I have been experiencing these quirky issues too. It frequently experiences what I can only describe as "Sticky Screen". Most times it will temporarily fix the problem if I power down the phone  or by completely reseating the battery but it always comes back. For example, if the screen is locked sometimes it will come out of sleep when I swipe while other times it is unresponsive. If I make it to the Home Screen, sometimes it works as it should. Other times it will start selecting apps by itself or if I'm trying to swipe to another screen it will lock in to one of the apps/widgets and move it to another screen. If I make it through the process of getting to my intended screen or application the phone will once again start making selections without me even touching the screen. and at  times freezes up. Depending on which screen I'm on it will make random calls, deselect/select check marks for certain settings, or initiate programs which I'm not trying to use. At first I thought that it may be due to fingerprints on the screen but even when I wipe it clean it does the same thing. I've also tried recalibrating the keyboard but it too locks up or randomly select keys I'm not trying to tap on. One thing I did notice is that it may be related to the potentiometer in the phone. Whenever I move it just enough where its doesn't change the orientation of the screen it seems to do this random selection process. I've done a factory reset as well but to no avail and my only remaining option is to contact the distributor of the phone or take it to a Sprint store in hopes they can tell me what's wrong. If anyone comes across a fix for this please post it aside from turning in the phone to be serviced please Post it. With the shortage of phones if you had to get a replacement it may take a looonngg time. Thanks.

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    bwealth Newbie
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    Ok.  I took my Evo to the Sprint store at the Flatiron building in NY and the tech. guy there was almost as clueless and unresponsive as my screen when low on battery life. He told me he had never heard of anyone's screen freezing. I asked him if he read any blogs, but I should have known better than to think he reads. Very rude and unaccommodating. So, I went to the Sprint store on 14th St. and the tech. guy there, new exactly what I was talking about and told me a number of customers had come in with the same issue. He told me to download the firm ware update. I told him it had been pulled. but he said a fix had been made to the update and it would fix all the issues I was having, including inability to read the SD card, freezing, etc... So I got home and did just that and now my Evo is working just fine. It used to freeze when the battery hit 40% but now it doesn't freeze at all, even when it's at below 10% and nearing the end. This guy new what he was talking about. Now battery life, still isn't great, after trying a number of things posted on different forums. Some help some don't and certain functions I won't sacrifice, cause then the device stops being cool and becomes just another phone. BTW, the update helped me, but it doesn't help everyone. So swim at your own risk. I was pretty frustrated, so I took the chance. I then went to the Apple store to try headsets and that issue too, was taken care of when I tried a new pair. Seems the one I had was faulty and there was nothing wrong with my EVO connector. Next, is insurance. I want everything covered.

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    bandrew76 Newbie
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    I have the same problem, after getting the phone june 5th. My evo kept shutting off on me. Then the screen started to freeze. I went to the sprint store and they said they can't help me cuz I bought it at radio shack and was with in the first 30 days. After reading forums on HTC, I rebooted the evo by turning it off and powering the phone on by holding the power button down with the volume button in at the same time which took me to the boot menu. Select fastboot, then reboot. The phone rebooted and worked better. Didn't loose any memory also. Also I downloaded a anit-virus application called LOOKOUT which is free and scans all applications and games before downloading into the phone and scans the evo everyday. That all seemed to work great for a week, but now the evo is freezing up again. Radio Shack said they will give me a new evo when they arrive since there all sold out, cuz I refused to take a refurbished phone. Its been two weeks, so I'll wait to see what happens. But for the mean time, my Evo is getting worse by the day and I barely even use it. 

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    Evildad53 Regular Visitor
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    I had mine freeze once bad enough to pull the battery. No real problem since doing the firmware update, which I HIGHLY recommend. (much better battery life) But here's a question: how often do you actually reboot your EVO? I almost never turn mine off, since I use it as an alarm clock to get me up in the morning and it seems to me that, like a PC, it needs a reboot every now and then to clear the memory.

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