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data roaming on evo

nghimai Newbie
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I have data roaming off and sprint only selected and still have roaming data listed in the usage summary.  Does anyone else have the same problem?

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    CTB150 Newbie
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    I would be interested in knowing the answer to this as well. I have noticed some data romaing on both lines on my account (Hero and EVO). It shows the data roaming usage, but lists the additional costs as $0.00 (which I hope is accurate).


    I am just wondering what is considered data roaming and if we will ever be charged for it.

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    dymindnthruff240 Newbie
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    I would also like to add the same problem on my account. Recently i added my girlfriend onto my sprint account and changed into a family shared plan the any mobile anytime $129.99 plan. I've also noticed the service is not all too great on the Evo. Im hoping once 4G reaches where I live that problem will be solved. But in reference to data roaming I've also noticed the same problem when I log in to my sprint account. I checked sprint only also on her evo and still am noticing charges for data roaming. But the price is also $0. If there's any problems we can all just go to the sprint store and find out whats going on instead of waiting on the phone for hours for a customer rep to help us.

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    Th3Phoenix Silver Expert
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    It shows on my account (4,423KB/ 0 KB Included)

    I disable the data roaming

    Menu > Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Data roaming (uncheck)

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    texican2017 Newbie
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    I just called Sprint and they said they are not charging EVO users for data roaming. I had a zero charge on my bill for it when it showed roaming usage also. The rep contacted their billing techs. I am keeping it enabled until I see otherwise since I use navigation to travel and don't want it interrupted because I hit a roaming patch.

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    Th3Phoenix Silver Expert
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    Good to know. I will enable it again!


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    CTB150 Newbie
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    While that is good to hear, it's only really telling us half of the story.


    I have a Hero on another line on my family plan that is also showing data roaming with a $0 price.


    I would also like to get a better idea of what is considered data roaming as well as at what point will we be charged for data roaming. Also, why are some people seeing data roaming appear on their accounts when they have data roaming diabled on their devices?


    Hopefully I will get a chance to call into CS this week.

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    nghimai Newbie
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    This is exactly what i need to find out.  Roaming is off and sprint only is selected yet i still roaming data.  Now i know that we are allowed a certain number of mb of roaming data.  However, i want to know what sprint will do if i do reach that limit although i had no intention of roaming.  Looking at another forum, i saw a few people having the same problem  Hope someone from Sprint can give more details.

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    badankles Expert
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    wait, theHTC EVO  Unlimited Network Usage ( post says there's a charge for data roaming once you've reached the 300MB/mon limit.  i'm confused.

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    CTB150 Newbie
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    That's what the writing says, so i would believe that over a rep they says EVO owners are not charged at all for data roaming.


    The bigger issue is the fact the many people seem to be rackup up the KB's on data roaming and would not be aware of it had they not checked their account online. I myself have not been more than 30 miles from my house since I purchased the EVO about one month ago. I'm wondering where I was that was considered data roaming.


    Coming from another carrier I was used to getting a text for some sort of notification on my screen when I was in a coverage area that may result in additional charges on my bill.

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    Levi4u Master
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    Sprint DOES NOT CHARGE for roaming, If you go over excessively they will send you a letter asking you to try to cut down on roaming, If it continues for a excessive period of time they will send you another letter terminating your contract etf free, It does not happen very often unless you are roaming most the time.

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    CTB150 Newbie
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    Either way, my primary concern is that data roaming usage has accumulated on my account, yet I have not been out of my local area which Sprint shows as having excellent coverage (No romaing indicated).

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    Levi4u Master
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    The new roaming usage feature you are now seeing is for the changes in the roaming agreement stated to start July 11.

    It basically does not effect us, Just gives us the option to monitor how much we have been roaming.



    At Sprint we want to ensure that all of our customers have a great experience. An important part of our commitment to our customers is making sure that we are efficiently managing our wireless network. This includes limiting the large operating expenses caused by the excessive use of voice and data roaming as well as making our terms and ... See Moreconditions easier to understand. Therefore, effective July 11 for new subscribers Sprint will be changing the terms and conditions for voice and data roaming.

