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FM Tuner App

JaeWalton Regular Visitor
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I can't seem to get any reception when I use my FM Tuner app. I get the tuner to local radio stations, and I hear nothing but static. Is anyone else having this problem?

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    IndieArmy Valued Member
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    Have you tried a different pair of headphones?

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    RONDAHARRIS Regular Visitor
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    i haven't been able to get it to work either:(. i have tried my jvc headphones as well as my car stereo and neither work?!?

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    ccerose111 Expert
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    I've only used it a couple of times, but it was able to pick up at least a dozen local radio stations.  Most of them came in clear and static free.

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    AlinCA Regular Visitor
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    I get terrible reception using the FM app.  I live within a half mile of a radio station that transmits four different freqs/stations and I do not pick up any of them.  I have tried 3 different sets of headsets all with the same results.  The most stations the app found during its' scan is 3 and those did not come in all that well.

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    Th3Phoenix Silver Expert
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    I was able to test it  with five stations in my area.

    Horrible reception for most of the stations. Only one station was clear.


    I wish there is a was to remove the app without rooting!

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    treeskiing Newbie
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    The phone jack is the problem. If you pull the headphones out one notch it will act as an antenna like it is suppose to and you will get good recption. Trouble is now you only hear out of one ear on the headphone and it won't stay in the jack if you move it around. I might return phone untill they fix the jack problem.

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    ccerose111 Expert
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    The phone jack is flawed on all Evo's?  This is a design flaw that you know of how?


    I'm not saying the phone is perfect.  Out of any piece of modern technology,there are going to be units with defects. That is what some users are experiencing, a defect with their individual phone.  Some are more widespread than others, but not all phones are affected.  To all the arguments about problems with the FM tuner, there are countless users who are not experiencing any problems and are able to listen to FM music just fine.  They simply don't write about it, beause they have no complaints.  This is the same with other issues, like reboots and lockups.


    I don't doubt that some people are getting nothing but static.  I can attest that the FM tuner works fine on my Evo, with the headphone jack pushed in all the way with music coming through the headphones in stereo.  Out of the dozen or so stations that the app finds, at least 1/2 of them come in full clarity, with the others having some degree of static not uncomon with other portable radios.

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    treeskiing Newbie
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    All I know is this, the FM tuner jacked is flawed on my Evo and was trying to find out if others are having the same problem as me.  Seems they are. Pull out the headphones a little and the reception bars go up and reception improves. Not as good as my FM Walkman type radio but acceptable


    I didn't buy a phone for the Fm tuner but now found out how valuable an addition it is. For instance when I go to the gym I can listen to the TVs and not have to worry about having another radio with me. Use it all the time. I will return my phone while I still can and either get it fixed or get another one that works either now or when the problem is fixed.


    I'm sure that there are a lot of people in metro areas that would not notice a problem because their FM signal is so strong. If your happy with your Evo great. I love my Evo otherwise but I'm not keeping a broken 200 dollar phone while I still have 16 days left to return it.

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    Th3Phoenix Silver Expert
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    I tested your trick by pulling out the headset jack and I got more clear stations.


    As you stated, the EVO is a great phone, I did not get it for the FM radio and most of the users will try the radio for the first few weeks

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    Levi4u Master
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    I don't think it is the EVO's jack that is the problem, It is the headset you may be using, If I use my ipod headset(no mic) I get spotty reception, Pull it out a bit better reception, If I use my Pre headset(with mic) exceptional reception. I believe it is designed for a headset with mic.

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    ccerose111 Expert
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    There may some credence to your theory. I have been using headphones with a mic that came with my previous phone and as earlier posted, have been getting clear reception. I'll have to try some headphones without a mic from on old mp3 player and see if the results are any different.

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    treeskiing Newbie
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    I don't have to worry about which headphones to use on my other portable radios. They all work fine. Isn't that then a jack problem, not a headphone  problem

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    Monkschr Newbie
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    Thanks for the post so far.  I had only used headphones (no headsets) on the phone in this first week I've had it.  I only got one radio station.  I plugged in my old iPhone headset and Voila, I had 4 or 5 more show up on the scan.  I was also able to manually dial in a few more of my favorites.  There seems to be something to the discussion around the type of headphone/headset used.


    I hate my iPhone headset, so now I have another reason to pick up a cabled headset for the phone.  Do any of you have one that you know works really good for you?  My major uses for the headset would be at Football games where I want to hear some play by play announcing and at the gym to hear what they are broadcasting for the TV's.


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    jsmcdon1 Regular Visitor
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    I had the same problem. No reception, static and the tuner software would not scan (locked up). I could not manually tune in a station at all. Not until I plugged in a 3 ring headset that is. Then all the problems went away and the tuner works great. Even an adapter with 3 rings will solve the issue I found. This way I can use any headset I like. Hope it helps.

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