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    cory1075 Regular Visitor
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    FCC has no regulations on text messaging detail and you can fill a complaint to them about not being able to see them....if your worried about an exgirlfriend looking at your text messages change your pin and passwords

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    cory1075 Regular Visitor
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    To answer many questions on this text messaging history matter: the FCC has nothing to do with sprint posting our text history, in fact i talked to them today...this is what i got as long as it is a private account which it is then the fcc has no laws against it.... if you want to make a complaint go to the Fcc website look for the complaint forms and fill it out.. As for the privacy part of text messages it depends on each case if you are not the account holder and you read a text that was sent to a person then that is a privacy issue but when you own the phone or phones and you pay the bill they do not have aright to keep them from you... you can get copys mailed to you by calling sprint 18008777330 you dont need a court order... for the people that have a court order pending it took a year for my court records to be provided but it was serval phones the order was for and for people that i didnt know. If you have a nextel account then you can still view your messages online.

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    keizerdad Newbie
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    Bottom line is this: AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon all provide detailed logs of texts sent to and received from. So, why doesn't Sprint? It's rather ludicrous that they don't. I had hoped with this new site design that perhaps it would now be available. Fruitless that hope is...

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    <post deleted by user>

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    BIGWAVEKEV1 Newbie
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    Sprint has no financial incentive to provide SMS history. Google Voice provides SMS history for free. There's no reason other than money why any cell provider would not provide this history to the subscriber who sent/received the text messages. It's the same reason the banks don't provide better ways for you to reduce your fees or balance your checking account online. They would lose money by making it better for the consumer. Businesses are primarily in business to make money from consumers. If there's not a financial incentive, or a legal demand, it simply won't happen.

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    LisaMarie2185 Newbie
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    my bf has tmobile and online he can see ALL of his account info... text msging to and from, times, calls, data... everything is there... he had to create a username/pw to access it, but it seems they dont have "fcc regulations either"

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    That's what I'm talking about!  We are not asking to have anything that any other Provider does not provide.  And yes, some people do share that information with others.  But change the password and pin and that will resolve that problem.  Maybe Sprint should implement a change password policy that happens periodically, like when they changed the website a couple of years ago.  I had to create one and change the password.  That too can resolve that possibility.

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    I believe that the problem request for the Text History will become available.  How long, I'm not sure?  Right now Sprint can win if they add the Text History.  They have the fastest 3/4 g service.  Customers want what they want so I can't see Sprint not providing it to them and this cockamayme story about FCC regulations, Security Risks and so forth is all hockey pock.  I work for lawyers and there is no such thing.  If so, then why would other Providers have it.  It probably isn't high on their prority list, but it needs to be.

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    I you dont mind I will post this on my Facebook connect to sprint.  I suggest you send to all your friends.  Also post.


    Thank you.  I am up for a good fight and this is one that Customers deserve if they like.  If not, it's okay.  But the service should be there.


    So we gonna fight until Sprint comes around.

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    Kevin0375 Regular Visitor
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    I absolutely agree. All the other providers give you the same history you get with incoming and outgoing calls for text messages. They leave out the actual message and length of the call for text's. Why can't Sprint do the same? I'm giving Sprint the last year of my contract to add this to the online info and then I'm going to AT&T. AT&T even gives parents the ability to look at each phone and restrict certain functions by the time of day. For instance, I can let my son use texting and calling before school, but not allow it during the hours of school Monday through Friday with the exception of calls from my phone number. I want that kind of control from Sprint in the very near future or else I am moving to AT&T where they already have those options.

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    latte1971 Newbie
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    Wow. I like those options. I may have to switch too.

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    lylekey Newbie
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    I agree 100% that all customers have the right to view their information and that other companies like ATT provide you with your texting information. This is absolutely rediculous. I need to see my childs texts and I should have that right. I should also be able to view my own texts online and see what I am being charged for. Why should I take Sprints word that I had 4000 texts in one month. I want to see it. What is going on here? We have private accounts that we sign on to with passwords. The information is secure right? What is the problem sprint???? I agree with all of the people above. We will leave sprint and find another company that will help me protect my child from preditors and who knows what else. This is very disapointing and frankly unbelievable!!!

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    CAROLEIGH1 Newbie
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    Me too!!!  Sprint - all I want is a text history log for all the phones on MY OWN account.  I want to see the #s texted to and received from, with date/time stamps.  I am not asking for the CONTENT of sent or received text messages!  As a parent of minor children, I consider this to be a safety / parenting essential!  I, too, have heard about AT&T's superior parent text-management tools, and if Sprint does not begin to provide even the most BASIC text history feature soon, I am gone - a.s.a.p.  It is ridiculous that we have to fight for this.....

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    sizeluv Newbie
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    Sprint get with the program, or you can add me to the list of customers that if not treated as a customer will leave!  I have just transfered from another carrier, and am still within the 30 day trial period and have already had enough issues to contemplate leaving.  I too want details of what I am being charged on a bill.  I called about 3 international texts, to which they could not provide any detail.  My phone has the ability to see all the text, and none are to anyone international, traveling internationally, or otherwise.  The agents only excuse was that I live in Michigan and "maybe" someone was traveling in Canada when I texted them.  I asked WHO, and I would confirm.  Just a theory due to my geographical proximity. 


    So in addition to wanting to see when and how my phones on my plan are being used, I furthmore will not tolerate being charged for something with no detail of the charge! 


    Sprint fix this quickly, or I will go to a carrier that does provide this text detail.  Oh wait, that is EVERYONE else.

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    Bexdoll1 Newbie
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    I got a hold of information, you have to call one of the departments, and download a document, go to your bank and have it notarized and send it to sprint, they will send you the history in up to a six month history on a cd.  It only contains texts outgoing and incoming, numbers and times of texts. 

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