    What You Can Expect

    By the time you finish this Must Read you will understand the new voice and data roaming terms and conditions. You will also be able to explain the new limitations to customers.

    Data and Roaming Usage Limitations

    Sprint is continually working to ensure that a great customer experience is available to all of its customers. Roaming limitations can sometimes be difficult for a customer to understand. The previous terms and conditions stated that monthly off-network roaming usage was limited to:

    * 800 minutes
    * A majority of voice minutes
    * A majority of data kilobytes

    Many customers found these limits to be confusing, therefore, effective July 11, 2010 the official terms and conditions will be updated as shown below:

    Sprint reserves the right, without notice, to limit throughput speeds, and to deny, terminate, modify, disconnect or suspend service if off-network usage in a month exceeds: (1) voice: 800 min. or a majority of minutes; or (2) data: 300 megabytes or a majority of kilobytes. Prohibited network use rules apply. See in-store materials or for specific prohibited uses.

    These new terms and conditions will make it easier for customers to realize how much roaming usage they are permitted each month, as shown below:

    * Voice Roaming - 800 minutes or a majority of minutes
    * Data Roaming - 300 megabytes or a majority of kilobytes

    It is critical for you to help customers avoid excess roaming by making sure that they have proper network coverage when they open an account with Sprint. In addition, it is important to understand how much roaming your customer is likely to do each month and make sure they understand the revised limitations.

    Finally, there may be some customers who are unhappy with the new limitations. It is imperative that you explain that these limitations are for roaming off of the Sprint network. It is also very important that you explain to any unhappy customers that these new limits are very similar to those in the previous terms and conditions but have been revised to be easier to understand.
    New Mobile Broadband Connection Plans
    Starting July 11 the current Mobile Broadband Connection Plans will be expired and replaced with new ones. The replacement plans are the same as the old except a $0.25/MB domestic roaming overage rate applies after the new 300MB limit is exceeded.
    Also, beginning July 11 Sprint is introducing a brand new $49.99 3G/4G Bundle Plan for CL customers only.

    ... See More

    * Available only to CL customers that have less than 50 lines
    * CL customers can add one $49.99 3G/4G Connection plan for each Everything Data (Individual or Shared) or Business Advantage Messaging and Data Plan on the account.
    * Plan includes: 5GB of 3G ($0.05/MB overage rate), Unlimited 4G, 300MB off-network domestic roaming ($0.25/MB overage rate).
    * Discounts do not apply

    Managing Data and Roaming Limits
    Helping our customers manage their own accounts provides a better experience and reduces unexpected overage charges. Sprint utilizes, Email and Text Notifications, Suspension of Data Roaming Services and Plan Code Conversion for Base Consumer and IL Customers in order to help customers manage their accounts.


    o Customers can start tracking their usage data by signing onto their account and selecting the See all usage link.

    On-network usage displays as: Sprint Data

    Domestic roaming usage displays as: Sprint Data Roaming

    International roaming usage displays as: International Sprint Data Roaming

    * E-mail and Text Notifications

    o E-mail and/or text notifications will be sent to MBB account holders to alert them when data and roaming limits are approaching. Customers must have a valid email address captured or an SMS capable number to receive the notification. Domestic Notifications

    + Sent when 75%, 90%, and 100% of the 5GB on-network limit or 300MB off-network roaming limit has been reached.

    + Sent in 20% increments once limits have been exceeded.

    + Will not be sent for select CL Unlimited Plans.

    International Notifications

    + Only applies to new Connection plans (that charge a $0.25/MB domestic roaming overage rate).

    + Sent when $250 of international data roaming charges (CDMA and GSM combined) are accumulated and for every additional $250 charges thereafter.

    Suspension of Data Roaming Service

    ... See More
    * When customers reach their 300MB domestic roaming limit or $1,000 of international data roaming usage then their data roaming service is automatically suspended. This will help reduce unexpected overage charges for customers while controlling Sprint’s operational costs.

    Suspension of Domestic Data Roaming Service

    * Occurs automatically when the 300MB limit is reached and lasts until the first day of the next bill cycle.
    * Redirects end user to a web page stating their monthly data roaming limit was reached.

    o Customers on new plans (that charge a $0.25/MB domestic roaming overage rate) can:

    + Wait until the next bill cycle to continue roaming.

