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Both phones on our plan have "NO BARS" today = "NO SERVICE" .  Occasionally, a few bars will light-up for a few seconds, but then it will go back to NONE.  Occasionally, the phone will try to ROAM, and then return the Can't Connect to ROAMING Triangle.  This started about 10 am this morning and it's now 3:30 pm.  Can't call Customer Service because the Phones don't have service.  Tried to get help on-line -  and a CHAT from Sprint popped-up but he couldn't help because he was from SALES only.  He told us to call Sprint Customer Service.


Here's an original thought:  How would Sprint like us to call them if we don't have SERVICE??


Sales said he was sorry but he could not help - and was there anything else he could help us with??  I asked if he could transfer me.  He, again, said he was sorry and asked if there was anything else he could help with?


No, we simply don't have any bars and can't call Sprint for help - that's all.




We complained to SPRINT through ALL of Saturday (hours and hours) and were passed off to 6 different "Advanced Service Techs" who all stated there were NO KNOWN problems in our area.  During the call into the 6th tech, and just before she was going to reset our phones AGAIN- our 3rd phone returned home and discovered that it NOW had NO SERVICE.


Now, with 3 phones NO SERVICE, the 6th Tech said "wait and let me just check one last thing."  She checked some report that showed % traffic through the tower in our area and it showed 0%!  Apparently, all of the other Techs had not checked this little obscure report.


At last, she acknowledges that the Stansbury/Erda Tower went out on Friday night, but the Techs said it was repaired on Saturday.  Well, obviously, it wasn't with 0% traffic!  She can't help us further and arranges for ANOTHER tech to call us Sunday after Church.  This tech verifies problems with the Tower and puts in a repair order, but informs us that it will take up to 72 hours to get fixed.


Now, we advance through Sunday = NO SERVICE, Monday= No SERVICE, Tues aft=No SERVICE and Another Tech just Called (not sure how they got through when others can't) and said "Sorry, we're working on it now and it should be fixed by 8pm."


We asked for compensation for their lack of service, and in the same words as all of the other Techs said,  "We can't help you, but WHEN the issue is resolved, you can call Customer Care and ask for a credit."


You, the reader, are welcome to form your own opinion about SPRINT's service - or lack there of.




Of course, the Tower was not fixed last night as promised!  Oh, but wait!  SPRINT had closed out our ticket yesterday afternoon in anticipation of the Tower being fixed by 8pm.  (Or maybe it was closed in anticipation  that we wouldn’t contact them again!)


We had to contact SPRINT this morning to REOPEN the ticket as NOT being resolved.  (Surely, they weren’t going to voluntarily reopen the ticket!).   Then, came the apologies and acknowledgment that ‘yes, the Tower wasn’t fixed.’


We also reminded SPRINT that many of our neighbors in the community hadn’t contacted SPRINT to complain about lack of service because they didn’t have access to any other phone services.


(SPRINT had been commenting that we were the only ones who had notified them of the NO SERVICE issue.  – Perhaps, too, others simply are not able to spend the hours upon hours required to contact SPRINT; ie, the wait for an available rep, the repeated take-the–battery-out-of-the-phone routine, and checking and/or changing the MIN #, and repeated waiting while being put on hold, then being transfered to another rep who begins the process all over again!)


Will there be a happy ending?  


Perhaps if we post this often enough to be awarded enough points to be a ‘MASTER’, SPRINT will show us that they care.....


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    They do not care about your problem but once the bill arrives at your address they going to take care about the money.

    Maybe next step you change your cellphone service, same problem had with my brother, solution; change company.

    One month later Sprint call to recovery a 10 years customer. Do not give up, at least they need understand they have no right to charge you all this time without service, it is your money!

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    Yes, it's very hard to believe that SPRINT cares about providing any service!

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