    + Choose to “opt-in” to overage charges from the web page and continue roaming.

    o Customers on plans that do not charge a $0.25/MB domestic roaming overage rate can:

    + Wait until the next bill cycle to continue roaming.

    + Contact Sprint to switch to the new plan that charges a $0.25/MB domestic roaming overage rate.

    # Specialist must remove the Domestic Roaming Throttle (BDMTRM) SOC to un-suspend service after switching to the new plan.

    * Does not apply to:

    o On-network service

    o Select CL Unlimited Plans.

    Suspension of CDMA International Data Roaming Service

    * Only applies to new Connection plans (that charge a $0.25/MB domestic roaming overage rate).

    * Occurs automatically once $1,000 in International data roaming overage is accumulated.

    * Redirects end user to a web page stating the overage charges and providing the Sprint Worldwide Care Toll Free Number.

    o Sprint Worldwide Care can restore service for customers that choose to continue overage charges.

    * Does not apply to GSM International data roaming service.

    Plan Code Conversion for Base Consumer and IL Customers

    * In order to support the new data and roaming usage limitations, many Consumer and Individual-Liable customers will be converted to different plan codes; however, the customer’s pricing, plan names and features will remain unchanged. The plan code conversion will take place on the first day of a customer’s next bill cycle after July 11. The plans they will be converted to will be sales expired and can be located in the Price Plan Grid.
    Data Options Expiring for BlackBerry and Worldwide Phones
    Effective July 11, the $30 BlackBerry Personal Pack (add-on option) and the $49.99 and $59.99 Worldwide (add-on and plan options) will be sales expired. Current customers on these plans can remain on them until they choose to change plans or perform a device upgrade that requires them to ... See Moremove off of the expired option. Once a customer chooses to move off of the expired option, they will not be able to return to it. Note: For Business Corp ID customers there are still options available through Special Pricing.

    $30.00 BlackBerry Personal Pack (add-on option)

    * Simply Everything, Everything Data, Business Advantage Messaging & Data and Everything Business data plan options offer a better value.

    o Includes Any Mobile, Anytime which provides virtually unlimited wireless calling.

    o Includes Premium TV and Music options.

    o Includes automatic enrollment to our Sprint Premier program which provides annual upgrades and “First to know” updates!

    $49.99 & $69.99 Worldwide (add-on and plan options)

    * Due to rising international data costs, Sprint is not able to offer the Unlimited Worldwide Data Plan or attachable.

    * Worldwide data service is still available with the following pay-as-you go rates:

    o CDMA: Rates vary by country

    o GSM: $0.16/Kb

    * Customers planning to travel internationally should check for current casual rates and coverage prior to travel.

    * At this time, competitors continue to offer international data plans.

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    badankles Expert
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    wow, awesome, thanks levi4u. let's make this a sticky somewhere, if not already.  i'm going to copy and save...

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    GRANDPA777 Newbie
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    First of all THANK YOU, SPRINT!!!! for finally getting EVDO (or 3G) to my remote area.  WOO HOO!  Since Friday I have been having a ball with my Hero.  Second, thank you levi4U for the explanation.  I just got notice on my phone that I have roaming minutes so I certainly was concerned about the possibility of charges.  When I got the phone 4 months ago I disabled roaming and was upset everytime I wandered out of Sprint coverage.  Stupid me for not reading my plan that said... NO ROAMING CHARGES AS LONG AS THE MAJORITY OF USAGE IS IN NETWORK.  I enabled automatic Sprint or roaming and gee.... no charges on my bill the next month.

    My only comment to Sprint on this subject would be this:  Hey, you guys...  put this out in the open so people know they the game plan and do not have to worry and think evil thoughts of you people.  No one wants to get charged for roaming.  We pay enough for SIMPLY EVERYTHING.  Maybe word your roaming usage details on the phone so that we know it is just friendly details to keep us informed and not something to scare the **** out of us.


    300 mb of roaming should be fine.  Only thing is, will it be enough if you are using Sprint Navigation out in the boonies?

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